Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The New Year - Clean Up Time

One of my useless items that won't be going to the thrift store

Just got back from the Encore Thrift store.  I unloaded three boxes of books that I'll never read again in my lifetime.  I have many more books to go.  Some books I'm keeping just for sentimental value but I will be donating a lot of my books to Encore.

Finally, I am in the mood to do a Major Clean Out of Casa Tipton/Kelly.  Maybe it's the demarcation line of the new year that has finally prompted me to stop putting off what I should have been doing the last five years, getting rid of a lot of stuff.

Every time I read my fellow blogger Mark's posts of his latest clean outs (one for each day of the year), I feel guilty.  No more guilt!  Now I vow to make at least one trip a week to the thrift store.

My "junk" falls into three categories:

  1. Things I no longer have a use for and will never miss
  2. Things I no longer have a use for and will miss
  3. Things I no longer have a use for but can sell on eBay
This is the new year and I'm ready to go!  This is exciting!

Just got a call asking me to come into work tonight.  Here we go again.  


  1. Ron, I don't think your bosses will allow you to die. You can stop thinking about death right now!
    Congrats on starting to declutter. I've given up things that I thought that I could never live without. But guess what, I survived. And now I no longer need to worry about those things ever again. I'll never figure out why we keep so much stuff that we never use. I just don't know.
    Happy New Year and Good Luck!

  2. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Hi Ron, My mom, when I was in grade school, bred and showed poms for a few years. The most we ever had was one or two litters of pupppies at a time. They are very sweet and affectionate dogs.
    We have a 14 year old lab/australian shepherd mix rescue dog we got when she was 4 months old. My kids at the time were 2 and 5, and the vet recommended a lab/lab mix or golden/golden mix because they are good with little kids.
    Our dog has been a wonderful family member, and she has always loved kids. Now she has arthritis and can't hear, but she is still happy and enjoying her family.
    I don't know if I will be able to have another dog after she goes, only because of the $. I am spending on average $400 a month for medications/vet bills to keep her comfortable. I just wish it wasn't so expensive to give your dog the care it needs.
    My income continues to go down, and I think there is a 50% chance I will get laid off from my job this summer. I just don't know that I will be able to afford a dog in the future. Very sad.
    My oldest daughter is in college, and we are cat sitting her cat she got last year. It is sweet and affectionate when it wants to be, and I do really like it, but nothing compares to a dog.
    I keep hearing that our local SPCA is getting a lot of pure bred dogs given up because of the economy. I hope you are able to find a pom soon. How much is a pure bred puppy? I know I was shocked 14 years ago when we were looking for a puppy and pure bred labs started at around $800. Our mix was a $75 donation fee. Good luck!

  3. Mark,

    You know, of all the things (stuff) I've given away to the thrift store, I have YET to miss any of it. Now that's telling you something isn't it? Maybe I didn't need that "stuff" after all. I am definitely in the cleaning out mode now. 2012 is the year I get down to basics.


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