Saturday, April 23, 2011

Longer Hair, Shorter Hair?

Ron - Screen Shot with iMac April 13, 2011 - longer hair

All my life I've had an abundance of hair (on my head that is - some chest hair but none on the shoulders-thank God).  Even as I got older my hair was still think even as my hairline began to recede.  I clearly have my father's hair pattern. I have the same 'widow's peak' receding hairline that he had.  The only difference is that he was blonde and always had thin, fine hair.  I get my dark, brown, thick hair from my Mom.  

Me- 1943 - My Mom loved my long hair so much she didn't want to cut it
About ten years ago I as my hairline started to recede I was having more problems keeping my "Howdy Doody" pompadour style hairdo because of the lack of hair my hair didn't have the weight to maintain that youthful style .  I cut it all off and adopted a 'buzz cut'.  

Me - 1951 - Howdy Doody 'Do' - same with the shirt too - I loved that shirt!

The Buzz Cut was easy to maintain.  I threw away my comb, I didn't need it.  I was a porcupine head.  It was great!  But then a funny thing happened on the way to Old Age (sorry Dr. Spo, here I go again referring to my old age), I noticed that almost all of the gay guys down here in Gayberry (aka Rehoboth Beach/Lewes/Milton area of coastal southern Delaware) went for the totally shaved look to mask their male pattern baldness which left the whole top of their plate bald.  

Me with my Buzz Cut days at First Financial Bank 2004

Now anyone who knows me knows that I don't go along with the crowd, especially the Gay Dictates crowd.  You know, that's the Crowd that dictated that NO MEN ARE TO EVER SHOW CHEST HAIRS AGAIN.  In fact, I hear this crowd even 'trims' their pubic hairs and shaves their balls.  WTF is that?  Somebody on display?  I'm out of that Social Whirl (thank goodness).  The only person who sees my naked body is me when I look in the mirror before I take a shower (and when I finish a shower- double checking to make sure nothing changed).  

Me - Fifth Grade - 1952 - hard to manage all that thick hair!

Well, Ron veers away from the Gay Fashion Dictates again.  I decided to let my hair grow out a few months ago. By the way, I shave no hair on any other parts of my body.  Deal with it Gay Fashion Police.

Me 1982 - the longest I've ever had my hair - yet I still didn't fall victim to the Fashion Police and have the 'Helmut Do' so popular in the 80's with the hair half over the ears - I always keep my ears exposed! My Mom loved my hair this way! Major Maintenance!

I bought a comb, preparing myself for the inevitable maintenance my long hair would entail.  Guess what!?!  My hair has naturally thinned out.  I don't know whether it is because of the medication I take (Terazosin for prostate) or just a natural occurrence of getting older.  My hair doesn't require much maintenance.  It all falls into place.  

Me at the Hampton Inn 2000 - my favorite short 'Buzz Cut' style - no maintenance!

When I was younger I always envied my classmates and who had naturally short hair that 'fell into place" and looked so movie star-like.  I hated my bushy hair that always had to be thinned out when I got a haircut at the barber and I still couldn't comb it right.  There was a period in the Eighties when I let my hair grow really long but that required a lot of maintenance.  I always had to have a comb at the ready.  I am very happy now because I finally have the kind of hair that naturally 'falls into place'.  

Me 1986 - semi-long style - it worked!  Long haired pooches.

So here I am today with my new look.  A little gray on the side, some gray in my beard, but a natural 'do.'  I don't need hair spray, I don't need a comb over, I don't need hair plugs.  While I don't have the hairline I had fifty years ago (or even ten years ago), at 69 years of age, I still have more hair that that new groom to be.   You know, THE MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR IN THE WORLD:  PRINCE WILLIAM.

Looking good Wills!

Prince William, here is my suggestion for you:  join the ranks of my gay brotherhood (or is it 'sisterhood'?) and go for the Shaved Head Look.  It is SO IN.  



  1. Looking good, Ron. That pic of you with the two doggies in 1986 is a cracker. If I'd seen you in a bar then in what was the height of my cruising days I would NOT have taken "No" for an answer!
    Like you. I also follow my father's hair pattern, viz. having a monkish tonsure. And to think that in the late 70s/early 80s I sported an Afro (hellishly expensive to maintain), well, we can't relive the past. (Sigh!)

