Monday, January 23, 2012

Ready to Fly High Again

Photo taken from our local Funland Tourist Trap this summer 

One of the really positive things about keeping and posting a blog is that I always (so far anyway) received positive and helpful comments from some of my blogger friends and followers.  I want you all to know that I appreciate all of your comments and suggestions.

The past three weeks haven't been my best.  I think a lot of it has to do with the cold I developed three weeks ago that I am just now getting over.  It didn't help that just as I was in the middle of the worst of my cold I was called into work to work almost full-time to fill in for my co-worker who had a miscarriage.

Also it didn't help that the weather has generally been gray, rainy and dreary.  Today was no exception.  It sure would be nice to see the sun again.  I see on my iPhone weather app that the sun will make an appearance tomorrow.  At least we didn't get the four inches of snow (which is still on the ground!)  my friend Larry got where he lives in upstate Delaware.  Delaware isn't a big state so "upstate" is only about 90 miles as the crow flies from Casa Tipton-Kelly.

Tomorrow morning I have a dental appointment (two cavities - at my age?  I don't have that many teeth left!)  After the appointment Bill and I will take a ride to the Union Cemetery in Georgetown.  I have FOUR Find a Grave requests to fulfill.  One of my very favorite activities, roaming around graveyards (don't ask).  Bill likes to check out the old headstones too.

Bill and fellow Find a member Pat Sellers at Bill's family cemetery in Toccoa Georgia last spring during our Trip South last April 2011

Tonight I'm looking forward to the Republican debate in Florida.  Mitt ("Mittens") Romney is going to "get tough" (this should be fun) with Newt.  Talk about a Steel Cage Match.  Mitt will be lucky if Newt doesn't hand him his head on a platter like he did Jon King at the CNN debate in South Carolina last Friday night.

Even though it was overcast and cloudy today with spritzes of rain, Bill was outside working on digging up wire grass from our expansive backyard.  We may have another rough month to go but I do see spring on the horizon.  It is less than three months until Bill and I make our annual Trip Down South.

Ah yes, always have something to look forward to and don't let the gray, cold, windy days of Winter get you down.

Last year's tulips, they're coming back this year!


  1. anne marie in philly5:58 PM

    thanks for the tulip shot, ron; I needed it today!

    we got 4" at casa gunther; today was all rain. color is much welcome; and baseball season starts in about 24 days! YAYZ! a sure sign of spring for me!

  2. Anne Marie,

    I heard you all got 4" of the White Stuff. Better you than me! I think we're going to have to mow our grass next week, it's been that mild down here in southern Delaware. All the spring bulb are sprouting. The forsythia bloomed last week.

  3. Ron,

    Well,the snow is gone. It melted away in the mid-fifty warmth of this spring like day. Unfortunately my tendonitis is still keeping my from walking. A week without hitting the trails is torture to me. This gorgeous day is like an evil mocker!

    Decided and began to write my autobiography. What the hey!


  4. Lar,

    Great minds think alike! I also decided to finally start writing my autobiography. I'm going to write it installments on my blog. Then I'll self publish it as a book.

    Wasn't it an absolutely gorgeous day today? Bill and I spent several hours at the Union Cemetery in Georgetown. Delightful!

  5. Ron,

    That is my intention as well to do it in installments as a Blog. It will be a separate Blog called, "Impressions of a Life". That way it stays as a separate book and doesn't get entangled with other things.


  6. Larry,

    I like your idea of setting up a separate blog to write the installments of your life. I think that is the way I'll go too. Like you, I don't want to get "things mixed up" with my regular blog. Great idea! Thanks!


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