Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Five on the Fifth

I love challenges (well, most challenges anyway).  So here is my "Five on the Fifth" photos.  I was a bit challenged today because the weather is frightful outside with the wind and rain.  Undaunted, I took my "Five on the Fifth" inside my home.  Here they are!

The view from my Sun Room which doesn't have any sun flowing through those windows today

Entrance from finished basement room to Bill's basement workshop on this rainy day

My sweat soaked T-shirt drying out on the hamper - I had an 'intense' dream last night which I don't' remember the details but I did get a 'workout' - I was soaked!

My favorite porcelain mask hanging over my bed keeping me safe from all harm

Rain and wind beaten down daffodils outside our front door on this Fifth Day of April


  1. Really, you don't remember this "intense" dream? m.

  2. Nicely done, Ron!
    I especially like the first picture. Thanks for sharing your view :)

  3. very nice, ron!

    yeah, it's a crappy day on the east coast, but at least it's NOT SNOWING! :-)

  4. I second that emotion Anne Marie!

  5. Mark,

    My dream wasn't THAT kind of 'intense' dream. It was something else. I do remember I was exhausted when I woke up. I don't have THOSE kinds of dreams anymore anyway. When I was a teenager, a LOT.

  6. Thank you Tai! You know I always like sharing my views. I not sure how many others like reading them but no matter. I enjoy sharing,

  7. I like your crystal ball.

  8. Cubby,
    Bill HATES that crystal ball. He had a big fight when I brought it down from Pennsylvania to put out in the front. He hates any of these 'gazing' balls. I like them. I won this battle.

  9. Anonymous1:31 AM

    Hi Ron,

    Nice pics. I like the crystal ball. Perhaps the secret of your dream can be unlocked by the crystal ball.


  10. Ron, I think the last picture is my favorite. Makes me want spring weather to get to NH even faster.


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