Friday, February 27, 2015

Chicken Soup, Gingera Ale and Plenty of Rest

Best flu remedy ever - chicken soup!

The old home remedies really do work folks. In addition to my incapacity with my injured leg, I had a bad cold.  This one was the flu.  So much for my flu vaccine.  Last year was the only year that I didn't catch the flu.  Each year I get the flu vaccine and each year (except for last year) I get the flu.  

The ONLY soda for flu upset stomach - Schweeps doesn't work

Well, the fever broke last night.  I'm losing track of time here but yesterday (or was it the day before yesterday?) I was in bed all day and all night sleeping off and on.  I was exhausted and feeling terrible.  Not just because of my leg but because of . . . . yes . . . you guess it although I was in self-denial . . . I had the flu.  

I can always tell the signs of the flu.  For one thing I ache all over, I don't have an appetite, I feel like I have to constantly urinate and I have "that cough."  You know the kind, that hurts and brings up the yellow-green mucus. I apologize if I'm grossing anyone out. 

The overall feeling is of one you just want to lie down and die.  

Time for Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup and Canada Dry Ginger Ale.  Sure salt ladened soup and sugar ladened soda but hey, that's what works for me when I have a bad cold or flu (I have a hard time distinguishing the difference between the two).   I knew I was really sick when I didn't have the taste for my usual late night Key Lime pie with strawberries for dessert.

Instead of sleeping all day yesterday I laid in bed with my injured leg horizontal and binged watched five "Judge Judy" episodes I had on my DVR recordings.  I had lunch of chicken soup and my hummus wrap (which, again I didn't have an appetite for, thus how I knew I was sick), then took my usual afternoon nap in my sunny, solar warmed bedroom.  I have the best bedroom for convalescing bar none.

Convalescing with Judge Judy and Bert 

Waking up, at four PM, I struggled out of bed (that's all I do with this injured leg is struggle and envy people who can walk around on two legs). and spent some time with Bill.  I prepared a light dinner (chicken soup again) and then back to bed.  More "Judge Judy" then "Millionaire Matchmaker" with Patti Stanger (don't be judging . . . . . I LOVE that show).   

Patti Stanger - my guilty pleasure

Eleven o'clock rolls around and I'm off to Dreamland again but not before taking a swig of Niquil.  

I wake up at 2 AM and I am soaked.  My flannel sheets are soaked, my T-shirt is soaked and my tight-whities are soaked.  And . . . . could it be?  I actually felt human again.  Still sick mind you, sick had a bum leg that I'm struggling with but I actually felt like I had a reason to live.

I went back to bed but this morning I had to wash everything.  Sheets and myself.  With this bum leg I only take a shower every three days (don't judge) because it is such a struggle.  Thank goodness I can take my leg brace off and wash my blue and purple leg, unlike when I had a hip to ankle leg cast in 1962 on my right leg that I couldn't take off for six weeks and my leg stunk to high Heaven when the doctor broke of my leg cast.

I knew I had made progress with my flu when I coughed up some big pieces of greenish yellow phlegm this morning.  Imagine that stuff in your lungs.  No wonder people die from the flu.  

I'm still weak and need plenty of bed rest.  I sent Bill to the store this morning for some food.  This is the first time he's ever done that and he was nervous.  Only four things; 73% hamburger, frozen Famous Fries, one red onion and a dozen eggs.  He had to take an old bag of Famous Fries.  What takes me ten minutes took him over an hour to get but he was successful.  He said "They have that stuff spread all out over the store!" And he said he had the hardest time finding a red onion.  I said "Did you look in the vegetable section?"  He doesn't know a vegetable section.  Folks, I'm not kidding you, Bill is helpless and clueless on the household side of things here.  He's great at handyman activities but cooking, shopping, paying the bills, and running a household?  You're looking at it right here . . . . moi!~.  Do you know the fifty some years we've been together Bill has only cooked one meal for me? And it was a disaster.  But then I wouldn't know how to put up a backsplash either so I guess the household chores all even out.  

Well folks, I have to get now.  I've told you how uncomfortable it is to sit at my computer with my left leg extended whilst I type my ruminations. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Not Well

Folks, I'm going to be absent for a few days from this blog.  I'm very sick.

It is painful for my leg to sit at this computer, I cannot get in a good position.  And now I have a horrific cold. 

Yesterday I slept the whole day in my bed, only getting up for a light lunch and dinner.  The last two nights I've been to bed at 7:30 PM to 8 PM.  

The only relief I get from the pain in my leg (which isn't a great pain but still very uncomfortable) is when I am lying horizontal in my bed, so that's where I'll spend most of  my day today also.

