Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I Got Binged!

The last week or so, when I did a Google search for images of my blog postings, I noticed that my choices were rather limited.

I didn't pay too much attention at first, thinking the images I was looking for were odd and thus a limited selected.  But after awhile, I noticed that ALL my searches were rather (excuse the term) f - cked up.  

I looked at my browser and I saw BING!  WTF?  Since when did I CHOOSE BING as my Internet search provider?  Was I sleepwalking and went to my computer in the middle of the night and selected BING?  

You all know how I hate Mr. Softee

Keep those bangs going Gates even though you're closing in on 70

Bulldog Ballmer

How would you like this face as your boss?

and Microsoft, two extremely ugly individuals in both physical appearance and attitude. Their physical appearance is a perfect metaphor for their company, UGLY. 

Maybe hate is too mild a word.  I detest them and Microsoft and their bullying tactics, lack of support, monopolistic tendencies and most of all, their unbridled arrogance.  Over the years I have literally wasted thousands of dollars on Microsoft based computers.  I finally wised up four years ago and ditched the whole frigging mess and went to Apple.  

Since I saw the light four years ago and bought an iMac from Apple, my life has been soooo much better.  No more hiring my Computer Guy to come and help me fix the every reoccurring glitches on my Windows based computer. You ask, why couldn't you call Microsoft?  Are you kidding.  They don't have support.  That would cost money and take away from the billions (yes folks, you read that right, BILLIONS) of dollars that Gates and Ballmer have accumulated over the years from their gigantic scam of foisting their Windows based operating systems on the world.

Thus it came as quite a shock last night to discover that my search engine defaulted to the odious BING owned by Microsoft.  WTF?  Since when did I choose BING?  

Well guess what folks?  I didn't choose BING. It chose me.  Am I surprised by this latest Microsoft tactic?  NO.  

I can't tell you how much this discovery that my computer kept defaulting to BING even though I had Google set up in my Preferences pissed me off.  Is there NO WAY I can get away from the odious Mummy Man Gates and Bullet Head Ballmer?  Don't they have enough money already? Does Gates need more for his Bill and Melinda Gates (what does his wife have to do with the foundation other than she's his wife?) Foundation so he can Save the World from hunger and disease and get his Nobel Peace Prize? Does Ballmer need more billions to buy another NBA franchise?  

Yes, I'm on a rant.  I'll wrap it up now. 

So last night I was on the computer until 1:30 in the morning, with my Canadian friend Pat (on FaceTime) helping me figure a way OUT of Bing as my default search engine. 

I checked the Preferences.  I had Google set up and my default but something kept overriding it.  HOW.DID.THAT.HAPPEN?  Ever notice that when you're trying to look for something good and interesting or do something good and interesting on your computer how difficult it is?  But when you don't want something on your computer it's there and you didn't even do anything to get it?  And then you try to get it off and nada.

We checked the web forums. Confusing.  All kinds of different advice.  We checked You Tube.  Again, frustrating and confusing.  One You Tube video was especially annoying.  It was made by a English woman with a heavy cockney accent hold her West Shitland Whiteland Terrier on her lap (who cares lady?) starting her video "Bing isn't so bad, give it a try but if you want to know how to change it here's how" and she goes on to explain something which just gave me a headache. Her "instructional" video was more about her self-promotion than actually helping anybody, which I'm in finding more frequently with these You Tube instructional videos.  Seems like a lot of people think they're going to be the next Justin Beiber or something.  Get over yourselves folks.

I finally went to bed last night, very frustrated. 

I got up this morning, late.  Still frustrated.  After breakfast I went right into my home office and my computer.  I called my friend Larry, maybe he could help me and I could avoid the $19 call to Apple Help Center.  I was talking to him on FaceTime.  I could hear banging in the background.  He said his roof was being replaced.  Okay.  So, with the musical background (which was very annoying) we started to evaluate our options.  After an hour or so, our two heads wasn't coming up with a solution.  I decided to call Apple Help, resigned to paying the $19 to find out how to remove this software that I DIDN'T ASK FOR but was shoved down my throat (sorry for the visual but I'm trying to make a point here) by the likes of Gates and Ballmer.  

