Thursday, January 05, 2012

Why I Love Cats!

I'm fighting off a cold, last night at the hotel for the second night in a row I had a "bite my tongue phone call" from a potential guest at the hotel who tried my patience almost to the limit, and recently I received a snarky reference about my blog postings being about an "Old Sage living in the past."  I am not in the best mood today.  Do I take this out on my readers by posting an equally hateful and negative blog posting today or do I post something fun and uplifting.  I go for the uplifting post.  Especially because a good friend of mine just lost his beloved feline companion yesterday.  His cat, which was named "Simba", and he only had three legs but that didn't stop him from enjoying his cat life to the fullest.

My friend was told a few days ago this his pet's kidneys were failing and wouldn't last too much longer.  My friend slept with him in their sunroom his last night.   That touched my heart and it was the one positive thing that happened the past few days.  I'll post this video which shows the delight in having a cat for a pet in honor of Simba.

"Simba" Christmas 2003 with my friend's daughter


  1. That's hysterical! I can't believe that that cat jumps on her head.
    I am very sorry to hear about your Friend's cat.
    Ron, I know that Bill doesn't care for cats, but you do have you own private space at that house which does have a door. You can do this you know!

  2. anne marie in philly3:48 PM

    awwwwwwwwwww, what a cute kitty! rest well, simba.

    get well soon, ron; I too am fighting a cold.

  3. Mark,

    If I got a cat all hell would break loose at home, separate living spaces or not. My day may come. I am ready.

  4. Anne Marie,

    I hope your cold gets better soon! I sound terrible now but I feel better. Why is that? You always sound terrible just before you get better?

  5. Ron,

    Yeah, that is cats for you. Have had them on my head and everywhere else. The one on that girl's head looks like Hobo Joe, but a little smaller. I wouldn't want Hobo on my head. Yike!

    Is it our mutual friend from our old hometown who lost his cat?

    Making some changes as you can see from a recent emil. Entering a new phase of life.



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