Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary!

Me (plaid shirt) at the White House 1967

Great news!  New Gingrich won the South Carolina Republican primary!

First, let me make this perfectly clear.  Newt Gingrich stands about as much chance to enter the White House and I do.  The closest I ever got to the White House was a tourist trip I took with my Bill in 1967 (see above picture).  The second time I got close to the White House was two years ago when I marched (beads and all) in a gay demonstration parade past the White House.

Me (green beads and Goofy hat) at the White House 2009

Again, let me make this perfectly clear:


Having said that, let me makes this clear:  I am going to thoroughly enjoy watching the good Christian Republicans tie themselves all up in knots in their unreasonable obsessive hatred of the present occupant of the White House by trying to decide with LOSER they will nominate to represent the Republican Party.  Will it be Willard Mitt "Mittens" Romney, the millionaire elitist who has NO CLUE of what life is like for the average American or will it be the grandiose, race baiting, Macy's balloon parade buffoon Newton Gingrich?  I'm telling you folks, I'm loving this.

Santorum?  You have GOT TO BE KIDDING.  I'm pretty sure we're past electing homophobes like the self-righteous, sanctimonious Santorum to the presidency.  Even George W. wasn't a homophobe who equated same sex couples wanting to get married the same as a man marrying a goat.

And then there is the Cute Little Old Man Ron Paul.  Don't kid yourself folks.  He's a homophobe too.  He's still in the time warp where he calls gays "queers."  How quaint.  The only good idea Ron Paul has is to take us out of all the wars this country seems intent on getting involved in.  All his others ideas?  Wackyville.  The novelty of Ron Paul has worn off on me.  He was cute at first, now he's just tiresome.

Let the games begin!


  1. Oh god, I wish the Gladiator was running for president. I'd totally vote for him...*drools*
    I hope you are right. I agree, all three are batsh#$, but it worries me that some of our population may be as well...when they cheer death and destruction it's not a good sign. It will be interesting for sure.

  2. I only know a bit about Ron Paul (he's the libertarian, correct?) and I am aware that he is a homophobe, racist, etc, but in his defense his platform has always been that government is not about his personal beliefs but about running a country and giving the power to the individual to decide their own lives.

    I could be wrong though.

    Don't mistake me, I wouldn't want him in the White House, but I get what he is saying.

    Also, could you imagine??? A president with the name of Newt? Really? How ridiculous is it to have a lizard for President?

    I think Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State is ideal, even more than her as President, however I do wonder how different things would be now if she was elected.

  3. Kimberly,

    That has always worried me that some of our population are also nut jobs. Unfortunately my Mother was as is one of my brothers, I don't know why they have this blindness but they do.

    By the way, Russell Crowe is the only man I know who looks good in a skirt! Wow!

  4. Hula Hank,

    I like Ron Paul's views on not getting this country involved in all these foreign wars. He's right on the mark there. But he is a homophobe of the first order and a racist. He's just another whacko. Dangerous. The only reason he gets away with what he says is that he is your "cute little old man." Check out his son, Senator Rand Paul. Now there is an evil, unlikeable person. He has the same views as his father but there's nothing "cute" about him at all. He is repulsive.

  5. There are those of us in South Carolina who are shaking our heads this morning over Newt The Serial Adulterer and Racist's win yesterday.

  6. Bob,

    Where do you live in South Carolina? My brother John lives in Greenville. Yep, he is a Bob Jones trained fundamentalist Baptist pastor.

  7. I sure hope you are right. the only thing worse than Mr. G being elected is the reflection this would be on the nation who voted him in.


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