Monday I had an MRI taken to access the damage to the ligaments of my leg.  I didn't hear anything back from my doctor's office so I called.  My doctor was out of the office this week, so they had another doctor look at the MRI.  They didn't tell me anything but do want to see me next Tuesday instead of the following week.

I still can't lift my bottom left leg but I can wiggle my toes.  This cold isn't helping things out one bit.  In fact I am miserable.  

Sorry to dump all this on you, my blog readers but I'm just telling you how it is.  

Hopefully, someday soon I'll be back to normal.  But in the meantime, I'm just getting through one day at a time.

Now if you'll excuse me I have some bills to pay.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Learning a New Humility

Today I learned a new level of humility.  Ever go shopping and have to dodge those handicap vehicles?  I have and to be honest with you, I'm usually annoyed.  No more. This morning I learned a new level of humility when I conceded the only way I was going to shop at B.J. Wholesale Club (me and Bill's main source of vitals) was to ride one of those dang things.

I was going to give Bill a shopping list but I knew that wasn't going to work.  Every time in the past I've asked him to get even one item in the store, he ALWAYS gets the wrong thing.  I just had too many things to get today plus I wanted to stock up so I wouldn't have to go as often since I'm wearing this leg brace.

So check out the video folks.  I have been humbled. By the way, shopping from one of those vehicles isn't all that easy either.  Reaching and looking at items, difficult when you're sitting that low.  And halfway through the shopping I thought I would have to abandon my vehicle because it wasn't running.  Thank goodness the green light came on again and I was able to traverse the five football field lengths of B.J.'s (which never seemed that long before my leg injury).

 This morning started out with a jolt. I awoke at 7:30 and realized my appointment at the healthcare campus was at 8:30 for my MRI.  No breakfast for The Injured this morning. 

Again, thank goodness for Bill.  I dressed quickly and Bill helped to get me in the back seat of my car.  Bill's driving now.  Usually I drive but who knows when I'll be driving again.  What do people who live by themselves do when they're in the condition I'm in?  I am so lucky in so many ways. 

Bill drives me down to the healthcare campus.  Of course I hobbled into the wrong building.  I always do.  I've been to this campus many times over the past few years. It's where I had my seed implants.  Also various tests and it is also were my dermatologist is located.  Oh yes, I've been cut, inserted, tested at this location plenty of times and yet, I always seem to get the wrong building.  

As I said, I hobbled over to the correct building rather than get in the car and get out, which would actually take longer.

They took me right away at the testing area.  Ever have an MRI?  It is LOUD.  Thirty plus minutes in a tube and LOUD.  What's with the LOUD?  The technician asked me what kind of music I liked so I could wear earphones to drown out some of the LOUD.
I said "anything but rap and folk music."  She choose "Fifties".  Gee, I wonder why.  So while listening to Bobby Darin singing "splash splash I was taking a bath . . . . " I was further radiated.  Heck, I gave up years ago having babies.  After my seed implants for prostate cancer, on of the lovely side effects is that I shoot blanks.  Yep, that's right folks . . . . nothing come out.  TMI?  Just telling you like it is folks.

After this procedure, which wasn't as horrible as I feared, Bill took me down to the hotel where I work.  My co-worker Monica was going to loan me her crutches.  That's right folks, Ron is on crutches now.  

Me in the backseat of my car (the only way I can ride with this stiff leg - I did this once before in 1962 when I dislocated my right knee - I have experience)

I've never used crutches before and I wasn't sure I could but you know what?  I took right too it like a baby swimming. I only use the right crutch though.  That seems to work best for my bum left leg.

So this morning, the day after the Oscars, I would have normally written about my criticisms and hosannahs about the Oscars.  Hey, doesn't Lady Gaga have a wonderful singing voice?  And what was that "making it all about me" moment when Sean Penn

Sean "It's All About Me" Penn

announced the winner for best Oscar.  See HERE. I know many of the Hollywood celebrities have outsized egos but man oh man, Sean . . . . get over yourself.  It's not about you man. Go back to Haiti and get some more good-two shoe points.  And how about poor Reese? She didn't get her Oscar so maybe her "You'll soon know my name" (when her and her hubby were stopped for suspicion of DUI and she took great umbrage that a police officer would actually QUESTION HOLLYWOOD royalty - she of "do not make direct eye contact with me to the servants") attitude will diminish, ever so slightly one would hope.  Did you see that forced smile her hubby Jim Toth had after Julianne Moore won for Best Actress?   

Actually. . . . embarrassing. Can you say "Jumped the Shark?"

