Sunday, January 01, 2012

After the Holidays

You're coming down today baby.

Now can we get back to normal?  That is, now that we're done with the annual Orgy of Pagan Holidays that masquerade as Christian Holidays, can we get back to normal?

Hey, I love the annual cultural traditions we have in this country as much as anybody else but don't you think that the period from October 31st (Halloween) to January 1st (New Year's) is just a bit much?

We seem to take leave of our senses and indulge in an orgy (there's THAT word again) of excess.  Whether it be bringing out the Christmas decorations two weeks before Halloween or the madness of Black Friday which doesn't even begin on Black Friday now.  What has happened to us folks?

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of things I like about THE HOLDAYS but here are some that I detest:

  • Most of the regular TV goes into early reruns.  I like "Judge Judy" but I only need to see the episodes once.  They lose something the second time around.
  • Most of the A-list television personalities take off for various Caribbean resorts or skiing in Vail, Utah.  I for one am SO TIRED of seeing the pot-bellied William Shatner splashing around in the tropical waves off of Mustique or the has-been Melanie Griffiths trudging around the ski-lines in her muck lucks (or whatever they call those big furry shoes that the females stars wear).
  • And PUH-LEZZ!  NO MORE "The Top Ten Whatever's" of the past year.  I don't need to know that.  We've been there, done that...let's move on.  
Oh I know, I promised to start posting POSITIVE this year but I have to vent again.  Every year it's the same thing.  We go through this national craziness of THE HOLDAYS.  

Well, I for one am GLAD that it is over.  FINIS.  FINUTO.  

Now let's get back to Normal.  So who do you think will win the Iowa Caucuses?  Not that whatever Iowa does matters in the big picture but it's always fun to see some of these clowns knocked down a notch or two by being THOROUGHLY REJECTED.  Hey, maybe we'll even see some tears when the caucusing is over.  We can only hope. 


  1. Anonymous8:43 PM

    That's why I don't watch network tv. My new fascination is with MEtv since I did not really watch tv till the 90's.

  2. One more 'top 10"....

    Wordpress tells me in their annual 'report' on my blog, that you were the #1 commenter in 2011, at 275 comments! Thank you very much, indeed !

  3. 3rdnlong,

    I watch nothing on commercial TV. However, I am addicted to MSNBC cable. I would have no life without it. The two week span from Christmas week to New Year's is almost unbearable for me. Such is my life.

  4. Dr. Spo,

    I'm surprised that I was the #1 commenter on your blog. I would like to think I'm you're #1 fan but since I was late in the game to enter the wondrous world of Spo Land, I assumed I was just one among many. It gives me a thrill to know that however momentary, I do have your undivided attention. I am basking in your kind comment.


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