Tuesday, January 17, 2012


As I wrote in a previous post on the movie "The Help", I was pleasantly surprised by all the performances in this movie.  Perhaps the biggest surprise was by the actress who played the part of "Hilly."

I did not know who the actress was when I was watching the movie but she was so good that at the end of the movie I went on the Internet to find out who she was.  Much to my surprise she was Bryce Dallas Howard.  You so you don't know who Bryce Dallas Howard is?  Well, perhaps you know who "Opie" is?

Remember "Opie" of the old "Andy Griffith Show?"

She, Bryce Dallas Howard is the daughter of Ron Howard, the former child actor and now very well respected director!

Who knew?


  1. visiting your blog all the way from philippines. :)


  2. I was awed by Jessica Chastain, who played Celia.

  3. Welcome spiky! Great to hear from you. I think you're my first Philippines fan.

  4. Bob,

    I too was awed by Jessica Chastain. So many great performances in this movie! Even the very small roles, perfect casting and acting. This is the best movie I've seen in years.

  5. Ron,

    Started reading the book.


  6. 3rdnlong6:52 PM

    your comment section doesn't like my wordpress address so will try under just name.... I got the video for a friend(in her early 70s) who has never taken time to watch it. So the other day when I was helping her pack up her sons clothing after his sudden death I made the comment "maybe Eula would like to go thru some of these clothes." (her longtime weekly housekeeper) the look of horror on her face was priceless and by her door sits ten trash bags of clothes. Got me thinking about the movie and the attitudes of my parents generation!

  7. 3rdnlong,

    I don't understand what the problem is giving clothes of a decedent to a black person. Bill has been estranged from his family almost fifty years now just because of this very attitude. I know the attitude of my parents were a lot different from mine. When I was a small child I was admonished for having a black friend in first grade. Her name was Gracie Styer. We were good friends. My Mom told me, and I didn't quite understand it at that time, that "you don't have friends like that." Prejudice is passed on from generation to generation.


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