This loser is no longer in charge of Microsoft - wonder why?  He got his BILLIONS though. Now he's puking out everybody with his ugliness at NBA basketball games

Long story short, the girl/woman at Apple showed me almost immediately how to get rid of BING.  Seems it was a third party extension automatically pasted into my Preferences at some point when I was on my computer.  Well thank you very much "third party" who obviously gets money by inserting their male ware (which is what it is folks, I didn't ask for it) onto my computer.  

F-ck you Bill Gates. F-ck you Steve Ballmer and whoever at Microsoft made more money by loading your crap onto my computer.  

Bing is off my computer now and the welcome Google is back.  I hope I never have to see the ugly visages of Gates and Ballmer again.  
Dos Fuglies

I'm dreaming, right? These two are like stepping in dog shit.  You can remove the shit from your shoes but the smell is still there.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Horace - 1982 - 1998

Sixteen years ago this month (September), the only dog I ever had that "chose" me, died.  His name was Horace.  

I didn't plan to get Horace.  I found him quite by accident.  

In 1982 I worked in center city Philadelphia at Girard Bank.  I used to walk down Chestnut Street almost every day to go to lunch at the Colannade Cafeteria at Sixth and Market.  During my walk I would go by a pet store, with a large window in front.  Behind that window were frolicking puppies.  This one day I saw a little orange fur ball trying to keep up with the other larger puppies. I saw that he was a Pom (Pomeranian) and was immediately attracted.  Bill and I already had two older Pomeranians at our home in Downingtown.  We both love Pomeranians.

Against my better judgement I walked in the store, curious as to how much "that puppy in the window" cost. The owner immediately went to the window and plucked the orange puff ball out of the window, took him aside and sprayed him (with deodorant I later found out because this orange ball STUNK) and placed him in my waiting arms.  BIG MISTAKE. 

I left that store with that orange puff ball in a box and went to lunch.  After lunch I returned to my job as an operations manager in the trust department.  I had to keep putting my hand in the box to keep my little puppy from whimpering.  Later I found out I was bonding with him by this action.

At the end of the day I caught my commuter train back to Downingtown, hand still in the cardboard box where my new buddy was temporarily residing.  The train conductor came by and saw the box.  He said "You know we don't allow pets on the train?"  I said "Yes."  What was I supposed to do?  Walk home?  Then he smiled and walked away.

I got of the train in Downingtown.  Bill was waiting for me as he did every day.  I got in the Jeep and put my "package" the back.  He said "What did you buy today?"  This was back in my shopaholic days.  Bill knew me well.  After a slight hesitation, I decided to just put it out there.  I said "A dog."  He said:


He said "You're kidding!"  I said "No, I bought a dog. You'll like him."  

He said "Take it back!"  

I said "No."  

Long story short, when we got home I took the new puppy out and put him in Bill's arms and the rest is history.

Bill and Baby Horace - love at first sight - 1982

Horace lived with us sixteen long years.  He died in September 1998.  

Horace, my faithful buddy for 16 long years - 1996

Horace outlived his "wife", "T", who we got the next year and his their puppy "Babydoll" who was born a ten months later.  "T" lived fourteen years and "Babydoll" lived eleven years.

Horace and "T", aka as "Mom" and "The Boss" around our house - 1983

"T" and Horace go for a stroll on our idyllic acres in Pennsylvania - those were the days

I've always wanted to get another Pomeranian but Bill is adamantly against ever getting another dog.  He can't take the loss.  Plus, at our age the dog will probably outlive us.  But I saw this video this morning and I fell in love all over again.

I'm thinking about it.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Cajun

"the Cajun!"

My good friend "the Cajun" is very ill.  For those of you who know him from the Bloggerpalooza I am posting a link to his blog posting of today.  Click here.

