Monday, April 25, 2011

Drinking the Colonoscopy Prep Liquid

All right folks.  Here I am with my first drink of the colonoscopy prep liquid.  They old me this was 'better'.  HA!  It taste like liquid airplane glue.  IT TASTES AWFUL.  And I have to do it again in four hours!

I will be glad when this is all over tomorrow and I'm pigging out on Eggplant Parm at the Rehoboth Diner. Oh the trials and tribulations of old age.  


  1. Twenty years ago when I did my first one, they made me drink a whole gallon of some disgusting electrolyte crap. Eight ounces every 10 minutes until it was gone. Don't ask how many of my orifices it came out of simultaneously.

  2. I had to have a colonoscopy two years ago and I agree with you. The liquid you have to drink is the most disgusting stuff I have ever tasted. Mine tasted like lemon lime hell. I can handle the non-stop shitting and the actual procedure, drinking that goop was by far the worst part.

  3. Cubby,
    I drank the same concoction, electrolyte, the last time I did the prep. A whole gallon! This is bad but not as bad. I drink 16 ounces of truly horrible stuff, then two 16 ounces cups of clear water within an hour. Since I'm not a big water drinker (or any kind of drinker), drinking all that liquid bloats and gags me. The stuff that I'm drinking though is God Awful. Bill tried it and said "it's not too bad." He lies. It is AWFUL. I have one more 16 ounce cup to drink then I'm done, thank God.

  4. Nathan,
    I'm drank the same disgusting 'lemon-lime hell' that you drank. I actually think this is worse than the electrolyte crap. This does have to be the worst glop I've ever poured down my throat in my lifetime. Like you, I can handle the non-stop shitting and the actual procedure (which is nothing) but this prep....God Awful. Plus, I feel like a bloated dead body.

  5. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Good luck with your test. I am old enough to have one now, but I am not looking forward to it. The weight loss part sounds good though! Don't miss DWTS!

  6. G*d. Such drama! I had one done 6 years ago and I only had to mix 2 small bottles of liquid with 12 oz. of water and gravity did the rest. That was the most uncomfortable part of the entire scene.

    I got to watch the entire procedure on the screen as the Dr. explained where the probe was and what he was NOT finding.

    Aside from being weak and head-achy due to no food intake, the experience was not a bad one. Though I hear straight men report terrible pains. Yeah, right.

    Have fun tomorrow, and don't try kissing the doctor while that probe is up to your could hurt, a bit. ;-)

    btw, the word verification was (honest to G*d) "dushelle"! Can't make this stuff up.

  7. Oh yuk! That was SOOOO painful to watch. I was grimacing so much, and even wanted to throw up myself!
    But I'll be happy for you when I read that you've come through this out the other end - if get my true meaning.

  8. aviewfromthemeadow,

    Thank you for your good wishes on my test this morning. I did lose weight (four pounds!) last night but what a way to lose weight! I didn't miss DWTS and I will post about it when I return today from the procedure.

  9. Wayne,
    I drank the same 'lemon and lime' hell that Nathan described. I had to fill up the 'cup' of 16 oz at 2 pm followed by TWO more cups of water within the hour. Then I had to do it all over again at 6 pm. I'm glad it was easy for you, it wasn't easy for me. The stuff is vile tasting. I normally don't drink more than a glass of water a day (8 oz) so drinking 12 glasses (96 ounces) is bound to have an affect on my body, which it did. One positive aspect is that I finally lost that pesky 4 pounds (from 162 to 158) which I've been trying to lose for the past two months. What a way to lose weight though! I'm not opting for the 'awake' procedure. I'll leave that up to more adventuresome characters like you. I'm off to La La Land. Wake me when it's over!

  10. Dr. Spo,
    Want to lose weight? This is the way to do it. I lost four pounds from yesterday. Maybe Wayne (The Cajun) was right when he said "you're full of it!"

  11. Raybeard,
    Nathan ("Broke Bitch" of Pittsburgh) described the solution that you take as "lemon and lime hell". That is EXACTLY what it was. I'll never drink another Mountain Dew in my life. I did lose four pounds though!

  12. Ron,

    It looked like the transition scene from a Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde movie. I expected you to fall behind the counter and emerge as this hairy beast man.


  13. Jared Christopher1:56 PM

    I laughed at your video becasue I had an almost identical reaction. It's like drinking liquid plastic. They say this is "gentle" I'd still take a bottle of mag citrate any day. But you did something good for yourself, and for that you should be proud, even if it tasted like you were drinking someone's old tennis shoes.

  14. Lar,

    I hadn't thought of that! That's what I should have done; dropped to floor and come up with my Mr. Hyde mask on and attack Bill! That would have been too funny!

  15. Jared,
    Bill thought I was putting on a show for the video. I assured him I wasn't! That concoction is truly vile tasting. GAG! Thank goodness it was all worth it. I just got back from the procedure. No polyps. No cancer. The doctor said I'm good for another five years! Hooray!

  16. Glad you survived, princess, and that you're in good health and safe for another 5 years - when you get to do it all over again.

  17. Wayne,
    I'm good for another FIVE YEARS! I've seen too many of my male relatives dies from colon cancer (young too) and my best friend Bill P. who survived two bouts of colon cancer that was only caught by a routine exam. He is younger than me too. Thank you for your good wishes and YES, I am a PRINCESS. Just ask Bill. :)


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