Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Ryan Gosling on Jimmy Kimmel

Busy day today.  Got up early this morning to visit the Georgetown VA to get my blood taken.  Another PSA test score.  Hopefully this one is back in the normal range so I can dispense with that black cloud that has been hovering over my head since I first learned of my 8.4 PSA score six months ago.  I was scheduled for a biopsy this Friday but I canceled it.

I can feel a major cold coming on.  This isn't the sniffles but instead a Big One.   As soon as I got back from the Georgetown VA Outpatient clinic, I had a bowl of cereal then off to bed for the rest of the morning.  I just got up because I have to go into work tonight.  I was called into work last night because my co-worker had a medical emergency.  I also have to work tomorrow night.

I'll have a light lunch then back to bed to rest up for tonight.  I'm not my normal self today.  I want something to make me feel good.  That something is a Dose of Ryan.

Here is a short clip of Ryan on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.  The video clip reveals that not only is Ryan drop dead gorgeous and possess tons of sex appeal that makes me go weak in the knees (now stop that!), he has a wonderfully engaging personality.  He makes me feel good.

If I died and went to heaven and found Ryan waiting for me, this would be my version of the 100 Virgins that await Muslim men who die as a martyr for their Cause.

Some may not see the Appeal of Ryan, I do.  It's my blog and I'll post whatever I want.  Don't expect any apologies from me for this post.  I need to feel good today.  Watching Ryan does that for me.


  1. One thing is certain: You made me feel good. Found it interesting that it's Britney Spears singing. Ryan appeared with her in The Mickey Mouse Club years ago.

    Saw Ryan when he was in my city this summer filming. If you can believe, he is more gorgeous in person.

  2. Paul,

    I would probably make a complete fool out of myself if I ever met Ryan in person. Thank you for your comment.


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