Saturday, July 30, 2011

Anne Marie of Philly

Me and Anne Marie of Philly (in my Spo Shirt)
We had a visitor in Lewes this morning, Anne Marie of Philly! Yes, this is the infamous famous "Anne Marie of Philly" who often leaves witty and caustic remarks on my blogs and some of my blogger friends blogs (lot of "blogs" there).

I met Anne Marie on this summer Saturday morning in the heart of downtown Lewes in front of Cafe Azafran.  She was in the Washington D. C. area this weekend on business decided to meet up with some of her blogger friends.  That would be me and Mark of "Tales of the Sissy."  She is the houseguest of Mark and Joe this weekend.  Mark had an appointment this morning from his new job as a real estate agent par excellence.  Joe had some personal chores to attend to. Thus Anne Marie had the morning free and suggested that we meet.

We were to meet for brunch but Anne Marie was still full from the dinner that Joe and Mark took her too at Saketumi last night.  Mark sure does love Saketumi.  He writes about this new Japanese restaurant all the time in his blog.  I'll have to check it out.  I'm not a seafood or sushi person but maybe I can get a hamburger. Maybe not.

I wasn't hungry either for a brunch so I suggested that I take Anne Marie on a mini-tour of Milton and along the way take her to Casa Tipton-Kelly.  She would be one of the few people to actually meet in person my spouse, The Bill.

Anne Marie (with my Spo Shirt) talking to Dr. Spo via FaceTime on my iPhone with Bill 

We drove back to my home and we had a wonderful visit with Bill.  Anne Marie loved the cool breezes and peaceful quiet of our back deck.  Then I had a great idea, why not call Dr. Spo on my iPhone via FacetTime?  Anne Marie has never talked to him face to face so I thought this would be a fun thing to do.  I called Dr. Spo, and the dear, sweet man was home!

Anne Marie talking to Dr. Spo face to face via FaceTime - ain't technology wonderful?

Anne Marie had a delightful conversation with Dr. Spo.  I could tell she was thrilled as a schoolgirl meeting to her First Crush.  Dr. Spo was so sweet to take time out of his busy morning to talk to us.  He is such a delightful man.

I heard Anne Marie mention that she is still waiting her turn on receiving the Traveling Spo Shirt.  Then I had another great idea (two in one day!  What are the odds?)  I brought out my very own Spo Shirt.  Anne Marie was thrilled!

Me and Anne Marie and Dr. Spo (via FaceTime) and the Spo shirt on my back deck this morning

Then of course I had to bring out my camera.  You know me;  Record the event with pictures, pictures and more pictures.

I noticed the clock was ticking and we only had about a half an hour left before I had to return Cinderella  to Mark and Joe, they're going to a party tonight (my invitation must of gotten lost in the mail).  But before we left, I wanted to take this opportunity while she was in the area and take her on a tour of Milton and show her what a delightful town it is.  Milton was a dying town about ten years ago until The Gays folks moving to the area discovered it charm and began buying up properties to transform into a southern version of New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Anne Marie in front of the Dogfish Corporate Offices in Milton, DE

I drove Anne Marie around Milton on a quickie tour, making a quick stop at the Dogfish Brewery to take her picture for her husband, who is a Dogfish beer fan.

Then Anne Marie remembered her meter where she parked her car had probably ran out where she parked her car by the tennis courts in Lewes.  I had to rush her back to Lewes.  The meter readers are very efficient down here in these seaside resort towns (meters and fines being one of the major sources of income for our tourist trap towns local economy in the summertime). I didn't want Anne Marie to have a $75.00 souvenir to remember her stay in Sussex County.  I'm sure that the memory of her blogger friends' hospitality would be more than enough to bring a smile to her face when she talks about her visit to the Nation's Sumer Capital, Rehoboth Beach and Lewes Delaware!  She certainly doesn't need a parking violation ticket.

I put the pedal to the metal and zipped her down to Lewes (without exceeding the speed limit, another source of revenue for the local authorities) and got her to the tennis courts parking lot in Lewes and viola!  NO TICKET!  You dodged one there Anne Marie.

