Saturday, January 14, 2012

Help a Friend Move Day

Yesterday Bill and I helped a friend  move to his new home in Lewes, DE.  Yep, that's us, TWO OLD GUYS MOVERS, Inc.  

We packed up the small items in our friend's kitchen of his old home in Milton.  As we were wrapping the dishes with old newspapers and wondering how many canned vegetables we could pack into a box without the bottom falling out, Bill and I were remembering the Bad Old Days when we packed our Precious Kitchen Things from our home in Pennsylvania and moved them to Delaware.  Not exactly pleasant waves of nostalgia swept over us, that's for sure.

After we stuffed the back of Bill's Jeep Cherokee, we rolled down Rt. 1 for the three mile trip to our friend's new home in Lewes.  A MUCH shorter distance than the 125 miles that we used to make our trips from our former home in Pennsylvania to Milton five years ago.

I'm glad our friend asked us to help him move.  I love new checking out new homes and his is a winner! All one floor living with two master suites on the first floor and a full bedroom and bathroom in the basement.  Just right for the Visiting Nieces and family in the summer.

Bill and I enjoyed helping our friend move yesterday but it did remind us that we're NEVER MOVING AGAIN.  The next time I move it will be feet first out of my house.

One good thing with helping our friend move yesterday, I was so hyped up when I got home that I finally tackled those three cabinets in my kitchen that I hadn't touched since our move FIVE YEARS AGO.  I spent about three hours last night taking everything out of those cabinets that I had hastily stuffed five years ago.  I found some missing Kitchen Goodies (so that's where I put the rolling pins)! I filled up a BIG box for the local thrift store and put the rest back in the newly lined shelves.  I showed Bill the Surprise this morning.  For years (five actually) I've been promising to clean out those cabinets and I actually did!  I am so proud of myself.  It about killed me (boy did I ever sleep good last night) but I did it.  Man does it feel good.


  1. I have been away at a conference, with no time to blog. I thank you for the kind comment you left the other day. I hope you do a better job than the staff at La Quinta !
    Anyway, you are a kind man to help a friend move. We used to joke 'helping you move' is the acid test of a friendship!

  2. Dr. Spo,

    I've lost count the number of times I've helped friends move. I don't mind at all. Maybe it's because I like the newness of it all and I'm just nosy about my friend's new surroundings. You're right about helping friends moving being an acid test. When I helped "The Cajun" move (three moves already) I did notice that all his "friends" were nowhere to be seen, which surprised me because when he was partnered and in a relationship he had many "friends" over for numerous pot-lucks. I often wondered where these "friends" where when he moved. I think he told me the "friends" sided with his partner. I hope he doesn't read this comment (he probably won't) but I always wanted to get this story out. Another interesting fact, when Bill and I moved we got NO OFFERS to help. He weren't expecting any, and didn't ask anybody but it would have been nice if someone offered. Nada. Interesting. I hold no grudges though. I do what I think is right.
    Thank you again for your comment. I appreciate them all. You are a kind man. A true "gentleman."


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