Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Dancing With the Stars Show #3

Miss Piggy
Okay folks, here is my take on Show #3 last night.  Poor Mak's body finally gave out when he was tossing Kirstie's hefty girth over his hips for a dance move.  Wow, that is a lot of packaged meat to be flinging around.  Hey, I like Kirstie and I think they stand a good chance of winning the overall competition but come on now, aren't you fascinated by watching Kirstie dance around on her little pig hooves  while tracing the air above her head with her graceful and sexy arm movements.  It is a little like watching Miss Piggy performing the Waltz of the Flowers in Fantasia.

Maks and Kirstie last night Show #3

Here is the 'swing' that Maks attempted, flinging Kirstie over his hip and his hip gave out and Humpty Dumpty...er...Kirstie and Maks went Down.

Kirstie - awkward to so the least

Then The Fall.  You had to be see it as it happened!  I'll give them this, they recovered nicely and Kirstie and Maks are still the fan favorites.  Kirstie has a lot of good moves for a woman of her heft and age and Maks is a good sport for flinging Kirstie flinging Kirstie around like she was a 102 lb waif (which she clearly ain't). 

Attitude, that's what its all about.  Bravo Kirstie and Maks!
So here are the standings after last night's show:

Petra and Dmitry, Hines and Kym, Maks and Kirstie


Who will win?  It's early in the season but my bets are on Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff, Hines Ward and Kym Johnson and.....YES!....Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskly.  


  1. It seems I only like season 4 with Joey Fatone, runner up. I watch him over and over again :)

  2. I missed that season Tai. I didn't have the right TV reception. I do now and I am very happy because I am not missing out.

  3. Oh Ron, you can search his clips on Youtube.

  4. Thanks Tai. That's a good suggestion! I'll do that!

  5. I like Ralph the best this season. I think he can go all the way. I wish I understood why Len keeps harping on Ralph about his hands. What the hell is wrong with his hands?!

  6. Same here Cubby, I didn't get the 'hands' thing either. I keep forgetting to look when Ralph dances to see what the deal is with his hands. I think Ralph is probably the best dancer. His moves are so fluid and light. My least favorite is Sugar Ray Leonard. I never did like him and I like him even less now. He reminds me too much of Ben Vereen who I really can't stand. Both vastly overrated 'talents.'

  7. Anonymous10:15 PM

    I agree the Karate Kid could win this. I am waiting for Sugar Ray to punch someone. Hopfully Len.

  8. aiewfromthemeadow,

    "Hopefully Len"? Why would that be?


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