I didn't seen the beginning of the Oscars because I was busy feeling sorry for myself while watching to God awful Netflix rentals. My pal Pat reminded me.  I tuned in just in time to see Oscar Host Doogie Howser Neil Patrick Harris  in one of his oh so fashionable skinny suits (this one was a shiny maroon)

The ubiquitous SCARF that some male celebrities wear to the special events.  What's with THAT? What are they going to an art show afterwards?  I thought that's the only place where one was ALLOWED to wear The Scarf.

looking like a deer in the headlights doing his  Oscar hosting chores.  See HERE: By the way, what was that THING with former Oscar winner Olivia Spencer that Neil kept trying to make funny?  I felt sorry for Olivia, one classy lady.  Neil, I like you but you sure ain't Ellen.  What happen to Neil anyway?  He actually made James Flacko Franco look good as an Oscar host. Of course James won't be around as Oscar host anymore because he and Best Buddy Bromance Boyfriend Seth Rogan are too busy with their next ridiculous script for a totally stupid, asinine movie for which they will be paid millions.  Who sees their movies anyway?  Are we really that stupid in this country that ANYONE would pay to see those two clowns again?  But I digress.  See what you missed by me not writing about the Oscars last night.  I should have been Tweeting all along but I forgot that too.

Just one more thing about the Oscars:  don't you love it when some of these guys (and almost always, it's the guy who are so pretentious with their messy hairdos and scarves) get up there and ALWAYS thank their WIVES, KIDS and last night one self-important discoverer of polio vaccine even thank (are you sitting down?) HIS DOG!  I hope he was joke (probably wasn't).  

"The Green Card Son of a Bitch Guy" (according to Mr. Self Important Sean Penn) director accepting the award for Best Picture - "Birdman"
Oh I can't help myself, more Oscar comments.  Didn't Jennifer Anniston look great?  Hey, gay man here but Jen looked HOT!

Perfect Jen!
And the gay in my of course LOVED Lady Gaga's outfit.  

Okay folks, I had fun here.  I feel like my leg is getting better (yes, I switched lanes).  My orthopedic doctor will analyze the results of the MRI I had taken today and tell me of the damage and what I have to do.  

I do so hope I can get back to my regular routine soon.  My appointment with him is March 9th. I'm ready for some GOOD NEWS.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

What Next?

No power.  That's right, no electric power.  That what happened shortly after I had breakfast this morning, the power went "ZAP!"  Gone.

When Bill and I lived on our heavily wooded 6.875 acres in Pennsylvania, power outages were almost a weekly occurrence.  Just about every time there was a strong wind, tree limbs broke and fell on the power lines lining the road to our house.  I am not exaggerating folks, at least twice a month we would have power outages.  Yet another reason I moved to Delaware.  I just got so tired of the friggin power outages in Pennsylvania.

Since we moved to Delaware in 2006, I could count the power outages on one hand (four). This morning, the power went out THREE TIMES.  Yes, you read that right . . . THREE TIMES, thus setting a new record.  The power finally came on at 12:30 PM.  Total time out, about three hours.  

So thank you car driver, who obviously was driving too fast for conditions.  I checked the Internet and the local news this morning after the first power outage and it said 7,000 power customers were without power. Eventually 22,500 customers were without power.

Bill and I joke about the number of dangerous trees and utility poles which seem to be always in the way of some of our more reckless and speeding drivers here in Sussex County.  I'm waiting for some genius to propose banning said dangerous trees and utility poles along side the roads. 

Seriously though, I think why there are so many car meets utility pole and the utility pole wins, is because the land is so flat down here and the spaces wide open.  Some people are like little kids when they see the big open spaces in supermarkets, they think they have to go as fast as they can.  That is until they hit a tree, utility pole or my legs (which has happened often to me in the supermarket when one of these little darlings is on a running rampage.)

So that's the excitement today folks.  I'm still hobbling around on my cane, trying not to displace my knee pad again and thus hit the ground.  Tomorrow I have an appointment for an MRI to asses the damage to my cartilage and ligaments. I'm fearing for the worst because when I was showing off this morning by sliding out of my bed (Dr. Spo was on FaceTime with me, I was showing him how I have to maneuver myself out of bed), I could feel my knee pad slipping again!  Oh no.  

But you know folks, I still consider myself lucky in spite of the spate of bad things that have been happening the past week.  My friend and fellow blogger friend "Jon" of "Lone Wolf Concerto" (see HERE) fell and slide on the icy snow outside his new house in the country in Tennessee in minus 15 degree weather and hurt his back.  Thank goodness he was able to crawl back to his house.  And then to top everything else off, his pipes froze and flooded his house.  Cickety!  

