Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ron and Bill - Forty Seven Years

Bill and Ron July 3, 2011

Most people who know us, know that Bill doesn't like to have his picture taken.  Unlike me who LOVES to have his picture taken.  This past Sunday, a blogger friend stopped by for a visit.  He took several pictures of me and Bill which are quite good.  Sunday also happened to the 47th anniversary of the day Bill and I met at a Philadelphia gay bar.  I was hoping to get a nice anniversary picture of me and Bill.  Mark, my blogger friend sent me the pictures he took last Sunday.  They are all wonderful.

Thus, here are all the pictures that I have of me and Bill together.  There are not many pictures, I wish I had more taken over the year but you know how it is when someone doesn't cooperate.  Also, at the end I have a picture of Bill that I only recently received from his grandnephew after he read my blog.  It is the only picture of him as a young boy.  I am very appreciative of his kindness in sending me this picture.  

Here is the Gallery of Bill:




July 2010
Bill and Ron July 2011

Bill (little boy sitting on right squinting eyes) 1933


anne marie in philly said...


congratulations and many many more happy years together!

Ur-spo said...

how fortunate you two are; I can think of nothing more lovely than going through life together.

wcs said...

That is so sweet. It's great to have those old photos to go along with what must be great memories. Ken and I are just young'uns, together just 28 years. And still there are not that many photos of us together in the early years. But there are a few.

Kim Ayres said...

Congralations on 47 years! :)

Ron said...

We're shooting for the BIG 5-0 Anne Marie!

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I do know that I am very fortunate to have Bill in my life It hasn't always been smooth but he has always been there for me. I could not imagine my life without him. Just doesn't compute. I'm sure you feel the same way about Someone. You understand.

Ron said...

Congratulations on 28 years together! That's a long time too. It is interesting that we don't have too many pictures of us together either during our early years. We weren't avoiding taking the pictures, just didn't think of it. The years go by so fast.

Mark said...

Ron, I don't think that I have wished you a Happy Anniversary. Eventhough you spent it with Fred and me.
So, Happy Belated Anniversary!
Your Friend, m.

Anonymous said...

And they said it wouldn't last!

Happy Anniversary to the cutest couple.

nitewrit said...


You also may not have pictures from the early years because cameras were not as easy to manipulate and film was expensive, as well as developing. Just didn't snap away as we do now.

Expecting some snapping away when we see Stu on Sunday.


Will J said...

Happy anniversary. Props to your Bill for getting in a photo once or twice a decade - despite how he feels about it.

Ron said...


Thank you for your good wishes! It's been quite a trip and not without a few "bumps" on the road.

Ron said...

Thank you! It hasn't been easy getting Bill to stop long enough for a picture. He still isn't totally comfortable posing with another man. He is of that generation who is never totally out of the closet. I've been working on him for the past forty-seven years!

Ron said...


You're right, taking pictures in the early years was a pain. Yes, I am looking forward to a lot of "snapping away" come this Sunday. :)

Tiger Chanter said...

Belated Happy Anniversary!!!

Fashion comes and goes, but, true love is forever... :)

Ron said...

Thank you Sean. I still remember when Bill was bragging to his friends when we were together a whole two weeks! I think he is as surprised as I am that we've been together this long. We are so unlike in many ways. We are the proof that opposites attract.