Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Wendy Williams Voted Off Dancing With the Stars!

This just in folks!  Wendy Williams was voted off "Dancing With the Stars" tonight.  

No more wondering which wig she was going to wear tonight.  

No more wondering if Wendy is really a man in drag.

No more wondering what size shoe she wears (they make pumps in THAT size?)

Yes folks, our fav Wendy is no more.  Her ass got voted off tonight.


  1. I haven't gotten much into Dancing with the Stars - save an occasional flip by. I'm still partial to American Idol. I can only handle one show at a time.

  2. Rick,
    I understand completely! I used to watch "American Idol" all the time. I didn't watch "Dancing With the Stars." I don't watch "American Idol" now because of the judges. I don't like any of them. They repulse me. I only watch shows or movies in which I like the people involved.

  3. I want that dress she is wearing for "Halloween" of course. I have never done drag, but she/he is an inspiration.


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