Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ron on Roofdeck

Me on our Philadelphia roof deck - 1976

This morning I had all good intentions of writing the first installment of my autobiography.  But did I want to subject all my loyal readers to THAT story?  Well...maybe.  Actually the problem is that this morning I'm just not in the mood to go down THAT Memory Lane.  Some mornings I am, some mornings I am not.  


So what I was doing this morning was going through my 45,364 photos I have on my computer, may of which are duplicate and merging them into single folders.  While going through those pictures I came across some that Bill took of my sunning myself in the sunroom he had built on the top of our Philadelphia row house when lived there in the Seventies.  

Foolishly trying to get a tan - can't get one through the glass..dummy

The Seventies were probably my peak years for youth and vigor and attractiveness and hair.  I've lost a lot of those desirable attributes now as I enter into my 70th year.  Yes folks, I am an OLD MAN, no getting around it.  

Me (last August) - aging gracefully (I hope)

Now this isn't going to be a post about he weeping and wailing that I am no longer a young, attractive gay man who can get just about any guy (or gal) he wants.  Those days are long gone and not without regret for me.  I had a good time while it lasted and believe me, I made the most of my opportunities.  There wasn't too much that I missed.  I'm not bragging but just stating a fact.  So why wasn't I one of the thousands caught up in the deadly AIDS epidemic?  Perhaps because I played 'nice.'  I wasn't one for the sexual acrobatics.  I liked to flirt and I liked the attention I got in return.  That's me, a BIG FLIRT.  Yeah, I was one of THOSE GUYS who teased....and then did nothing.  I loved it!  I thank my lucky stars guardian angel that I never got down in the mud and rutting around like all the other pigs.  Oh yes, I was a pig.  

Not a gray hair in my beard -ah, the good old days!

So, that's what I feel like today.  I'm not in the mood to show my baby pictures.  I'll leave that to another day when I'm in a more nostalgic mood for going back to the Forties (I was born in 1941.)  For now I'll wallow in my major Pig Days of the Seventies and share some of my Roof Pictures with you all.  I haven't seen these pictures myself for a long either.  Check out the hair and the nice dark beard.  This was way before Just For Men came into my life.

Me and our First Pom, Hamburger


  1. I for one think you're plenty hot.

    I hope you have your photos backed up. Multiple backups would be even better. I lost some digital pics in 2001 that I'm still mad about today.

  2. Cubby,

    Thanks for the compliment! I still like to flirt. :)

    Yes, I have my photos backed up. That way my main concern with my computers. Especially since I've had a couple of computers (Dell) crash. That is one of the reasons I switched over to Mac computers. I also now have Carbonite backup (which took a month to do) in addition to DVD backups and flash drive backups of my photos. Of course many of my old photos and most valuable are in print form. My concern is what will happen to them when I die. No one in my family wants them. That's another reason I post so many of them to my blog, maybe someone Out There will appreciate the historical significance of them and save them to their files. Not that only my pictures are historical (they are) but everyone's pictures are of value. I would hate to see everything lost when I die. I am saddened that no one in my family has the faintest interest in my photos.

  3. I agree with Cubby! You look fantastic today; a very handsome guy! Congratulations for staying so slim... very few men can do this. You are inspirational to me in that department. In fact, most men over 35 these days seem to have "let themselves go."

    You also looked extremely hot lounging in those jeans. No wonder you were so popular!!

  4. Buddy Bear,
    Thanks! I always appreciate positive comments.

    I've always been careful about maintaining my weight. There is a lot that I can't control in my life and I might not be the smartest guy in the room but I can control my weight. It's no secret, everything in moderation and exercise, mostly walking. Actually very easy.

  5. You look really good for 69 man. And damn were you ever hot! Just my "type" too!
    Well I turn 60 this month (my profile pic is 6 yrs old) and have had two open heart surgeries that I've survived. I've battle with weight ever since I turned 50 and now with all the blood pressure meds it's even harder.
    I had my hay day too in the late 70's too mostly in NYC and can't believe I'm still here after losing so many friends and loved ones in the 80's and 90's. I often ask myself why me? Why am I still here when I played rough and raw like the rest of them. I miss my partner and friends so much sometimes it hurts to this day.
    Nice blog you have here and I'm glad I found somebody my age to relate to.

  6. Seriously, you should have looked me up in 1976. I would'v been game! m.

  7. Mark,

    Really? You think so?

  8. Stan,

    Thank you very much for compliments! Hey, I'm glad I finally have someone around my age (I'm still older) as a blog follower. I was beginning to wonder if anyone my age read blogs. I've been looking for them but I can't find them. Most of the guys I find are in their late 30's or 40's. When I talk about the Seventies and Eighties they think I'm talking about Ancient History which really makes me feel old.

    I've been very lucky (so far) with any major health issues. Both of my younger brothers have heart and weight problems but both of them weigh twice what I weigh (300 lbs to my 160 lbs). I think watching your weight is the key to keeping good health.

    Sooner or later something is going to get me but for the time being I'm making every day count. I'm now losing some of my friends to dementia which is an awful way to go. Sometimes I think dying is a better option.

    I'm glad you got in touch with me.

  9. You have grown with grace, lucky man you are.

  10. Spo,
    You always say the right thing. :)

  11. Hot then; hot now. Day-em.

  12. RG,

    Know the first thing I thought when you said "Hot then; hot now. Day-em."? I thought you were referring to the hot day and now it is hot and I'm thinking, "it's not not today" then it occurred to me you were referring to me. And therein is a perfect example of my naiveté. As my longtime friend told me years and years ago "Ron, you're al alright guy but you are terminally naive." I think you sir very much for your compliment. ;)


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