Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Night Dine Out Group Bomb Rescue

My Garden Fairy

Phew!  We're finally getting a break from this heat.  I just returned from dinner with my friend Bob C. from Milton.  I was to meet my regular Friday Night Dine Out Group at the Broadkill Boathouse in Milton but I had to change my plans.  I arrived at the Boathouse on time, I could hear the loud music from where I parked way up the street from the Boathouse parking lot because it was packed.  The closer I got the louder the music got.  Not a good sign.

I make my way through the folks outside the door having a smoke (another "not a good sign") to the cool inside of the noisy bar which I have to pass through to get to the dining room.  I look for my group.  At first I couldn't see them from the din of noise of the music and loud people screaming over one another.  Then I saw them.  There!  Over in the corner, packed together like sardines.  Actually, more like packed together like an old man bowling league dine out group which is what a lot of people think our little gay group of older men look like when we dine out together like this.  The only thing that gives away our sexual proclivities are Rick and Nick who like to hold hands while out in public - not that there is anything wrong with that.

So I look for my chair.  Nada.  None.  There is no chair for me.  So do I want to bust into this group of old men bowlers and demand a chair?  I don't think so?  I'm not to enamored with the offerings of the Broadkill Boathouse either, even though my friend Don V. is enthralled by this new restaurant in the heart of downtown Milton, DE.  Me?  Not so much.

It took me all of perhaps a second or two to make the decision "I'm not eating here tonight."  I was undecided all day anyway as to whether I wanted to go out tonight in this stifling heat and breath taking humidity.  Seeing our group of old gay men shunted over in the corner of this noisy restaurant sealed my decision.  In a situation like this I can foresee the future.  It wouldn't be a good experience because the waitress would invariably get our orders mixed up; we would be shouting over each other all during the meal trying to have a conversation; and then there would be the usual confusion over who got what check.

I backup, turn around and make a determined retreat to my car in the parking lot up the street by Wagamon's Pond.  My car is the only car in the parking lot which is the way I like it.  I try to minimize my opportunities for getting dings in my car door after paying over $100 to have a couple of dings removed from my new car door.

When I got to my car I had a brainstorm and called my friend Bob C. and see if he wanted to go to dinner in a less crowded and noisy restaurant.  Just on the off chance.  I called and Bob answered.  He answered in the affirmative but he would have to change first. He said he would leave his door unlocked and I could let myself in.  That I did.  I didn't have to wait too long until he descended from his second floor staircase in grand fashion in a suitably appropriate Hawaiian shirt for our impromptu date.  My blogger friend Dr. Spo would have approved.

We drive down to the Bay Leaf restaurant near the car wash (many of our restaurants have the weirdest locations).  The cold of the air conditioned air envelopes us as we walk into the front door of the Bay Leaf.  This restaurant is also busy too but not packed and certainly not as noisy as the Broadkill Boathouse.  I did see a baby in a bassinet on a table which is usually a killer for me.  The woman waves to Bob.  He knows her.  She's the lady who runs the Milton Historical Society. I learn later it is her adopted baby. She's allowed. This obviously is not the time to make my predictable scene about babies in restaurants.  Instead I asked to be seated in the next room in a booth.  I'll manage.

We were seated, waited on, ordered and we had a wonderful meal!  I could actually talk to my friend and he could talk to me without each one of us shouting.  And, a big plus, there was no musical accompaniment.  I don't know what it is with these restaurants around here where they think it is necessary to hire the local "talent" (which is debatable) to sing and strum along with the meal and the din of diners shouting over one another.  No, instead we had a very enjoyable meal.  Bob had stuffed flounder and I had a roasted vegetable panini which was DELICIOUS!

So tonight I performed the rare task of turning another potentially disastrous restaurant dining experience (which I've had too much of recently) into a positive restaurant  dining experience.  At the risk of being a bore (which I am always at the risk of being and might actually be but I prefer not to acknowledge that at this time), I must say I am quite proud of myself for my quick thinking tonight.  Maybe I learned something form all those force fed all those management training seminars I blackmailed into taking endured my banking career heyday in which we were taught to turn around bad situations.  You know, make lemon aid out of a lemon.

When I got home tonight at about 8:45 pm, the sun had set and total darkness was inevitably settling down upon the landscape.  The temperature had dropped to a downright tolerable 88 degrees.  It was actually comfortable in spite of the humidity that was still in the air and clung to my body.  I took this picture of one of my favorite girl statues that is illuminated by one of my solar powered floodlights.

Yes, this day ended well.  Disaster was avoided.  Tomorrow another adventure awaits.  I am having brunch at Cafe Azafran in Lewes with the infamous famous"Anne Marie of Philly."  Film at eleven.

My favorite girl garden statue - not appropriate for a garden but I like it anyway


Amanda said...

Good for you Ron, to actually seize the situation and turn around. Why be miserable when you could have a great dinner with a good friend, in a friendly place?

Raybeard said...

Good post, Ron. I enjoyed reading it - twice! The moral? A little effort can turn a potential disaster into a positive experience.
Btw I'm becoming addicted to your beautiful floral pics. As refreshing as my morning glass of o.j.

nitewrit said...


Wow, I expected some real excitement here -- bomb rescue. I thought you guys discovered a bomb under your table and saved the restaurant from a big boom.

yeah, it in't fun if you have a group and the place is too noisy, unless you are the party making all the noise, I guess. When we eat out we like to talk to each other. We like it just noisy enough you don't feel anyone is listening in, but not so loud you can't hear each other easily.


Ron said...


I talked to my friend Don this morning who was at the dinner last night at the Broadkill Boathouse. He conceded that it was "very noisy." I won't eat in a place that is that noisy. It is not a good dining experience. I would rather go home and have my dinner in peace and quiet. Perhaps the main reason I dine out to for conversation with my dining companions. When you can't hear each other because of excessive noise of either the TV's, music and/or other diners, it's pointless.

Ron said...

Thanks Ray! I love posting the beautiful floral pics.

Ron said...


I checked with my friend Don this morning and he told me that yes, it was very noisy last night. I don't like shouting at my dining companions. I made the right decision last night.