By the way, pay a visit to Jon's blog.  It's one of the best out there.  And why? Because he is an excellent writer and he's honest.  And he's a nice guy.  I don't remember how I found his blog but I'm glad I did.  

So that's it for today folks.  I'm going to finish watching my Woody Allen movie "You're Going To Meet a Tall, Dark Stranger" tonight.  I'm ready for some dull and boring times.  I've had just a little too much drama around here recently.  And yes, I do hope to getting back to posting more about my trip to California.  I'm only about 20% through those photos and videos.  And by the way, I was thinking if I was stayed in California for January and February, I wouldn't be in the situation where I am now.  But as Forest Gump famously said:  "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to find."  Indeed.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Living With My Leg Injury

Now comes the hard part, living with my leg splint for the next six weeks.  The last time I did this was in 1962 when I dislocated my right knee.  Back then when one had a limb injury, a cast was placed on the injured limb. I had a cast from my hip to my ankle . . . . . for six weeks. This time I have an adjustable leg brace.  Plastic splints are on both sides of the foam wrap which is secured with Velcro.

My injured left leg has to stay in the same position for at least six weeks for the ligaments to heal. At least that's how long I had to have the cast when I dislocated my knee back in 1962 and all I did was stretch my ligaments.  I won't know the extent of my ligament damage until after I get an MRI taken of my leg which is schedule for this Monday.  The following Monday I meet with my orthopedic surgeon after he analyzes my MRI's.  He said there could be minimal damage which, if that is the case, the ligaments will heal on their own.  If there is more extensive damage, then I will have to have surgery.  Let's hope for the minimal damage scenario.

So here is what it is like living with a leg splint.  Simply put, I can't do what I used to take for granted.  One of the big things is just sitting at my computer, updating my blog, checking other blogs, my e-mail, sorting my photos and surfing the Internet.  I can't sit here too long because it is so uncomfortable.  Thank goodness I'm not in pain.  I have two prescriptions for Percocet which I haven't filled and won't fill unless I'm in extreme pain.  And the only times I've been in extreme pain is four times so far: 

  1. Once when I fell on the ice.
  2. The second time when I fell inside the hotel lobby and couldn't get up.
  3. The third time when the EMR guys put me on the stretcher.
  4. The fourth time when I got home.  I fell hard in my bedroom coming out of my bathroom and I turned the corner too fast falling against the subwoofer of my surround sound system and said sub woofer taking a piece of dry wall out.
Do you know how lucky I am not to have fallen on my head or broken my hip?  I am lucky . . . . so far.  However, I am being VERY CAREFUL maneuvering myself around the our house.  

I'm finding that I'm adjusting quickly to the new reality of my limited physical movement.  I find ways around having to keep my left leg stiff in a brace.  I'm getting just a small taste of what it is like for someone who is permanently disabled and I'm telling you, I have a new empathy for those people.  I have a new appreciation for my former physical ability where I was able to move around at will and not even think about it.  Now when I eat, go to the bathroom or go to bed . . . those activities take careful planning lest I twist my knee/leg again and cause more damage.

I have to end this blog post now because my back is killing me from sitting this way with my left leg straight out.  

Again, when something like this happens to me I always think of how much worse it could be.  And I am thankful that it wasn't worse.  

Hopefully soon I'll be able to get back to my happy blog posts of my recent trip to California.  But for now, I'm coping as best I can with this situation. And again, I warn everyone: be very careful when walking outside and make sure you have your cell phone with you in case you fall. In an happen in an instant and you would just be a phone call away from a disaster.  Take it from me, I know and I have lived to tell about it.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Leg Injury Update

Bill's iPhone photo of me during my return trip to the emergency room

What a time I've had since I slipped and fell leaving the hotel last Wednesday night.  First I went to the Beebe Emergency room.  Of course they have all my paperwork, I've been there so many times (five now) since I've moved to Delaware.  I'll try to be concise in explaining what has happened since they discharged me.

Not how I planned the evening when I left work Wednesday night

I was given a leg brace (hospitals no longer do casts).  Bill (my saintly spouse) helped me hobble out of the hospital at 2 AM or so.  Our  wonderful neighbor Bob M. had brought Bill to my car at the hotel so Bill could drive me home. I cannot extoll this man's kindness enough.  He has his own health problems with his wife and he takes time out to help me and Bill.  Us old folk stick together.

