Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brad - An Old Affair Remembered

Brad waiting for the bus (with our luggage) on a Provincetown, Mass. St. July 1980

Yep, I still have my cold.  It seems to morph through different stages like a Michael Jackson video.  I just hope I don't end up the way he did in his "Thriller" video, a werewolf!  I felt like one when I woke up this morning.

Maybe some of you are wondering what the picture above has to do with this blog posting.  Well, here's the deal folks.  I have literally THOUSANDS of photos from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's.  I'm in the process of scanning them into my computer for a permanent digital record.  I am convinced that when I depart this earth that all my hard copy photos will be tossed out in the trash so I'm copying as many as I can and posting them to either my blog or Facebook.  Maybe some of those featured in the photos will appreciate them or even strangers will recognize the iconic value and the Capture in Time Moment that I recorded for posterity. Just leaving a trail behind folks to prove that I was here and had one hell of a good time!

The picture of above is of one of my Loves of My Life.  His name was Brad.  He was from Cincinnati.  I was crazy about him and he was crazy about me for awhile until I started to smother him with attention.  I tend to do that when I like someone, I smother them.  I always got the same results, they fled.

Brad (without the shirt) and my friends Bob and Gino - we're getting ready to go on a sailboat 
This picture was taken in July of 1980 on Bradford Street in Provincetown, Massachusetts.  I met Brad in a bar in Philadelphia.  Or rather he met me.  I walked over to me and started to talk.  I was quite the catch then (I guess).  Well anyway, one thing led to another and we began a torrid affair.  It lasted that summer of 1980.

Brad and me (on the right) - it got a little chilly out on that sailboat

A little toast out in the bay

Our affair began to cool off when he started to tramp around with others.  I thought by taking him on a two week vacation to Provincetown (he had never been there before) that he would fall in love with me all over again.  Didn't happen.  After a few days and nights of enjoying the sights, sounds and pleasures of P-Town Brad met a married couple (man and woman) and took off with them.  I didn't see him until it was time to leave P-town.  Since I had the plane tickets (which I bought and paid for everything on OUR holiday), he thought it wise to show up on my doorstep to go home to Philadelphia.  Apparently his ménage à trios partners weren't going to pay his way to take his ass back to Philadelphia, it was on me.  Of course I forgave him.  Didn't work.  As soon as he got back to Philly, he started to tramp around again.  I could write a book and maybe I will someday.  So many stories Ron has to tell, so little time.

Do I look pissed?  Well, I was!
Anyway, this picture is of him waiting for the bus to take us to the Provincetown airport.  I think I had just chewed him out (no pun intended) and he was a bit miffed because he was STUCK with me (again, no pun intended).
Me at the Provincetown airport for a little sightseeing 1980

Yep folks, it's one of THOSE DAYS.

I hope this cold is gone tomorrow.


  1. These are great photos and I'm sure they bring back lots of fond memories (I often wonder what will become of all my photos when I'm gone.....).
    By the way, hope you're feeling better.

  2. Thanks Jon. The old photos? I've seen too many tossed in the trash. I'm sure that is what will happen to mine when I'm gone. No one else is interested in them. At least I get to share them now with others who might be interested.

  3. Ron, you were just gorgeous! Lean and lanky, just my kind of man!

  4. Buddy Bear,

    It's a shame we didn't cross paths back in the 80's. Who know what might have been?

  5. Ron,

    I never knew you could look so wooly. You had a lot of hair.


  6. Lar,

    Yep! I had a LOT of hair back in the those days. In fact, that was the longest my hair ever was. I never let it grow over my ears though like the Helmut Look that was so popular during those days. My Mother always said I had the best hair. I inherited her thick head of hair. Now it is thinning out but still pretty good. I'm getting that "Steve Jobs Look".

  7. Anonymous1:56 PM

    I laughed....
    I cried....

    so poignant, as often as your posts are.


  8. ARF,

    Oh you don't know the half of it. I didn't post all the grisly details. I almost ruined my whole life over Brad. Thank God Bill saved me. I have been blessed by having Bill in my life. Without him I would have self-destructed.


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