Saturday, January 07, 2012

A Lovely January Day

Bill a few minutes ago taking a breather from pulling up wire grass

This photo is of Bill that I took a few minutes ago (while he wasn't looking because he doesn't like his picture taken).  Bill is working outside today!  In his shirt sleeves!

He's trying to control the wire grass that is slowly taking over our green carpet lawn.  A futile exercise to be sure but a good reason to get out today and enjoy this absolutely wonderful weather we're having this winter's day.

I was out for a short while cleaning up some of my flower beds but this cold that has a hold on me prevents me from partaking of the exceptionally mild weather we're having today.  This whole winter has been glorious.  I love it!

I'm going to have a light lunch then take a nice long nap in my super comfortable bedroom so I'll be all bright and attentive for tonight's Republican presidential candidate debate on Fox News.  I stay away from Fox News  but not tonight.  The word is out that Newt Gringrich is out for Mitt Romney.  There's World Wide Wrestling cage matches and then there is Newt Against Willard "Mitt" Romney, whose Super Pac negative ads knocked Newt off of his perch of leading the presidential candidates.

Newt is pissed, watch out Mitt!  I think he's going to hand you your ass tonight.


  1. anne marie in philly1:59 PM

    WOO HOO! fight club tonight!

    bill looks good. can you believe this is winter? wish it would stay like this until spring!

    I have the heat off and the windows open. my cold is also preventing me from doing some things I would like, but no worries.

  2. Ron,

    It was a glorious day. I took a nice long walk up a path I haven't walked more than twice before. It is a bit rugged and always seems to be going up hill. Felt like I was in a war zone, though, with all the gunfire going on. Bang-bang-bang. Must be hunting season. I was just hoping none of the hunters was up in the area where I was.

    Well, enjoy the debate if you call that fun. I don't watch those things and I am going to hate the next 1o months until this election baloney is over. I hope you don't do too many political posts. I prefer reading about "real" people.


  3. Anne Marie,

    Isn't it horrible to have a cold with such nice weather outside? I will make it my goal to stay away from people who have contact with little kids the rest of the winter. Enjoy this weather while it lasts.

  4. Larry,

    Glorious weather! Yes, I enjoy watching the Traveling Clown Show, especially when it is a bunch of hateful bigots like the Republicans are this year. I love watching them try to destroy each other. At least they're leaving the rest of us alone...if only for a little while.

  5. We're also having a mild winter so far, but certainly not shirtsleeve weather!

  6. Walt,

    Shirtsleeve weather here Walt. We'll take it!

  7. You are a brave man, to spend time listening to all that drama and poison.

  8. Dr. Spo,

    Oh I do enjoy the political poison. Always have since reading "The Making of a President 1964" by Theodore White. I can never get enough. Even in high school civics class was my favorite class. I think if I wasn't gay I probably would have been a politician. I might have missed my calling.


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