Wayne at Beebe - yesterday

On my previous blog posting I posted a picture of us together with our friend Jack.  That was a few years ago back when we were all healthier.  I guess it is inevitable as we age our health starts to fail.  For some sooner than later.  

Wayne and me outside the Purple Parrot after one of our Sunday night get togethers

My friend Bob (who I've been posting about) introduced me to "the Cajun" (his real name is Wayne and that is the way I'm going to refer to him from here on out, who cares about stalkers now?) way back in 2004 or thereabouts when I first started to seriously consider retiring to Delaware.  Bob thought the house where Wayne lived with his then partner Tom was ideal for me.  It was and my house much resembles there house.  The house that Wayne no longer lives in.  He and his longtime partner parted ways in 2006, during my move to Delaware.

Me, Tom and Wayne at the Georgetown Airport restaurant

Wayne and I became friends. Platonic friends, there is a distinction (smile).  I helped Wayne move . . . . twice. 

The first new home Wayne moved to after his breakup with Tom

 Once in the pouring rain and once to a third floor apartment in Rehoboth where he lives now. 

Wayne at Dos Locos

Wayne was lonely (he'll hate me for saying this).  I suggested that we met for dinner once at week in Rehoboth Beach, on a Sunday when the crowds were gone.  Thus we began a tradition that lasted a few years.  Other friends joined us. But then Wayne became Ill.  We stopped going out on Sundays. 

Wayne and Violet at the Purple Parrot

Then Wayne became seriously ill. Wayne could no longer work.  He has continued to post on his blog which I have followed faithfully.  This time last year while I was undergoing my Kidney Stone Adventure (along with my prostate cancer treatments) at one time (September over Labor Day) we were both in the hospital.  Wayne also has/had kidney stones.  I'm telling you folks, especially you young folks getting old isn't pretty.  

Me and Wayne at the Purple Parrot

I've been lucky because my medical maladies haven't been near as serious as Wayne's.  But, following his journey on the medical treadmill, he has given me inspiration and many others on how to live, even in difficult times.  Wayne has dealt with his illness the same way he has dealt with his life, with grace, good humor and an attitude that does not suffer fools gladly (which I love).  

Wayne and the gang at the Purple Parrot

I've learned a lot from Wayne and even in this time of his grave illness I am learning even more.

Wayne at Dos Locos

Thank you Wayne for being my friend.  You may not realize it but you are much loved by many.  More than you think.  You are. 

Wayne with his co-worker at the jewelry store where he used to work before Dos Locos

 Peace to you my friend.  

Wayne  at the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal, Lewes DE

Musings on a Fall Sunday

Jack, the Cajun and me in happier times - 2009 - doesn't the Cajun look fabulous?

No particular subject on today's posting.  Just some random thoughts carousing through my head.

My friend Bob's memorial service is scheduled for Saturday, October 25th at 11 AM at the Metropolitan Community Church on Route One, halfway between Lewes and Rehoboth.  I don't know if I'm going.  I feel that will be one of those "church members only" thing and I will feel like an interloper.  Oh, I can go but I would have preferred his memorial service be in a more neutral setting. I've been to that church before and I'm familiar with most of the small congregation who attend.  With a few exceptions (Tim and Miles and maybe Terry), I've never felt welcomed there.  Regardless of what anyone says or wants to believe, I never have.  I don't Believe, maybe that was part of the problem.  Also, the membership is mainly lesbian and the gals keep to themselves as lesbians tend to do.  I've tried to befriend them but without success.  Plus I don't like being hit on when I'm at a church service, and that has happened to me all to often. Nothing like being introduced to someone and knowing they're sizing you up for a potential hookup because they're looking you up and down and settling on the crotch instead of making eye contact.  One thing that really turns me off about some gay guys, always on The Hunt.  Oh well, you can see I'm wandering down into negative territory so I'll do a U-turn here.  I'll see how I feel at the end of next month. 

