Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Night and Everything is Alright

Tulips in front of my house yesterday (when we had sun)

Just a quiet Saturday night here folks.  Nothing earth shattering happing in my world, at least not right at this moment.  

I'm going to have a nice dinner BY MY SELF and then take in a Netflix movie  BY MYSELF.  Sometimes I just like to spend sometime by myself in my very comfortable bedroom with my big screen TV.  The wind and rain are howling outside so this is a perfect time for some "Ron Time."  

I did some tweaking on my blog (always tweaking don't you know).

 I checked into my account and responded to some inquiries.  Every time I check my family tree I think of my ancestors who lived in those western North Carolina hills (yes, they were hillbillies and I'm 'half a hillbilly') on cold and windy Saturday nights like this.  What did they do?  No TV, no Internet.  Oh, maybe that's why they had so many kids.  

My dad had eleven brothers (no sisters). I have no children.  But I do have my big screen TV and Internet (and iPhone, iMac and iPad.)  Life is good. 

 At least it is now until the Republicans get control of the White House and eliminate my Social Security and Medicare, which they will, don't believe them when they say their budget proposals won't affect anyone over 55 because they LIE, at which case life won't be so good.  I hope I die before that happens.  In the meantime, I will try to grab a little bit of quality of life tonight before I check out then the bastards can do whatever they are hellbent on doing to destroy this country.

I try to keep politics out of my blog but I just couldn't help myself today after seeing all that is on the news.  Hey folks, I'm just trying to survive.  Trying to collect some of that money that I paid into for the past fifty some years of my life.  Well, at least I got a pretty picture at the top of this blog and I'm going to put another pretty picture at the bottom of this posting.  This is my home for which Bill and I have worked for all our lives. We're here now, trying to stay out of the way of everyone and everything.  We just want to be left alone.  

Home Sweet Home - Delaware of two old gay men who have been living in sin for 46 years


  1. Ron,

    Been keeping up with all your posts even though I haven't commented lately. See you got a ton of comments on your friendship post. Hey, I'll always be here for you, you know.

    Thought the restroom etiquette thing was hilarious.

    Storm is raging here right now. Miserable day and it is kicking up a few notches. Got pretty wet just going a few feet to the car.

    Had an interesting experience this morning that I posted about today. First post in a while.

    Been working on the family tree. Split up branches to make it easier to manage. I am giving you privileges to all my trees.


  2. Lar,

    I LOVED that Men's Room Etiquette video! It is so true. Of course it did go a little bit overboard at the end but the basis is true. NEVER stand next to another man at the urinal and definitely don't look at his 'nether regions' when urinating.

    The storm is also raging here. I like being inside comfy and cozy when a storm is raging outside. I am thankful that I live at a place where the electricity doesn't go out every time there is a storm like happened so often when we lived in Pennsylvania.

    Of course I know you will always be there for me. You are one of my oldest (longtime and OLD) and trusted friends. My post was a lament that I couldn't find more friends like you but I think those days are long gone. What good friends we've made we have already made.

    I've been working on I got a very nasty e-mail from a woman in Texas who demanded to know "How are you related to me!" Then she claimed I wasn't in her Tipton line. Sorry bitch, I'm related to all the Tiptons. Some people really are very rude. I sent her back a 'nice' e-mail. Now I feel better. I was simmering.

  3. I just got approved by the Social Security Admin. after an over 3 year battle for them to approve my disability. I have yet to see any checks or monies and they are only approving me going back to 6/10 instead of the 2/07 I applied for. I'm so tired of living this way on nothing and I'm just going to settle up and try to get on with my life before the Teabaggers take everything away from us. If it wasn't for Medicaid I could never afford to pay for all the meds I'm on.
    You have a beautiful home there Ron. Your very lucky.
    Enjoy your evening and weekend.

  4. Stan,

    You've heard the saying that "a liberal is a conservative that has been mugged"? Well, that's me. All my life I was a conservative Republican. The first time I voted was for Barry Goldwater. I got 'mugged' when I lost my banking job when I was in my fifties. All those years that I worked for the bank I had great health insurance. I never used it. However, after I lost my job I had to have two major surgeries. Thank God I had V A health insurance. I got it just before the Bush administration came in and disqualified veterans like me (non-disabled) from having VA health insurance. i was grandfathered in. I had the two surgeries (excellent medical care by the way from the VA) and didn't have to pay a cent because of my three years in the service in the Army entitled me to VA health insurance. All during the years of the Bush administration they still kept trying to take my insurance away. They didn't succeed because there was always an outcry from veterans' groups and Democratic members of Congress. I lost over a quart of million dollars in the stock market crash of 2000. I DEPEND on Social Security, my bank pensions and my part-time job at the hotel for my survival. I have been the sole support of my partner Bill (whose only income is a small Social Security payment) since he was 55 years old (he's 82 now). I live on a fixed income and am only able to keep up with inflation with my part-time job. I also have Medicare which Social Security takes out $110 a month from my payment and I pay $140 a month for supplemental insurance. That goes up every six months. My part-time job helps me to keep up with inflation (heating, supplemental insurance, auto insurance, food, etc). Now the Republicans are trying to screw average middle class folk like me even more. They are evil, heartless bastards. I have it better than a lot of people. I'm not trying to raise a family or take care of my parents. I'm just trying to hang onto what I have now. I hope the public wakes up to what these evil Republican bastards are trying to do to this country, transfer what little wealth the middle class has left to the upper 1% of the wealthy in this country. At least they can't use the fear of gays anymore to get their conservative base out vote for them and keep them in office.

  5. Beautiful house and pretty flowers you have, Ron!

  6. 50 years of living in sin is long haul, but you have time still for penance and marry some nice suburban girl, from PA if needs be.

  7. Just turning 50 last year, I too am worried about what will be there for me when I'm ready to retire, if I even can! Let's hope that saner minds will prevail...

  8. Only just 'found' you, Ron - thanks to your comments on Cubby's blog. I'll be watching!

    Like Tai above I'm also very favourably impressed by your abode. Looks the sort of place you can get into and shut out the rest of the world. And those tulips look really appealing and as uplifting as most flowers are.
    The video of restroom etiquette makes for quite compulsive viewing - though there were certainly moments when I wondered whether the tongue was in cheek or not.

  9. Spo,
    You're encouraging. :)

  10. tigerchanter,
    You have a valid worry. I don't think you will be able to retire. I can't fully retire. I don't mind working but I won't fully retire until I am no longer able to mentally or physically work. I have to keep up with inflation. I too hope saner minds will prevail. Let's see what the 2012 elections brings about.

  11. Raybeard,

    Good to have you aboard! I often read and enjoy your thought provoking comments on others' blogs. I'm thinking 'this is a pretty cool guy!'
    Our home here on the coast of Delaware was specifically located and built as an oasis from the rest of the world. We had a similar 'oasis' in Pennsylvania but had to sell it and move to Delaware when the taxes got too high. Most of my neighbors are retiree refugees from surrounding states that have confiscatory school and property taxes.

    Don't you love that men's restroom etiquette? A lot of it is right on the mark but there is a bit of 'tongue in the cheek' going on too.

    Bill and I love colorful flowers!


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