Friday, April 15, 2011


Brother John on FaceTime this afternoon
Check out these two old dudes will you!  This is me (the tired looking dude with the beard in the smaller picture lower left) and my 'little brother" John who lives in Greenville, South Carolina.  We were talking today on Apple's great new....what do you call it?....'feature' FaceTime.  I love it!  John loves it!  His wife Barbara loves it!  Oh, the reason we look so tired is that I just got up from my afternoon nap (I'm 69 years old) and John needed his afternoon nap (he is 67 years old.)  

John has lived in Greenville for about 35 years now.  The only time I could see and talk to him face to face was when he would come up and visit us (and our Mom) in Pennsylvania about once every five years.  All the other times we talked was on the phone which was always frustrating because he has a bad connection in his home.  The past several years we have been talking on our cell phones but you know how that goes...scratchy and hit or miss.  Now that I have been introduced to FaceTime by a friend, I can talk to my brother just like he was right here.  Again, Apple has vastly improved my life.  

I also have an iPhone (which has FaceTime) and the iPad2 with also has FaceTime.  So as I waltz into my Golden Years, my life is made immensely easier and more comfortable by Steve Jobs and his wonderful Apple company.  

I thank my friend Don V. for giving me the final push to go 'all the way' with Apple.  Thanks Don!

My longtime friend Larry of Claymont, DE on FaceTime yesterday.

Now if I can just talk some of my other brother Isaac and my other longtime friends  to go 'all the way' and get an iMac, iPad or iPhone.  You hear that Bill B., Bill P. and Don McK.?  Let's go guys!  Be cool!  Don't be afraid of the new technology.  You can do it!


  1. I have skype and face time too; if you would like to hold my hand through the process I would be blithe to speak with you.

  2. Ron, I'm very pleased you're enjoying FaceTime. It IS a phenomenon. I'm happy I introduced you to Apple and their wonders.
    As Steve Jobs says, "We're here to delight people."

  3. I like it! But what if you have to pick or scratch something? You don't want the whole world seeing.

  4. Mark,
    You move off camera. Very easy. Funny you should mention it but while was talking to Brother John yesterday he was 'digging for gold' and I reminded him that he was on camera. By the way, who scratches?

  5. Don,

    Steve Jobs is so right. Apple is there to please people unlike Bill Gates and Microsoft which seems to only exist to frustrate people. I am SO GLAD I'm out of the Windows/Mr. Softee/Microsoft World! All those years of dealing with bugs, crashes, updates, corrections, and non-existent customer service. Never again!

  6. Spo,

    I'll send you an e-mail informing you what to do to install FaceTime. It is a free download. Once you download it all you have to do is give someone (like me) your iPhone number. FaceTime only works when with WiFi. It doesn't work in 3g or 4g. I'll be glad to get you up and started (which is very easy, believe me) but don't worry that I will bug you with FaceTime calls. FaceTime is great for those close to you who you would like to talk to face to face but the downside is the same as the old AOL chat, it can be a bother is someone calls you on FaceTime that you don't necessarily want to take up your time (not that you don't like them or anything like that). Since I have FaceTime I find there are only certain people I prefer to talk to face to face. Others I prefer to keep my conversations short. I think you would like FaceTime for your connection with Someone and your family members who have an iPhone, iMac or iPad2.


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