Me and Bob with our new Army vet hats -  April 19, 2010

The past couple days I've been worried about my computer's backup system getting stuck on "Verifying backup."  I have an iMac (Apple) computer and have been very pleased with it but I was worried that I was putting my large (80,000 plus) iPhoto library at risk.  After several calls to Apple support I can now relax.  I've been assured that as long as my Time Capsule is backing up, it's working.  That part is working.  Thank goodness.  I would hate to lose my photos.  Of course I often think, what's going to happen when I die.  They're gone baby, gone.  So maybe I shouldn't worry.

Another beautiful day here in Lower Slower, aka Sussex Country Delaware.  I've gotten back into my walking mode the past few days.  The best exercise ever, walking.  Gets the blood flowing, not only in my body but my brain cells. Sometimes when I watch the news I get depressed and overwhelmed by all the stupidity and cruelty that seems to dominate the news.  I just have to get away from it and concentrate on the good stuff. So what did I watch last night on my Netflix rental?  "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest", the third part of the trilogy of the the girl with the dragon tattoo (Swedish version, which is the best).  Watching that movie will lift your spirits.  Uh huh, sarcasm here.  But it is refreshing to see a gal kick ass and to also watch a movie that doesn't have the usual predictable Hollywood script tricks and the pretty boy and beautiful women actresses in the lead.  In the Swedish film version, the main actors look like regular people.  I guess Brad Pitt and Scarlet Johansson weren't available.

The day I found out that Bob had died Bill and I visited the place where Bob and Jim used to live before they moved into assisted living a few years ago. Below are two of the last pictures I have of Bob and Jim at there double-wide in the woods (22 acres) outside Georgetown. 

Me Bob and Jim in happier times - 2012

Bob and Jim's home now, overgrown and neglected.  So sad.

I called two of his good friends yesterday (Howard and Tommy) and informed them of Bob's memorial service.  Tommy lives in Philadelphia and doesn't drive and Howard may have to work that day.  Tommy and Howard were two of Bob's best friends ever.  Many a good times we all had, never to be forgotten.

Howard and Tommy at one of Big Bob's birthday parties at "The Ranch" (the double-wide) - 1980
Tommy, Howard and me - March 12, 2011 - their last visit with Bob and Jim

( Bob, Jim, Bart, Tommy, Howard and me - March 12, 2011 

We all used to eat breakfast together every Saturday morning.  Bob, Jim, Bart, Tommy, Howard, me and whoever else wanted to attend.  We had a good thing going for many years.  Then it dropped off.  Now days we're all flying solo.  However, yesterday Bill and I visited Bart (the man in black to the left).  The irony here is that many years ago (1980) Bob and Jim urged their friend older friend Bart to move to Delaware where they would take care of him as he got older.  Bart is 92 years old now.  Still living alone and doing fine, or as well as a 92 year old man can.  He doesn't drive at night and needs a cane but his mind is fine.  You know the saying "The best laid plans of men and mice" or something like that?  You just never know.

Bill (86) with Bart (92) yesterday.  I'm the "youngster" (72).  Guess who will probably go first?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

When Larry Met Dick Clark

I don't usually do a reblog.  In fact, I've never done a reblog but this blog post by my longtime friend Larry is so good I want to share it with my blog followers. 

I'm reposting Larry's blog where he met Dick . . . um Clark. I didn't, he did and he's bragging about it. Who would have ever guessed that Lar would get to Dick before I would.  You just never know.

Now I realize not all of you will find meeting Dick Clark all that fascinating but I thought Lar's blog post on him meeting Dick Clark whereas I DIDN'T meet Dick Clark. Good for Lar. Now I'm giving you all an opportunity to read Lar's Fifties teenage years of self discovery and the first time he met Dick.

The line of yon teenagers waiting to get into American Bandstand, Philadelphia, PA - 1957

Larry is an excellent writer, several time published whereas I am not.  However, Larry is very low key and you all know me, I make a big splash.  Just imagine if I had Larry's talent and Larry had my bombastic nature for self-promotion.  I would be making the rounds of the TV talk shows now incessantly blathering my latest book.  However, that's not the case and here we are, both unknowns except in our little Bubble World of friends and family, never to know the endless horizons of fame and fortune.  

