Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney Show

Yep, that's me - Out of It

Missed me?  I've been gone for a few days.  I usually blog everyday but I've been off track the past few days.  If I stay away too long then I tend not to blog at all so I'm forcing myself to post at least something today.

I have many blog posting subjects twirling (thanks Herman Cain for the resuscitation of the word "twirling") in my head but I don't feel well enough to give them their proper due feeling like I do today.  I think my rant against Comcast a few days ago pretty much drained me (not stop that!)

For the past three weeks I've been fighting a cold.  The worst of it was last week.  I think it is gone only to wake up in the morning with a big frog in my throat and feeling the blahs.  I have been entertained somewhat by the Republican Clown Show in South Carolina.  I'm loving seeing Mitt "Mittens" Romeny squirm and twist about releasing his tax returns, which I am sure will show he is PAYING NOTHING!

I'm not a Newt Gringrich fan but I did like him handing Jon King of CNN his head when King opened up the GOP debate with a question about Gringrich's open marriage with his second wife (like there is something THE MATTER with an open marriage?)  Hey, there is nothing like a Scorned Woman and a self important pompous ass for a good show.  And, I'm not one of these right wing nuts who hates anything about The Media (I watch MSNBC ALL THE TIME "for Pete's sake") but I don't' like Jon King, he of the  big head and little stumpy body who thinks all his questions are history making.  Jon Kin walked right into the Newtser Shredder and I loved it!

Now I'm on a roll.  What's the deal with Romney not releasing his tax returns?  I know what it is, he isn't paying taxes!  I am certain of it.  And while we're on the Romney subject, what's the deal with NONE of his FIVE sons ever serving a DAY in the military?  Five big strapping dudes and NOT ONE OF THEM SERVED A DAY IN THE MILITARY?  Romney was asked about that last year and he gave one of his patented Romney Answers "Well, they help me on my campaign which is the SAME THING."  NO IT'S NOT MITT!  Are you kidding?  This is the problem with Mittens.  He honestly thinks it IS THE SAME THING.

The Romney Clan - Not one son served in the military.  What?  Are they too good?

Continuing my roll with my Romney Rant, what the deal with strapping his Irish Setter (Seamus) on the ROOF OF HIS CAR while the Romney Clan made their annual 12-hour trek to Canada some years ago?  For Pete's sake, the dog shit himself (it dribbled down the back window of their van, Romney pulled over to a gas station and hosed Seamus down and put him right back up on the roof of their car), and yet Romney says "He enjoyed himself."  How does Romney know what that dog was thinking?

Hey, now I'm back in the groove now!  I'm gonna end this rant and check out the results of the South Carolina Primary.  I'm in the mood to see the Newtser win this thing and make the Republican presidential race really interesting.  Go ahead and admit it, wouldn't you like to see Obama and Newt debate?


  1. Ro n,

    I'd comment, but I have had a good bit to drink tonight numbing the extreme pain I have been in the last few days and fear what I might say Nothing about you, just about that White House piece of...well never mind.


  2. Romney is an elitist snob, but Newt is a racist adulterer. Santorum is certifiably crazy.
    That's the GOP>

  3. Bob,

    I agree with you on every count! I'm anxious to see how long Romney can hold out not releasing his tax returns. I bet he's paying zero in taxes. So here is the great "American." His sons are too good to service their country in the armed services and he's too good to even pay taxes and he wants to lead this country? Give me a break.

  4. Larry,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're in pain. You should see a doctor. It probably isn't going to get any better.

  5. What is "elite media"?

    Anyway, Newt gave a great answer, but he should have shut up after his first comment about being appalled to begin a presidential debate on 'that' topic.

    That part was right on and so true of most of the media today who are nothing more than visual tabloids masked.

    He lost the strength of his message when he went on to talk about his daughters writing letters and personal friends claiming the story was false and then getting into a argument with the moderator and turning it around to be about democrats attacking republicans.

  6. Hank,

    I agree with you, Newt should have shut up after his first response to Jon King. He started to lose it for me too when he said his two daughters wrote to ABC and he claimed his ex-wife's claim about him wanting an "open marriage" were false. I believe her but who cares if he wanted an open marriage. I don't. Bill and I have had an open marriage for 47 years. Each couple makes their own determination what kind of relationship they want to live by.

    You are right that most of the media are no more than tabloids masked. I liked it when Newt handed Jon King his head back to him. I don't like Jon King nor David Gregory. To me, they're not newsmen. They're only after the ratings.

    Where I really lost it with Newt was when he tried to turn his legitimate argument back to the "elite media protecting President Obama by attacking good Republicans." Give me a break.

  7. The one American news show that we get down here is what used to be know as the McNeil/Leher NewsHour, but the format of the show has changed recently so I don't watch it anymore.

    It always drives me crazy when Republicans pull that "elitist, democrat media" card. On my trips back to the US, I watch a lot of the news stations and I have seen them slowly become more "right leaning" in their programs and reports.

    Where is the Left Wing version of Fox News??? The last I checked I couldn't find one, maybe a new one has popped up since my last visit home?

    Regarding marriage/legal or spiritual, you are correct, everyone needs to develop their own style, as long as both people are on board and it is noone else's right to make judgement.

  8. Again, we're in agreement Hank. Everyone in their relationship develops their own "arrangement." Bill and I went into our with the agreement that we would never play the jealousy game because of "extra-curricular" activities. And we never have. Perhaps that's one reason we've been together 47 years. Of course I realize our situation wouldn't apply to some others but then their situation doesn't apply to ours. I don't impose my will on anyone else nor do I want or appreciate them applying their situation on me. We are two consenting adults.


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