Friday, January 27, 2012

Dreams - Mom is Pregnant!

A fellow blogger in a recent post mentioned a recurring dream he had.  His post got me to thinking about dreams I have.

I used to dream a lot when I was younger.  By "younger" I mean when I was a teenager with raging hormones.  I dreamed a lot about my fantasy boyfriends and what I would do to them.  Dreams baby, dreams.

Once I became an adult and was able to make my dreams a realty I ceased to dream as much.  Oh sure, I would have the occasional dream that I wouldn't remember when I woke up but I never had those sexual fantasy dreams anymore.  In fact, these days it would be impossible for me to have a sexual fantasy dream, my hormones are done gone.

Me and Mom 1941

However, occasionally I still do have dreams.  Most often when I eat chocolate.  Either in a chocolate cake for a chocolate chip cookie. Not the Toll House cookies, those chocolate chips are too small.  I have the dreams when I eat those chocolate chip cooks (which probably should be called "chocolate chunk cookies") that I get at BJ's.

So when I read that my fellow blogger was dreaming I thought I would take a little trip to Dreamland myself.  When I got in from work last night, I devoured TWO chocolate chunk cookies.  Guaranteed dreams right?  Well, I wasn't disappointed.

Here is what I dreamed.  I dreamed that my 86 year old Mother got pregnant.  Yes, this is the same Mother who died in September of 2010 at 86 years old.  All I can remember about the dream is "how in the hell did she get pregnant?!" and "what are we going to do now because she was so old?"  WHO IS GOING TO TAKE CARE OF THIS BABY?

Like all my dreams, when I wake up I'm in a sweat and exhausted.  Man oh man, let me tell you I was really exhausted on this one.  What in the world triggered this dream?

So I tried to analyze it when I woke up.  Yes, I did remember this dream.  Not all the details (we still didn't find out how she got pregnant, my father died in 2000 and that was the only man she was ever with).

This is the way I figure it:  I think I'm in Groundhog Day.  Yes folks, I think I'm about to DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!

I'm not a religious person.  If anything I believe in reincarnation in some form.  Wouldn't it be a cruel twist of irony if I had to live my life all over again?  Wow.

Me and Mom 1942 after I popped out - I was a happy baby then (with a droopy diaper yet)


  1. Ron,

    Could be your subconscious misses the close relationship you had with your mother and you miss her.


  2. Perhaps your mother is trying to tell you something. Do you have a business venture in the works? They say that most start up businesses take about the same time as a pregnancy to come to fruition.

    I think I'll have some chocolate tonight...

  3. Lar,

    I think you are right. I do miss my Mother, a lot. I don't feel complete without her. Even though the last year or so of her life she wasn't the same, I still miss her. I feel like some of the purpose of my life has gone.

  4. Bill,

    My Mother may be trying to tell me something. I was very close to my Mother. She was my best friend and confident. I am no longer whole now that she is gone.

    No, I don't have any businesses planned. I do have a trip coming up in a few months. Our annual trip south.

    Try the chocolate before you go to bed tonight. It always works for me. I may have three cookies tonight!


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