Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rare Photo!

Bill and Ron with Heidie at neighbors' house a few minutes ago

Hey folks!  A rare photo was just taken a few minutes ago.  Our neighbors called and asked Bill if he could help them move their couch.  I wasn't ask but I went over anyway.  I'm nosy.  I wanted to see my neighbor's new couch.

After Bill was done helping the husband move the couch (I of course was keeping the Misses entertained), Bill joined us in her living room.  Her little Yorkie was yapping, wanting to be picked up.  I picked her up and placed her in Bill's reluctant arms (which doesn't matter to Heidi the Yorkie, she LOVES Bill).  Now that I had Bill immobilized I asked Barbara (our neighbor) to snap a picture of us with her Android phone.  Here it is!

Bill doesn't like to have his picture taken.  We have very few pictures of us together.  I think the last ones were the photos my blogger friend Mark H. took this past summer when he and his spouse (Fred) visited us.  I warned Bill that we are going to have our picture taken together when we get do our Civil Union Thing (Delaware still isn't at the "married" stage yet for same sex couples, we take what we can get to protect our legal rights at least here in the state where we live).

I told Bill that I'm going to give him a Big Wet One when the ceremony is over and I'll try and get that picture published in the local paper.  He can't sleep at night now even considering the possibility that he's finally going to be outed BIGTIME!

Get ready Bill, this is just a preview.

Yes, I noticed that the picture is blurred.  Actually, that's not a bad thing at our age.  We're sort of like the old movie stars who soap up the camera lens to blur out their winkles.


  1. Tell Mr. Bill to loosen up, and get photographed more often!

  2. Dr. Spo,
    Easier said than done! I doubt that we even have a dozen photos of us together. And since he's gotten older, he doesn't want his photo taken at all. He's from a different generation Dr. Spo. He still feels a sense of shame for being gay.

  3. Anonymous11:18 AM

    "I'm nosy. I wanted to see my neighbor's new couch"...

    Really Ron, you make me laugh out loud - that's a good thing :-).
    You are tooo much!!


  4. ARF,

    I'm glad I make you laugh. And it is a Good Thing. Life is too short to feel otherwise. We have enough bad and sad things in our lives already.


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