Friday, April 01, 2011

Who's Hot, Who's Not

Bradley Cooper - my ABSOLUTE favorite HOT GUY today - AWESOME!

Recently one of my favorite bloggers posted a picture of Rob Lowe.  The picture was of Rob at 47 years of age and my friend's point was how good he thought Rob looked at age 47.  I agree with him, Rob still looks handsome.  But is he hot?  Not in my mind.  Years ago, before I knew of Lowe's personality, I thought he was one of the hottest male movie stars in existence.  He took my breath away. Foolish me.   This guy is so stuck on himself that he nullified the natural beauty he was born with.  That attitude turns me off.  

I don't have anything against a guy or a gal being aware of their beauty.  I like self-confidence in a person.  But when it crosses the border to arrogance and the "don't look at me directly in the eyes because I am a STAR!", that turns of my hormones.  I've met a number of good-looking guys in my younger, cruising days.  I have to say, with few exceptions, the guys who turned me on the most were of average looks.  Some even looked weird, a fact which my hubby still teases me about to this day.  By the way, I call my Partner Bill 'my husband" these days WITHOUT APOLOGY.  I never felt quite right with "lover", "partner", "spouse'.  So what to call him?  A few postings ago I accidentally typed "husband" and I was going to delete it but it sounded right so I left it.  What does he call me?  "Ron." He's still of the Old School.  I'm working on it. 

So here folks is a partial list of who I think is hot and who is not.  For your perusal:

Rob Lowe - I can't believe I ever thought this vacuum was hot - he's NOT! Look at those eyes, empty.  Fake smile, full of himself.  I'm not surprised he's not a star. Perhaps in his own mind.

Ryan Gosling - I fell in lust with him in "The Letter" - he may be stuck on himself but I don't care - HOT!  (Is he looking at me wondering why I put him in my blog?  Public domain Ryan, public domain). 

Don't worry, I'm not going to let the ladies out of this review.  I may be gay but I do appreciate feminine beauty, perhaps more so than many straight men.  Being gay I have a special appreciation of what makes a woman truly beautiful.

Angeline Jolie - I know, I know.  Angie is supposed to be todays definition of beauty.  Sorry folks, it's not there.With all those kids she's carrying around, and those tattoos, imagine Elizabeth Taylor with tattoos, I rest my case

Hedy Lamarr - considered by many the most beautiful woman ever to grace the silver screen.  It was said  when the audience saw her for the first time in "Algiers" an audible gasp went up in the theater, her beauty was that breathtaking.  Hedy is my all time most beautiful woman.  Coincidentally we both share the same birthday, November 9th.

Brad Pitt - sorry folks, I never saw the attraction for Ole Sour Puss.  Does this guy ever smile?  Ever see him do an interview?  He gives an interview like that other aging so-called Heartthrob - Warren Beatty.  Nobody is home.  Empty.

James Dean - died too young.  Has that dissipated look that I find attractive.  Okay, so maybe he didn't smile that much but he is so gorgeous he can get away with it.  At least he didn't have his head up his ass like Brad Pitt always seems to have.

Jennifer Lopez - aka "Jo-Lo" and also "Jenny From the Block" - Miss "Don't look directly into my eyes because I am a STAR" - when I see this woman all I can think is NO TALENT, DIVA and BIG ASS
Elizabeth Taylor - a smoldering, sensual beauty of The Last Movie Star . Comparing her with Jennifer Lopez is like comparing diamonds with cheap costume jewelry.  

Johnny Depp - Oh Johnny!  He ties to disguise his smoldering (there's that word again) sex appeal with goofy hats, horn rimmed glasses and a scruffy beard.  Doesn't work Johnny, we know you're down there you sweetheart!  You look like you're smiling right at me.  Tell me it's true.

Robert Pattinson - he of the vampire chronicles (or diaries or whatever) - I can't figure out this one.  Someone help me.  I hear he's making a movie.  Don't expect it to be a blockbuster.  The blockbuster will be "The Hangover II" with Bradley.  Now that is a hunk (and talent!)

