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Sunday Update July 2020

Still here folks.  Working two days at week at the hotel, mask on.  Taking care of Bill who has now been categorized as 100% non-service connected disability by the VA.   Plowing through the constant ninety degree humidity laden days here in southern Delaware.  I count my blessing these days.  Even though I have challenges, mine pale in comparison to some of my closets friends and relatives. Both of my younger brothers are undergoing cancer treatments.  My longtime friend Larry is in a rehab center now. He had a stroke and will be in his rehab facility at least another six week until he can manage to walk. He was diagnosed with ALS four years ago.  I've watched his slow decline over the past four years. We're the same age, meeting in third grade (1950) when he outed me to our teacher on a book report I did that was actually from a Scrooge McDuck comic book.  At recess he thought I was going to beat him up and was surprised when I approached him and said "You have comic boo

Life In The Time Of The Great Pandemic

We're still here folks, surviving in this once in a lifetime pandemic. Unbelievable isn't it?  I'm still working twice a week at the hotel, the 3 PM to 11 PM shift.  Surprisingly occupancy is fairly full, people just want to get out even if it means wearing a mask. I wear my mask most of my shift but when no one is around I pull it down on my chin. I find it hard to breath with a mask. One thing, I no longer wear my full partial teeth when I go to work. No one can see those expensive teeth anyway so why wear them? Something else I've noticed at work, people can't see my smile.  I didn't realize how much I communicated with my smile until it was covered up with my sea horse patterned mask. And of course I can't see the facial expressions of the guest I interact with behind my protective plexiglass partition.  I still don't know of anyone personally who has contacted the Coronavirus.  I often think  "Do I have it?"   The reason I think this is th

Ron Mowing Grass - Thought on a Summer Sunday in the Time of the Covid Pandemic

Yes folks, I'm mowing our grass now. Our lot is almost an acre (.97). For the past thirteen years Bill has mowed our lawn. However, now Bill can no longer operate our John Deere zero degree riding mower because he has trouble figuring out how to turn it in. Just another incremental step in Bill's cognitive decline. No problem, I'll mow our grass now. Actually, I enjoy mowing the grass. Bill also enjoying mowing the grass but it's just too much for him now. In fact, I may mow our grass after I complete this blog posting.  I usually mow our grass every Tuesday but we had a heavy rainstorm pass through here the day before yesterday. Followed hot, sunny greenhouse temperatures.  The grass needs mowing again. It looks like I'm updating my blog about once a week here.  Remember the days when I used to post daily? Sometimes twice a day? Those days are long gone. Why? I just have a lot more activity on my plate these days. I usually talk to Pat on FaceTime at his ho

Happy 56th Anniversary

Bill and me this morning on our back deck Today is our 56th anniversary of the date Bill and I met at the Westbury Bar in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  July 3rd, 1964 on a rainy night I was flying solo at the Westbury Bar located at 15th and Spruce Streets in center city Philadelphia. Usually my weekend visits to the bar was with my friends Ed Cage and Ron Hampton, both gone now. This particular Saturday night both Ed and Ron had other "engagements" (dates). I was on my own.  I was undecided even if I wanted to go out this Saturday night because of the light rain and center city being basically deserted because of the holiday weekend. Most gays of that era either went to Fire Island New York, Provincetown, Massachusetts or the Jersey Shore (Atlantic City/Wildwood, Ocean City, et al).  I didn't have enough money to spread my gay wings to explore those cruising grounds thus I retreated to my favorite gay bar, the Westbury Bar, which now is a discount drug store. Oh if those

Groundhog Day

Almost every day I wake up at ten minutes to seven AM. Seems no matter what time at night I go to bed, I awake at ten to seven. Thus begins my day. Bill usually gets up much earlier than I do. His circadian rhythm is almost the exact opposite of my sleep pattern. I usually don't go to bed until 12:30 or 1:00 AM.  Yes, I'm a night owl.  I can stay up that late because I almost always have a long afternoon nap of two hours or more. Today I laid my old head down on my memory foam pillow at around 2 PM.  I didn't wake up until 5:05 PM.  Yes, a whole three hours of an-time for Ron.  And to think I used to tease my Mother about all her daily naps. Now I'm there. Bill used to get up about 4:30 AM for his breakfast. These days I try to get to bed before he gets up at 12:30 AM for his "breakfast".  Yes, he does get up that early now.  These days we're managing our declining mental and physical conditions.  As I have mentioned  before in this blog, Bill eyesight is