Thursday, January 26, 2012

Union Cemetery, Georgetown, Delaware

Memorial statue at Union Cemetery, Georgetown, DE

Last week Bill and I visited a new cemetery.  I had six Find a Grave photo requests to fill.  All the graves were located at the Union Cemetery in Georgetown, Delaware.  I had never been to this cemetery before.  This cemetery has now become one of my favorite cemeteries because of it's peacefulness.

Ironically it is located almost in the center of Georgetown, which is the county seat of Sussex County.  To the far side is a Waste Management terminal. At times during our visit, several of the Waste Management trash truck were pulling in and dumping their loads for the day.  I happen to take this video early yesterday morning, when the only sounds were of a lone bird chirping somewhere in the trees surround the cemetery and only one blast from a nearby train.

We couldn't find any of the graves that had photo requests.  Although the day was sunny, the temperatures were still down in the low 40's.  With the occasional wind whipping through the cemetery, it got a little uncomfortable touring through the cemetery.  However, this is a grand old cemetery with many graves (over 1,000) so I will definitely be back when the weather takes a turn for the better.

Some may think I'm weird for getting pleasure out of touring cemeteries fulfilling Find a Grave photo requests.  I understand that.  Some may think I don't have much of a life when I could instead be spending my time chasing after the current social scene of keeping the local restaurants in business.  But folks, this is what I enjoy doing (and Bill too). 


  1. I love cemeteries.
    The statuary, the gardens, the peaceful nature.
    The older the better.

  2. Bob,

    You understand! Cemeteries have always been a place of comfort for me. I used to think I was weird because I was into cemeteries before cemeteries were "in." Now that Find a is so popular, I have found a home. The Union Cemetery in Georgetown is especially nice. Not all cemeteries are this nice. I too like them "the older the better." As a matter of fact, the newer cemeteries are somewhat boring to me. I usually end up in the old part of the cemetery reading those interesting headstones and trying to imagine what their lives were like back then.

  3. Ron,

    As I believe you know, I am a graveyard stroller since youth. Wandering about among the quiet ones isn't weird at all, it is calming and interesting. My one daughter shares this passion with me and we use to cemetery surf when she was a teenager living at home. As long as you don't show up with a pick and shovel, no one should think a thing of your activity.


  4. I love going to old cemeteries.

    The older the better. I have an ever so slight obsession with cemetery angels and family mausoleums... also the turn of the century (not this century, the one prior) tombstones that have the pictures of the person.

    A few years ago on my last trip to the US, I was at the local cemetery in the neighbourhood I grew up in. It happens to be a quite an old cemetery with beautiful grave monuments and mausoleums. It was sunset and there were about 10 deer having a feed on the lawn in between the graves.

    I liked to think that the deer were the souls of the dead looking after their final homes.

    It was a beautiful moment.

  5. Hula Hank,

    That was a beautiful story. We have several very lovely old cemeteries here in Sussex County. One cemetery I have recorded all graves and taken pictures of all of them. Others are still on my list. It is interesting how different some cemeteries are. Some are located right at a noisy intersection. Others are in a quiet part of the county. There is even on that is at the edge of a country club, a very old family cemetery. It was quite special. I am happy to discover that others find the same beauty and tranquility that I do in cemeteries.

    1. Hi Hank!

      Just wondering if your still plugging away in the cemeteries. I’m in this one this morning, trying to fill photo requests. Odd that I can’t find anything on the internet about it and a plot plan is assist? Any thoughts, advice?

  6. For work purposes, I am often out in country towns here in Western Australia, and generally wind up with a lot of time on my hands, so I go check out the town cemetary.

    Honestly, I don't find the cemeteries here as relaxing and peaceful as the ones in the US or Europe.. It could be the extreme heat and lack of rain for 5 months of the year, but the graves are very close together and the grounds are red dirt, no grass or trees.

    Anyway, the tombstones are different. They tend to be large family tombstones, and the newer (from 1950s onward) ones have a locked glass case inside which are family pictures, that person's favourite knick-knack, candles, flowers, poetry.... They really tell a story about that person, which I love.

    Also there has been large immigration from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, so the gravesites are always covered in flowers, or flags, candles, stones.

    My next trip out to the US, I want to plan a little side trip with my mom to find her dad's family cemetery in (dare I admit to it?) West Virginia. I don't recall the name of the cemetery at this point, but I should see if it is on

    Actually, because of one of your posts, I signed up do what you do and photograve the grave, but there doesn't seem to be many (well, any) requests down here!

  7. Hank,

    Thank you for sharing your information about the cemeteries in Western Australia. I have to admit I haven't thought of cemeteries in the vastness of Australia. I can believe you don't get too many Find a Grave requests in your part of the world. We get a lot here. I imagine if you did you would have all the cemeteries to yourself. I have competition here as to who answers the requests first. I would be interested in seeing a picture of one of these cemeteries.

  8. Anonymous8:28 AM

    how do i locate a family member in the cementary?

    1. Anonymous,
      Unfortunately, you just have to randomly look. Good luck!

  9. Anonymous11:28 AM

    What is the oldest cemetery in or around Rehoboth Beach DE


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