Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Pom Rescue

Results of a Google search for a Pom to rescue - no Poms here but suggestions to rescue other dogs

Whenever I post about getting a new Pomeranian dog, someone suggests checking out the Pom rescue organizations.  That happened again yesterday.

I'm all for rescue organizations.  I think they perform a wonderful service in providing loving homes for neglected and abused dogs.  However, the "Pom Rescue" organizations don't work for me.  Rarely if ever, is there a full blooded Pom for rescue.  Almost always the "Poms" offered up for rescue are mixed breeds.  A Pom/Chihuahua mix is not a Pomeranian dog.  A Pom/Yorkshire is not a Pomeranian dog.  The Pom mixes I've seen, don't even look like Pomeranian dogs.

I have a friend who adopted one of the "Poms".  His dog has a flat face which is not a feature of a Pom.  What he has is a Pekinese mix but he calls his dog a "Pom."  He's happy so that's fine.  However, I'm looking for a real Pomeranian.  Call me a snob.

Thanks any for the suggestion.  I know where I'll get my new buddy, from a Pom breeder.


  1. Ron,

    Just keep looking and be ready to wait. I adopted two beagles from the rescue organization, but it took a while to find the right dogs - they had to be fairly mellow which is not really typical for a beagle. Develop a relationship with the volunteers. Another alternative is to go to dog shows for your Pomeranian 'fix' and talk to folks. When somebody has a litter and a few of the dogs are not show quality, placing a dog with you, who is knowledgeable about the breed characteristics, will be an easier placement.

  2. Will,

    Good advice! I'll take it. I hadn't thought of checking with breeders for non-show dogs. That is an excellent idea. Also, to contact shelters and let them know that I am interested in a purebred Pomeranian. I hate to go to shelters because I want to rescue every animal there. A call will be best. I can't do anything while Bill is still here but assuming I survive Bill, then I'm looking to adopt a pooch.

  3. Lynne,

    I am aware of the cost of maintaining a pet these days and like you I am living basically on a fixed income while my expenses keep rising. As long as I'm working my part-time job, the money from that job enbables be to keep a step ahead of the bills and treat myself to a luxury every now and then. I will only get a Pom if and when I surive Bill. He is thirteen years old than I am and may very well surive me but if I'm alone, I will definitely seriously consider getting another little buddy like I had with Horace. I'm not looking to hook up with another person at my age. But I would like to give and receive unconditional love and a "little buddy" like I had with Horace will fit the bill nicely.

  4. That's very different from the cairn terrier rescues. I had no idea.


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