Have a safe trip home Anne Marie of Philly!

Anne Marie leaves the tennis court parking lot in Lewes, sans parking ticket!


Cubby said...

It is so nice to see Anne Marie! You look like you really hit it off with her. I hope someday to meet her too.

Chasing 10 said...

Anne Marie!! What an awesome post. Makes me long, long, long to meet some blogger friends...alas, I don't have the opportunity to travel much, so I live vicarioulsy through my friends; and vicarious, I am.

Ron, one of the most fun posts I have ever read. I see you on D@vid's blog often, and I must say this is my first visit to you. Anne Marie drew me right in!

Looks like a "great time was had by all," in the words of the great Breenlantern ;)

I look forward to many more reads and hope to pick up great wisdom along the way!

Ron said...


Anne Marie is a doll! She was so thrilled to see my Spo shirt and to actually talk to Dr. Spo in person via FaceTime on my iPhone. We were having so much fun we lost track of time and her meter time ran out. Thank goodness she didn't have a ticket awaiting for her when I dropped her off at the parking lot by the tennis courts in Lewes.

Ron said...

Life in the Queue,
So good to meet you! I'm glad you like my post about Anne Marie of Philly. We had a great time today. It is now 12:09 am Sunday morning. No doubt she is out partying with Mark and Joe!

Peter said...

Ron, have you asked her why she's not blogging herself? She has great comments allover the [gay] internet.

Ur-spo said...

thank you for including me in: I had a splendid time via Facetime!

Raybeard said...

Lovely! So very nice to put a face to the renowned name. Wonderful photos and a marvellous account of her time with you. You done well, Ron.

Amanda said...

What a treat to see Anne Marie! She looks like she is nice and fun, really enjoying life.
I have noticed as I get older that I want to meet new people and know more about anything. Broadening my horizons I guess would be the right expression to write.

Ron said...

Anne Marie is in person just the way she comes across on her comments. She is delightful, witty and irreverent. Bill loved her.

Ron said...


Anne Marie is nice and fun and enjoying life. I was very happy to have the opportunity to meet her in person and spend some time with her.

Ron said...


Thank you for your generous compliment. Anne Marie was a real treat. Her personality in person is exactly the way she comes across in her comments. She's the real deal.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

You're quite welcome but I must admit that I had a slight tinge of jealousy as to the amount of time she spent talking to you on FaceTime. I had to practically grab my iPhone out of her hands because she was talking to you so long. :0 I didn't want you to fall back on your homework. :)

anne marie in philly said...

ah, my public; how they love me! (bugs bunny)

boyz and girlz, ron is a VERY nice man; he took good care of this cinderella. his hubby bill is a philly boy and very irreverent himself, so we got along just fine.

ron & bill's house is tastefully decorated and very welcoming and open. their back yard is a bird/plant habitat to die fact, I told ron if he ever wants a job, I would pay him to landscape my measly 1/2 acre!

next time I go visit, I will have to spend more time with ron; he has many tales to tell.

thanks for your warm and generous hospitality, was "jolly good fun", as dr. spo always says!

PS - I have no blog cause my life is so NOT interesting!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

You were a delight! I am so glad you enjoyed your visit to our little town here on the coast of Delaware. The sun was out but shone brighter because you were here. I wish you always the best! Bill says "Hi!"

wcs said...

So very cool! Great to see Anne Marie "in person." Sounds like you had a blast!

Ron said...


Anne Marie was a lot of fun. I took her on the grand tour of our little piece of history here on the east coast of Delaware, "The First Town in the First State." Always interesting and fun to meet fellow bloggers and commenters in person.

Mark in DE said...

I'm so glad you and Anne Marie got together, and that you showed her around. I felt badly that I was so tied up with work and pre-planned birthday parties. How nice that you two shared several lovely hours!

Ron said...


It was my pleasure (and I hope Anne Marie's too).