Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ron's iPhone Learning Curve - Not Finished Yet

This is what the video should sound like with sound.  I took this over the traffic walkway over the main road outside the aquarium.
This is outside the aquarium and I wanted to record the beautiful music but I had my FINGER over the microphone on my iPhone (there's a microphone on the iPhone?)  DUMB RON.  

So I take this big trip to the Baltimore National Aquarium yesterday.  I suffer through a painful, uncomfortable, two-hour drive on the 'short bus' from Georgetown, Delaware to Baltimore, Maryland.  I suffer through the crowds, kids running and screaming, and the rain.  But at least I think "I have my pictures and videos."  Well, that's what I THOUGHT anyway.  So here I am this afternoon, showing off my wondrous videos to Bill with the sights and sounds of the Inner Harbor of Baltimore.  I show him my first video of the walkway over the main drag by the aquarium.  The sounds of the crowd and traffic, but's muddled.  WTF?  What happened to my sound?

After some testing this morning I figured it our.  In order to steady my iPhone 4 (and not drop it into the road below me) I PUT MY FINGER OVER THE MICROPHONE.  

I'm still learning folks.  STILL LEARNING!  Hopefully I'll have my act together in time for my trip to New York City in two weeks.  Dumb Ron, still on his Learning Curve.

The real me for those of you who are wondering.  I won't be surprised if my blog count goes down after everyone sees how goofy I am.  Hey folks, this is REALITY.


  1. Ron, you are a million times better than me with these gadgets. On my basic cell phone, I can do only four things: switch it on/off and make/receive calls.

    New York City! Wow, very exciting!! I wish I could join you; my last visit was in 1967!

  2. This blog is HILARIOUS!! Ron, you're too funny. You ought to do stand-up! Congrats on your learning iPhone mechanics. We all went through a learning curve. It's a marvelous, complicated bit of technical bravado! ...your erstwhile teacher, Don.

  3. It's nice of hearing your voice. Thanks for sharing, Ron! :)

  4. Buddy Bear.
    Thanks for the compliment. I'm trying to keep my old head wrapped around all these new fangled gadgets. I can't believe I put my finger RIGHT OVER the microphone yesterday though. Dumb.

  5. Don,
    THANKS! I sent my demo tape into the Comedy Store. I'm waiting to hear back from them. I think I'm funnier that half these people who call themselves comedians. Better looking (if a bit dissipated) too!

  6. Thank you Tai! I have a strong Philadelphia accent. Can you tell?

  7. hohoho
    you are light years ahead of me; I am still learning basics like how to turn it off! Last night I discovered how to change ring tones.

  8. I have no idea what your accent is but gladly I could understand what you said :)

  9. Tai,
    You can understand me but when I go south to visit my brother in Greenville, South Carolina, he says they can't understand me because I talk too fast. It isn't me talking fast, it's their brains that can't process someone not talking as slow as they talk.

  10. Spo,
    You'll pick up all the cool things an iPhone does in no time! If I did (which I am), ANYBODY can. By the way, are you on Grindr? You really should check it out. It's an app. Warning: IT IS ADDIÇTIVE!

  11. I write about apps 5 April; I have 10 apps to die...

  12. Spo,
    So many apps, so little time.


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