  2. I Used to have a lion's mane back in the Eighties, but, now I keep it short, and if it starts to get a little long it drives me crazy! I don't know how I managed it back then! Aned I agree, Prince William needs to go with a shorter 'do!

  3. Well the prince gets his baldness pattern from his dad too.

    I am trying so hard to avoid all this Royal wedding crap. But you hijacked me - no warning - suddenly another Royal Story.

    Still, if you fancy a laugh, do check out this:

    Although judging by some of the comments, there are some who seem to think it's for real, even though the wedding doesn't happen for another week yet...

  4. Raybeard,

    Sure! We can relieve the past! I do it all the time. :)

  5. tigerchanter,

    I would love to be a fly on the wall when Prince William and Prince Harry have a conversation about THEIR hair. More proof that perhaps Prince Harry isn't Prince Charles' son but instead the son of the cad that Princess Diana had an affair with. Harry doesn't hair pattern doesn't seem to take after this father (Prince Charles) or his grandfather, Prince Phillip.

  6. Sorry Kim. I did sort of sneak that in didn't I? I too have been avoiding saying anything about the upcoming nuptials. While I'm sure they are a fine couple, REALLY? Do we need all this attention.

  7. You're always fine with long or short hair, really!

  8. pish posh
    it is time to go blonde; or even a bit of colour, just make sure the colour could come out of box of Froot Loops

  9. Ron, I really must protest at your inference re Harry. If he were older than Will, when he eventually succeeded to the throne, it's not as though he would be the first red-headed monarch we've ever had (hair-pattern notwithstanding.) Though, mind you, we would have to go back over 400 years to the last one! - Elizabeth I. Double ;-)

    And yes, must admit that I too like to re-live the past. In my way I put on tapes of 80s pop hits (that frenzied, mad decade of electro-HiNRG disco) close my eyes and see myself back then. In a short while the tears are running down my cheeks as I recollect those heady, abandoned days - before the big 'A' came along. And don't we all know what a bummer that was!

  10. Spo,
    I tried the blonde thing back in the 80's. I put something in my hair that would cause it to lighten when the sun hit it. I looked terrible. Off all my old pictures, you won't see me posting any of those. ;) Of course I know your 'advice' was tongue in cheek.

  11. Ray,
    The late 70's and 80's were the best time of my life too. We really had the best of times didn't we? After 1969 and Stonewall, we could finally relax and let everything go (and I did)! Coincidentally I had had enough just as 1980 rolled around. That's when I moved out of the city and into the country. Just in time so I missed the Big A. Like you, I will always have my memories which I often relive (and enjoy).
    I missed the inference to Harry. Remind me what I did to cause your protest. By the way, I just can't see a King Harry. Wouldn't that be something? I think William is the perfect person to take over from Elizabeth. Now Prince Charles? Hmmm.

  12. Ron, you may not have been aware of it but your 4.08 reply to Tigerchanter above broaches a subject that is taboo for us Brits to speak about viz - (shhhhhh) - Harry's pedigree. It's all very fine for you non-Brits to make such aspersions but I'm afraid my own lips are sealed lest I be carried off to the Tower of London prior to suffering a certain amputation of a rather vital body part. Even our press don't mention the subject - and that's REALLY significant!
    I'm sure Prince Charles will make a fine King (probably as George VII, but don't quote me on that) - but only if he can keep his trap shut! Still, with the lovely Camilla constantly at his side why should he want his attention diverted to such mere distractions as ruling.
    No, William will just have to wait his turn, I'm afraid. That's the way it works. What do their subjects want? - an elected monarchy? Too bad. There isn't going to be one. They can like it or lump it!

  13. Ray,

    I noticed a long time ago, even before I read the speculation about Prince Harry's paternal genes, how little he resembled his father. It wasn't until about a year or two later that I read about his possible father as Major James Hewitt. I notice that there is no DNA test in the offing. As far as the Royal Succession skipping a generation, I'm not of that faction that thinks Prince Charles should be bypassed. Some of our magazines sell a lot of copy by the speculation but I never believe that such a possibility was imminent.

    Are you a British citizen?

  14. You were the cutest thing in that Fifth grade picture.
    But you still have the same smile.
    Your Friend, m.

  15. Thank you Mark!


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