Our neighbor Bob M. checking up on me and Bill to make sure we're alright
This isn't the first time our neighbor Bob has visited me in the emergency room.  He was there last year when I thought I was dying from kidney stones.  Bill was too upset to come.  Bob stayed with me and comforted me. Why am I so lucky to have such a wonderful neighbor?  And he's a conservative Republican yet!

Me waiting for the results of my X-Rays to see if I had any broken bones - I didn't think I had because I wasn't in extreme pain
Anyway, Bill takes me home.  I struggle to get in the car.  I had to slid my long legs in the back seat.  And it was COLD out!  The hospital discharged me but told me to arrange an appointment with a orthopedic surgeon for an MRI to see if there was any ligament damage.

Me checking out the damage to my leg

More of Bill's picture taking
I didn't get to bed until about 3 AM.

I had my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon today but first I have to tell you of the series of events that were unbelievable. 

First, my AOL e-mail wasn't working on my iPhone.  Damn!  After wasting time resetting my password (AOL would recognize my password) I found out from the Internet that the problem was at AOL.  Of course it was.  Yes, I sat at my computer with my leg brace on, feeling miserable. 

Self explanatory

Second, my DirecTV station wasn't working.  The message said the satellite wasn't receiving a signal.  We have four TV's in this house. We checked them all.  Two were receiving a picture, two weren't.  There was no way I was going to call DirecTV service because of my leg and I had to schedule doctor's appointments and I didn't want the two interfering.  Then I find out it was ONLY MSNBC, my liberal go to station, that wasn't receiving a signal.  

More self explanatory
The, to top everything else off . . . this morning we awoke to NO HEAT.  Yes, we were OUT OF GAS. The temperature outside read ZERO DEGREES and we were OUT OF GAS.  Excuse me, but wasn't I out of gas December 30th?  The first time since I lived here in 2006?  And OUT OF GAS again on the COLDEST DAY OF THE YEAR.  Folks, I have to admit, just for about a minute I wanted to go to sleep and get away from all of this but I couldn't because the house was so cold and getting colder by the minute.  I call the gas company.  Not open yet, they will open at 8:00 AM.  My doctor's appointment to evaluate my leg injury was at 11:50 AM (which I mistakenly showed up and hour and a half early for).  

Me in the backseat of our car - the only way I can drive because I can't bend my leg

I call the gas company at 8 AM.  Here's what I got "Your call is very important to us."  Heard that one before?

 I finally did get through and they were here in less than a half an hour. We had heat back and a big $1,000 plus gas bill to match the one I received at the end of December. Hey, what the heck! You only live once, might as well be warm.

Off to the doctor's office.  You should see Bill trying to get me in the back seat of my car (no pictures, too serious).  I can't lift my left leg below the knee.  The ligaments are obviously damaged.

My leg brace off so the doctor could evaluate my knee - I have a lot of swelling from internal blood clotting which he tried to remove by needle but couldn't get much of it

Okay, this blog post is going long.  I'll try again to be more concise.  My doctor told me I had a "knee pad replacement."  In other words when I fell I dislocated my knee pad.  It's back now but that's what I felt immediately after I fell, a soft saucer like thing on the left of my knee.  I don't need knee replacement.  

He gave me a "test."  He asked me to life my left leg.  I could not.  I'm ashamed to admit this, but I actually teared up (big sissy that I am) when I couldn't lift my leg.  I just could not move it.  I can wiggle my toes but I cannot lift my leg.  That's why Bill has to lift my leg into my bed when I go to bed.  In fact, I have to call Bill (and did) when I get up in the night to visit the bathroom, which I did three times last night.  I can't get back into bed unless he lifts my leg.  

The X-Ray of my knee

Folks, I'm going to tell you something now.  I am so fortunate to have Bill. He has been such a saint through all my medical problems. He's 86 and I'm 73 and who has the medical issues?  Me.  I'm just glad we're here for each other because I would do the same for him.  I would hate to think how I would handle this if I lived by myself.  This is hard enough with just me and Bill.  What do people do who live by themselves? I feel so sorry for them.

When I got home I had to take a shower.  I haven't taken one since I injured my leg and I was feeling quite greasy.  Of course I had to take off my leg brace and try to remember how to put it back on.  It was an ordeal but I hobbled into my shower with my aluminum cane (waterproof, they think of everything those medical device people).  

Ready to put back on my leg brace after my shower - the band aid is where my doctor tried to draw out the blog that had swollen up my knee internally
So here I am now folks.  I have an MRI scheduled for Monday to see how much damage has been done to my cartilage.  I asked my doctor "How does it heal?"  He said it all depends on how much damage was done.  It's different with everyone.  He said that I had major trauma (tell me about it) to my knee.  He said it would heal on it's own but if there is a lot of damage they would have to perform surgery.  