Larry, Pam and me at a dance somewhere in southeastern Pennsylvania - 1959 (I still had my baby fat)

So read if you care to of Lar's adventures during the Fifties teenage dance scene.  He got to meet Dick Clark and I . . . . . didn't.  I get it Larry, you win again (we're very competitive, Lar and I).  Click on the link to Lar's blog below and settle back to return to those days of yesteryear. 

DRINKING OF ELDER MEN: Poppin' the Philadelphia Way and Hot August Days: I decided to coattail on a post written by my friend, Ronald Tipton, recently. He told the tale of his winning a trip to Bandstand in 1958...

Friday, September 26, 2014

Bob's Memorial Service

Jim and Bob September 15, 2012
after they moved out of their doublewide into a temporary apartment in Lewes, before they moved into an assisted living facility

Well folks, I was hoping to speak at Bob's funeral but that's not going to happen.  That's because he's not going to have a funeral.  That's a shame because, to me, having a funeral service cathartic for the survivors.  Doesn't mean anything to the deceased of course but it is very helpful and necessary for the loved one's survivors to deal with their grief and to pay their respects.

Bob's friend Bart yesterday that informed me that Bob died this past Saturday night at a hospice center in Milford, Delaware.  Bob's  partner and spouse Jim was with him at the end.  I was so glad to hear that someone was with him at the end.  I can only hope I am that fortunate when my time comes, as it surely will someday.  Bart also told me that Bob's remains will be cremated and that he wanted his ashes interred at the Delaware Memorial Veteran's cemetery in Milford.  But there is a glitch, Jim wants Bob's ashes.  Bart said Bob's last wishes were that his ashes be interred at the Veterans' cemetery. That's Jim, possessive to the end.  This was always a problem I had with Jim, overly possessive but there are some spouses are that way.   They feel the need to keep their spouses on a short leash because of their insecurities. Thank God Bill isn't that way.  Let me say that again, THANK GOD!  I'm not that way with Bill either.  My father was that way, I understand even if I do think it is one of the most selfish things a partner can do. 

February 23, 2013 - Bob and Jim waiting for their daily prescription pill intake at the assisted care facility

So is Bob having a memorial service?  I received an e-mail from Bob's nephew and he said that the pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church had scheduled a memorial service for this Friday, September 27th.  Jim wants it on a Saturday.  Thus the next date their pastor has available is October 25th, quite a distance down the road.  Jim's doing again.  I probably shouldn't be writing this (but this is my blog and I let it hang out, most of the time anyway), out of respect for Jim who did take good care of Bob during his long decline but I've always had a problem with Jim's possessiveness and lack of sensitivity to others in whatever respect.  I'm just expressing my gut feelings here, all right?  So many times he's done this.  And that's all I'm going to say about Jim.

Marsh 28, 2013 - me and Bob and Jim in the dining room of the assisted care facility where they were living

There is still no obituary in the local paper for Bob and I doubt if there ever will be.  I created a Find a Grave memorial for Bob.  I also notified Camp Rehoboth of Bob's passing and sent a wonderful photo of Bob, when he was at his most handsome before the long decline.

I guess that's about all I can do.  I would have liked to say something to Bob's friends at a service but that doesn't look like it's going to happen which is a shame.  

June 28, 2013 - Jim, me and Bob at the assisted living facility in Lewes where they were residing

I just got an e-mail from Bob's nephew. Bob's memorial service will be Saturday, October 25th at 11 AM.

I don't know if I'll attend.  Maybe I will, maybe I won't.  I'll have to see how I feel at that time. I'm very disappointed that it is so far out. 

Random Observations on a December Morning

Late yesterday afternoon sun on our cozy home (in the background).    What? Yet another selfie of yours truly in a hoodie on his property in...