Madonna - what a mess.  She thinks she's hot.  Ever see her give an interview?  Talk about delusional.  It's over Madge.  Go back to the UK with your fake British accent.  And please don't adopt any more United Nations kids just to keep up with Angelina.  I will never forget what Marlene Dietrich said when Madonna tried to contact her for her permission to portray her in a movie.  Marlene turned her down by saying "Darling, in the movies I played ARE trash."  Enough said.  

Marilyn Monroe - sweet, sensitive and vulnerable Marilyn.  Again, I should apologize for even comparing her with Madonna but that is what Madonna tried to do early in her career.  

Tom Cruise - another guy that at one time I thought was hot. Tommy Boy lost any appeal he had with me after his embarrassing Couch Jumping Episode on Oprah Winfrey's Show when he thought he proved to the world he wasn't gay by proclaiming his "love" for Katie Holmes.  Mr. "I'll sue you if you say I'm gay", like to carry his kids around.  What?  Are they crippled?  The one time I realized how ridiculous this man is was when he was carrying his adopted son Conner around.  The kid was six or seven years old!  Conner was clinging to him like an overgrown chimpanzee to it's Mom.  Tom is still carrying 4 year old Suri around even though Suri has her own high heels and is quite capable of walking on her own two legs.  My friend Don loves this guy.  I don't see it.  I just don't see it.  Vacuous, empty, phony.  What's to like?

Bradley Cooper - be still my heart!  Bradley Cooper is exactly the kind of handsome movie star that I will always find attractive because he not only has good looks but he has a wonderful self-effacing personality.  I've seen him on several morning talk shows being interviewed for an upcoming movie and he is all smiles and laughter unlike the dour and sour Brad Pitt who rarely if ever even gives an interview.  I always get a kick out of how the gals who interview him get all giggly and Bradly seems beside himself with embarrassment.  What a sweet, unaffected guy and check out those Baby Blues!  This guy will go far!

To me nothing is more attractive than a handsome man (or woman), confident in his or her own abilities and full of the joy of life.  That is what I loved so much about Elizabeth Taylor.  She lived life to its fullest.  I have no doubt that this handsome new star, Bradley Cooper, will also do the same.  I want to see this guy in a LOT of movies!  He makes me smile. This is Prince Charming.  I hope he lives a long and happy life.


  1. Ron,

    Dang, I read the whole thing and didn't see my picture anywhere.

    Oh, wait, maybe that's a good thing since it was Who's Hot and Who's NOT!


  2. Anonymous4:31 PM

    What a collection of Stars. Bradley Cooper does take my breath away. I agree with you about these guys who can't give an interview. Makes me hate them. Nicolas Cage is another example. I think he memorizes what he is going to say and then repeats it on every talk show.

  3. Thank you Tai!

  4. Lar,
    Drat! I forgot to put your puss up there. I do have that last picture I took of you puckering for the camera. You sure you want THAT posted?

  5. meh...none of those guys do it for me, and I am not attracted to women.

    don't apologize for using the term "my husband", for that is what bill is. sounds so much better than partner or significant other or boyfriend.

    have a good weekend!

  6. aviewfromthemeadow,
    Bradley Cooper, not only is he good-looking but he has personality plus! What a happy, open and honest guy. So unlike Brad Pitt, Warren Beatty or Nicholas Cage, who do give lousy interviews. So closed. A big turnoff.

  7. Anne Marie,
    Thanks for your honest comments. I appreciate them. And thank you so much for validating my use of 'my husband' when I refer to Bill. I've tried all the other including 'significant other' and none fit. My straight neighbor asked "If Bill is your husband then what does that make you? HIs wife?" Isn't it interesting how people are so brainwashed? I said "No, that makes me his husband too." Duh.

  8. I've just discovered that Bradley can speak French fluently. Wow!

  9. Tai,

    I DO like Bradley!

  10. Spot on Ron!!!! Even a dog can agree with these....seriously!

  11. I think Tom Cruise was two people ahead of me when I was in line to get my official gay card.


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