So that's where I stand (no pun intended) now folks.  I won't be back to work for several weeks at least.  I will have to go to physical therapy to build up my leg again.  I had to do the same thing back in 1962 when I dislocated my right knee and wore a hip to ankle cast for six weeks.  My leg as all shrunk up.  

There, I hope I didn't put you all to sleep.  I wanted to do a memorial for my friend Wayne "The Cajun" Juneau but that will have to wait until my leg heals and I can sit at this computer longer than I can now.  It's very uncomfortable sitting at my computer desk now with my left leg stretched out.  

I'm trying to think of a nice zippy way to end this post but I can't right now so I'll just end it here.  And to remind you all, be VERY careful when you're out and about on the snow and ice.  This could happen to you!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

I Fell

Me at the Emergency Room at Beebe Hospital (again)

Last night I slipped and fell on a patch of ice as I left the hotel.  I had just went out the front door and rounded the corner and WHAM!  I was on my side.  

I laid their awhile to feel if anything was broken.  Sore, I struggled up to go to my car but decided instead to go back into the hotel so sit and evaluate myself because something didn't feel right on the left side of my knee.

Three steps in the front door and a bolt of pain shot right up through my skull!  On a scale of 1 to 10, the paid was 20!  I hit the floor like a sack of potatoes.  And I lay there.  I.COULD.NOT. GET.UP.

My body started to violently tremble (shock).   My mind was racing, "what happened to me?" It only took me a few seconds to realize I had seriously injured myself.  Immediately I thought of the time fifty-three years ago when I was in the Army and one of my Army buddies was horse playing around when we were playing pool, which resulted in me dislocating my right knee.  I thought I had dislocated my left knee.

I lay there on the rug, and the warm lobby (thank God I fell inside), and mentally went over my options.  "Call 911 for an ambulance."  Beebe Hospital was only three blocks up Savannah Road from the hotel.  Here we go again, the ambulance comes for Ron and transports me (again) to the Emergency Room.  

The emergency responders arrived in about ten minutes.  At first I was worried that I had locked the glass door and they wouldn't be able to get into the hotel lobby to get me.  They would have to break the door because I couldn't move without excruciating pain.  I was planning gone crawling to the door.  Thank goodness the door was unlocked and they came in with their stretcher.  

Now wasn't that a sight them trying to lift my 170 lbs of dead weight on that stretcher without me crying in agonizing pain?

Not to make this an excruciating long story but they transported me the three blocks to Beebe Hospital's emergency room.  Again I was so thankful that I didn't live out in the boondocks but instead, just down the street (Savannah Road) from the hospital.

I made my calls on my cell phone.  I was just about to call Bill, when I hear my iPhone beeping.  It was Bill.  I tell him to ask our neighbor Bob M. to bring him down to the hotel so he could get my car and then bring it over to the hospital.

The emergency room staff went through The Drill, which I know now having been to this particular emergency room five times since I moved to Delaware.  My name, date of birth, any allergies, medications, and insurance. 

That done and by now Bill and Bob had arrived. Thank God again I have Bill and a wonderful neighbor like Bob.

X-rays were taken. I get wheeled back to Bill and Bob to await the results of the X-rays.  About a half an hour later the doctor on duty rounds the corner and approaches me with papers in his hand.  The good news . . . no broken bones.  The bad news . . . . my knee pad (what I felt to the left side of my knee right after I fell) was out of place.  He said I would need an MRI at an orthopedic doctor's office.  X-rays only show bones. MRI's will show cartilage and ligaments. I have an appointment tomorrow at 11:10 AM to have that MRI taken.

I am not going to go into the medical terms of the two sheets of the single lined report the doctor gave me but it appears that my knee "padding" is askew.  

The doctor left the papers with me and turned me over to his assistant who put a leg brace on me.  That's what I have now.  I cannot bend my left leg.  Trying going to the bathroom that way (and in my little "mediation" room which I so love for it's privacy but now it's little tight for a 6'3" guy with a straight left leg.

So here I am hobbling around the house, doing everything I can to avoid putting pressure on my leg the wrong way and sending lightening bolts of pain through the top of my head and throwing me to the floor.

You just can't make this stuff up.

It's 10 degrees and very windy outside and I'm wearing shorts.  Same forecast for tomorrow when I venture out of this warm, cozy house for my doctor's appointment.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wayne M. Juneau

Wayne M. Juneau

This morning I found out that my friend Wayne died.  I don't know the details of the exact time of his passing, only that he died. 

