Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Butterflies in the Oregano

Oh how I love summer days.  This is a short video I took of my herb garden which borders my backyard.  If you turn the music off you'll hear my happy birds chirping away, see the many butterflies gracefully landing on the blooming oregano plants and hear the traffic roar down Rt. 1, which is the main artery from northern Delaware and Pennsylvania to Rehoboth Beach and points south like Ocean City, Maryland.

Bill and I drove around most of the morning through our neighboring developments to see the landscaping designs of our neighbors and also to visit a couple of landscapers to see what kind of stone they have for sale.  Southern Delware has NO STONE, unlike southeastern Pennsylvania where we used to live where there was PLENTY OF STONE.  In fact we lived practically on top of stone quarries.

One of the landscapers that we stopped in to visit this morning was bragging about his stone being "imported" from Arizona.  Well... LA DE DAH!  I thought all they had in Arizona was cactus and 120 degree dry heat.  Stone?

We decided to do nothing today.  It is just too hot and humid to do anything.  The hot weather doesn't stop all the activity of nature in my backyard though.  There is a new batch of baby bluebirds (sweltering in their non-airconditioned bluebird house) and another batch of swallows that are about to leave their nest.  Some sad news, one of the baby swallows got caught in the open ventilating space in top of the bluebird house that they are occupying and died.  So sad.  I'm always sad when I see any of the baby birds that are born in my back yard not make it out of the nest.  But that is nature taking its course.

Enjoy the video!


Amanda said...

I understand why Bill would be missing your gorgeous home in Pennsylvania. Lovely flowers Ron. You definitively have a green thumb.

Ron said...

Gardening is my favorite activity and one of my few natural talents. I am not mechanically inclined nor am I artistically inclined but I do like to grow things. I also like to write. Bill misses his former home everyday. I do too but I am happy where I am now. We couldn't afford to stay in our previous home. The taxes were going up to fast. It is a shame.