Saturday, April 02, 2011

My Trip to the Baltimore National Aquarium

The Baltimore National Aquarium

Just got back from my day trip to the National Aquarium in Balitmore.  This is the first time I've been there.  I was mightily impressed.  I took the "Old Peoples' Bus" from Georgetown early this morning.  It is the Adult Plus bus ('Adult Plus' the new politically correct way of saying 'Senior Citizen') but there were actually folks of all ages, even a kid or two (who was well behaved thank God).  

The fabulous National Aquarium in Balitmore and IT IS FABULOUS!

As much as I was impressed with the National Aquarium (and it is indeed impressive), bit negative of the day was the KIDS.  The SCREAMING KIDS.  The KIDS RUNNING EVERYWHERE!  Oh my God, my ears are still ringing.

And the kids wasn't the only problem.  Since we didn't have that many people going this morning (20 versus the usual 45 or so), the organizers decided to take the 'short bus.'  Well, I didn't know what a 'short bus' was but I sure did find out fast.  Here is another name for it:  

The "Short Bus"(aka NO LEG ROOM)

Not a Happy Ron
A sardine can (the way I felt today-squashed)

Now I'm not a heavy guy (163 and losing) but I am tall (6'3") with LONG 93 (36 inseam) legs.  When I got on the short bus and squeezed my long legs into my seat I knew I was in for a very uncomfortable ride. And oh how right I was.  You know how tight the airline seats are in the common class?  Think twice a tight in the 'short bus'.  OMIGOD.  Two and a half hours of cramped torture.  And then to ad insult to injury the tour director says "This is the shore bus, isn't it wonderful?"  Well she could say that because she's one of their little bird like old ladies that weighs at the most 98 pounds soaking wet.  She's maybe 4'9''.  I'm being punished again for being tall.  Then, to top everything else off she says "This bus has seatbelts so everyone please belt up!"  I DON'T THINK SO!  First, I could even find my seat belt but if I did I would put it on anyway because it didn't make any difference the way I was squuzed in my seat!  That bus could have rolled over a dozen times and I would still be in my seat. 


The only saving grace of the whole trip was a couple came on late and the only seats left was one next to me and one next to the only other gay guy on the bus who was sitting opposite me.  The gal sat next to him and her hunky boyfriend sat next to me.  So, even though I was stuffed into my seat at least I got to ride hip to hip with a hunk.  

My seatmate and his girlfriend (and my finger at the top of the picture - I still haven't learned how to use my iPhone camera properly)

More about my trip on tomorrow's blog.  As I said earlier, I just got in and I have to decompress from all that screaming and being squeezed like a sardine for five hours.  

I just figured out why they call it a "Short Bus"'s for SHORT PEOPLE!


  1. My brother works at the Seattle Aquarium, he dives and feeds the fish; it always brings the kids around.

    All week long I was trying to remember the song with the lyrics "Fly Robin Fly' - and here it is !

  2. It wasn't jolly good fun!

  3. Ron,

    You go to the Baltimore Inner Harbor, especially the Aquarium, you have to expect kids. It is a kid magnet. Took our kids there when they were kids. They loved it. So did we. That was probably around 20 years ago, though.


  4. No it twern't Tai. The aquarium was awesome but the crowds (and weather) was terrible. And the bus was the worst! My trip to New York City in a couple of weeks will be better!

  5. Spo,
    Small world! I loved the aquarium, just not the crowds. I'm glad you found the words to "Fly Robin Fly." I think they are "Fly robin fly" and then a beat. I may be mistaken but I believe that be them.

  6. I agree with you now Larry. The aquarium in Balitmore is a Kid Magnet. That was my fault for not realizing that fact. It's a shame they don't have something like that for adults. There was so much information for adults that the kids don't or couldn't grasp. All I saw the kids doing was knocking on the glass, running and screaming. Granted, I didn't see any other gay people there. It's a 'family' place. I won't make that mistake again.

  7. Nice to stumble across another Delaware blogger. You have a nice lay out and nice pics. I wish Baltimore and Camden would step it up a notch with their reef aquariums. The aquarium does have some events at night time where you have to be 18 or older, but it can be a bit pricey and if you're returning home to Delaware afterwards it can be a long night. Cool post Ron!

  8. Welcome Jon! Nice to hear from another Delaware blogger. I liked the Baltimore Aquarium but there except for the kids. At my previous home in Pennsylvania I had three ponds which I built myself. I don't have a pond here where I live in Delaware. I would love to have an aquarium but my partner Bill doesn't want one in the house. I love watching fish, not eating fish.

  9. Have to keep the other half happy I suppose. If I lived alone I would have a tank in every room of the house, but my roommate and my finances won't allow it. Does Bill have a particular objection to having an aquarium? Perhaps I could help you persuade him. :-)


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