Wayne was in declining health for over a year. A few weeks I visited him at the hospital.  I realized when I visited him that he wasn't going to get better. That was the last time I saw him.

I didn't know Wayne as long as I have of two other friends who died recently.  I met Wayne in 2005, when I was preparing to move to Delaware. 

My friends Ed and Wayne at the Purple Parrott (Ed died this past January 27th)

We had many good times together.  And to be honest we had some contentious times, as sometimes happens with friends. 

Wayne was a force of nature and will be missed by all who knew him, even those others who knew the contentious side of him. Whatever mood Wayne was in,  you couldn't help but like him. Wayne was fun.

Me with my friends Ed and Wayne in happier times

Rest in peace dear friend Wayne. I hope you now find the peace and happiness you sought your whole life. And thank you for enriching my life. You will be missed. 

Wayne at work

Wayne died February 8th, 2015 at the Milford Hospice, at 12:08 A.M., the first day of Mardi Gras.  What irony; Wayne who so identified himself with New Orleans and Mardi Gras died on the first day of that holiday that was unique to his personality. 
I hope Wayne is at peace now and having "a few" for us. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

First Snowfall Sussex County Delaware

While many parts of the country, especially the northeast United Staes are experiencing record snowfalls this year, here in Sussex County Delaware we've been dodging the snow bullet.  However, when I woke up this morning and looked out my bedroom window but what did I see? A blanket of the white stuff.  Oh yes, we finally got snow.  

I had an appointment to get my haircut this morning (I haven't had it cut since I left for Los Angeles last month) . . . had to call my barber and ask her to postpone my appointment until tomorrow.  One more day with my bed hair.

My "bed hair" or I could be an actor with the latest hairstyle, ready to be an Academy Award presenter (that and the skinny legged jeans)

Bill was out early this morning shoveling the snow.  I don't "do" snow, one of the myriad of reasons I relocated to Delaware.  I do have to say, the snow covered landscape here in the neighborhood does create a welcome alternative to the usual scene out our garage door. 

As much as I desire to locate to another warmer part of the country (Los Angeles is a definite possibility) during the "just get through of it" months of January and February, I do appreciate the change of seasons.

The view out of our sunroom windows this morning (Bill's working on his puzzle but didn't want be in the picture)

Next year I also plan to visit Los Angeles for ten days.  I was thinking we were really playing Russian Roulette by taking our chances by scheduling air flights out of Philly and Toronto in the middle of winter.  We were lucky this year.  We'll roll those dice again next year.   

It's all good folks.  I'll have a little lunch now then retire to my solar heated bedroom   and take my daily afternoon nap.  Oh how I do love it when my bedroom is heated naturally with the sun.

It's all good folks.

Monday, February 16, 2015

New Computer Up and Running

My new iMac computer in the box - no towers and only one cord - what would Bill Gates say?

After two hours on the phone yesterday with Apple support, crawling around on the floor of my home office sorting out dust covered wires and trying to figure out what went where, my new computer is finally up and running!  Hallelujah!

I've been dreading "the setup" ever since I ordered my new computer.  In fact, that's one reason I hadn't ordered a new computer before, because I knew I would have to clean out a place for my old computer (which I will continue to use) and setup my new computer.  But when my old computer kept getting hung up more frequently last week, I decided it was Time.

Transferring data from my old computer to my new computer - the infamous Blue Bar

Actually, setting my new computer and transferring the data from my old computer was very easy.  Apple makes things that way.  Obviously Apple has a different view of its customers than does say  . . . . um . . . Microsoft or any of the Windows based computers like  . . . . um Dell. Raise you hands anyone who likes the latest version of Windows 8.1 . . THE TILES.  But I digress.

The tangle of wires - some aren't even hooked up and I have no idea what they were for but I'm not touching them

Transferring data from my old computer took about 14 hours.  Hey, I have over 85,000 photos and videos.  Even though the transfer took a long time (to be expected) where I ran into a snag was setting up my new time capsule backups.

I wanted to keep my old computer and its own time capsule backup and then set up my new computer with its own time capsule (Airport) backup.  That's where the call to Apple support came in.  Seems I had to set up a new network.  


I called Apple support and, as usual I got through without any problems.  They recognize my phone number and greet me by name.  Imagine Microsoft or Dell doing that. Ah, but I DIGRESS again.

The first few people I talked to were fine.  But the problem came when I was transferred to the department that specializes in setting up the Time capsules.  "Juliette" came on the phone.  Right away I detected a heavy Indian accent.  That sing-songy Indian accent. Maybe pleasing the ear in general conversation but when giving instructions on how to set up a network?  Not so much.  

