Monday, January 09, 2012

Robert A. Zynn, Sr.

Robert A. Zynn, Sr.
Sept. 1, 1940 - Jan 6, 2012
This weekend I was informed of the death of another classmate of mine, Bob Zynn.  We both went to Downingtown High School, Downingtown, Pennsylvania.  We were the Class of '59, the last of the Fifties.

Bob with is fellow agriculture students (he is the tall guy standing in the middle in the back) 1959

Just last week I stopped in the card store to stock up on sympathy cards.  At my age (70) my friends and former classmates are starting to die with increasing frequency.  Just since our last class reunion in 1999, four of my classmates and three of their spouses have died. With a week into the new year, already I'm addressing a sympathy card to the spouse of my friend Bob Zynn.

Bob (behind the grill holding the can) and me (red shirt to the right) and our fellow classmates at a reunion picnic  in 2003 - another friend (man in the sunglasses on the left) also has passed on

Bob Zynn, who is featured in this blog posting was a neighbor of mine when Bill and I lived in Pennsylvania.  Bill and I knew his Bob and his wife Sandy well.  Bob and Sandy were on the class reunion committee as I was also.

Bob and his wife Sandy 

I know it is the usual thing to say when someone passes on how wonderful they were.  Sometimes that isn't always true.  This is not the case with Bob Zynn.  Bob was one of those rare individuals who was truly kind, caring and a real gentleman.

A reunion committee meeting - Bob is in the blue shirt to the left in the back - I'm in the front with the tanned knees

Bob was ill for about four years and his illness at times put a great hardship on his wife and family but through it all Bob remained the sweet and gentle guy that he always was.

Bob with fellow classmate Jean Swisher - always popular with the ladies

As one goes along in life we meet and interact with many people.  Some bad, some good and then there are those people who are truly special people.  Bob was one of those people.  We wasn't famous and he wasn't rich but he had that indelible "something" that few have - he was a true gentleman.  That is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of Bob.

Bob, always a smile and a laugh and kind eyes

Bob, thank you for being my friend.

Bob and I at our 40th Class reunion 1999


  1. anne marie in philly11:42 AM

    my thoughts are with you.

    I too am starting to see names in the obit notices in the philly inquirer; people I knew way back when. eeep!

  2. Thanks Anne Marie. Soon it will be my turn.

  3. Very sad indeed. Ron, like you, I'm in charge of our Class Reunions and such. Sadly, one day, I'll start to hear about my Friends passing too. I don't look forward to it at all.
    I feel badly for his lovely wife and Family.

  4. Mark,

    We have had so many die since our last class reunion (the 50th). It's like that was the starting point. Sad.

  5. That is sad news; That is the cost of loving someone, you miss them so when they are gone.


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