The two Time capsule backups and my expensive monthly rental modem from Comcast (got to keep those profits coming in so Comcast can buy more media companies)

I don't want to torture you with the details (I was tortured enough yesterday) but I was on the phone with "Juliette" for almost two hours, crawling around on the floor, hooking up wires (ethernet, power cords, et al) and creating that new network to run through my new Airport time capsule. Don't ask me why I had to create a new network.  "Juliette" told me but by then my head was hurting so much trying to translate the instructions she was giving me to set up said network.

Old computer setup in new location - I can now sleep easy knowing that my photos are backed up all over the place.

So here is the bottom line folks, both computers are new setup.  Both have their own Time capsule backups. And I have a new, speedier, slick, impressive, awesome, huge, outstanding, sexy boyfriend computer.

My new computer setup and ready to go (iPhoto naturally)

I got the biggest and fastest (and most expensive - less money for that assisted living facility that probably awaits me in the future) computer that Apple had for sale.  And I'm loving it folks!  

Life is good.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

New Computer Setup

Well folks, I now a a new Apple computer.  No, this isn't it, I'm typing this blog post on my old iMac because I encountered a problem in setting up my new computer. Specifically, iPhoto which is the reason I got the new iMac.  My old computer was hanging up too much when I accessed my photos on iPhoto.

Actually, the setup of my new computer was going fine and I was almost finished until I went to access my videos in iPhoto.  I couldn't access them.  They're blank and I get a message "OSSTATUS ERROR 54".

I was very impressed when I removed my 27 inch iMac from the box.  Only one cord, the power cord.  No tower and a jumble of wires.

I simply removed my old iMac and put the new one in it's place on my desktop and plugged in the speaker wires and ethernet cable and I turned on the power.  The new computer was programmed to walk me through the final steps of the setup, the first one being transferring all my data from my old computer (Time Capsule) to my new computer. That took about 13 hours (overnight).  Most of the data transferred of course was my iPhotos, videos and iMovies.  Again, the main reason I got the new computer.  

UPDATE!  I just got a call back from "Richard", my Apple help guy.  My videos are now appearing after a couple of thumbnail updates.  Don't ask me how that works, all I know is that my precious videos are now on my new computer and I'm a happy Delawarean.  

Now, to make a call to get my new Airport Time Capsule set up.  Wish me luck!

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Grove, Los Angeles Part Two

Spending an afternoon at the West Hollywood shopping mall "The Grove" was a very pleasant, unexpected interlude during our stay in Los Angeles.  We would never have known about this wonderful oasis in the middle of West Hollywood were it not for our friend Nadege.  Thank you Nadege!

Pat and I weren't planning on buying anything  but it sure was pleasant wandering around, soaking up the spring like temperatures, and listening to the relaxing music.  One store we stopped in (the video at the beginning this blog) had a wonderful, thumping sound system to accompany our wanderings in their store.  I haven't been to clubs with such a good sound system.  I checked the prices of the men's items; almost all of which were in blacks and grays, just the way Pat and I were dressed so I guess we were in style, and they really weren't outrageously expensive. Lots of those skinny legged jeans in this store at designer prices.  That's one style I'll never cotton too.  I think they look stupid.

We also stopped in Nordstroms.  Nordstroms is a nice store but, from what I saw, WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for the likes of us.  This is obviously a store for folks with too much money.  Gold lame sneakers anyone? Only $750. ONLY?  I would have loved to shown this to my Mother who wouldn't spend over $20 for a dress.  

We were killing time waiting for our California friend (and frequent commentor on my blog) Nadege.  We were going to the movies.  We saw "Taken Three" with Liam Neeson.  I hadn't seen the first two "Taken" films but Pat told me this movie was the same formula, which was a bit tired by the third installment.  

One thing I did like though was this theater. I know I've been bursting with superlatives, describing out stay in California but I'm telling you, this was the most magnificent movie theater I've ever been in my life.  That could tell you two things, either I haven't been to too many movies theaters (I have actually) or this was one truly luxurious theater.  The seats, with head rests.  The sound.  The screen.  Now if we just had a decent movie but they're hard to come by these days aren't they?

The lobby of the movie theater at the Grove- and yes, that's Pat in the center walking towards the concession stand for his hot buttered popcorn; he can't watch a movie without popcorn (I can)
Below I make a suggestion to Pat that we buy a festive pair of shoes for our B & B hostess Nina.  Check out Pat's reaction to my suggestion.  The "Ron and Pat" show: to be continued . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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