Saturday, July 23, 2011

Eye Bags

Two posts within an hour!  I think this is a new record for me.  Sometimes one has to post when the thought is fresh.

While checking my e-mails I saw this adorable picture of my blogger buddy Ur-Spo.  Isn't he just the cutest guy?  A guy with a face and body like that just screams to get hugged.  Unfortunately (for me) and fortunately (for him) he is a couple thousand miles away from me sweltering in the midsummer heat of Phoenix Arizona while I am here on the east coast of Delaware also sweltering in the midsummer heat.

A few months ago my blogger buddy tossed around the question of getting plastic surgery to remove the bags under his eyes.  He recently turned 49 years old and I guess he thought it was time for a "tune up."  I advised him to leave things just as they are.  He is one of those men who was born handsome and will be handsome his whole life, even as he ages.

I've had dark circles and bags under my eyes my whole life.  I remember being concern about them when I was fifteen years old.  I'm 69 years old now (how did that happen?) and those dark circles and bags are still there.  I wear glasses when I'm out and they help to hide the circles and bags.  However, lately I don't need my glasses at work and I am very self conscious about looking like one of those creepy, scary hosts of some cheap late night TV horror show.  I think maybe my concern is more in my head than in actuality.  I hope so.

I took this screen print a few minutes ago while trying to call my friend Larry on FaceTime.  I immediately noticed the similarity between both the pose (both of us in white T-shirts) and beard, and bags under the eyes. Perhaps the only thing missing is that I don't have a pink hat.


  1. My concern is my eight month pregnant tummy LOL

  2. Hard to keep up with you and all those new posts (lol).
    A little makeup can do wonders!

  3. Ron,

    I've really not noticed you having eye-bags. You gotta make some concessions to age, but you've held up pretty well, but you start worrying about every little puff or groove that comes at our age you'll give yourself eye-bags and dark circles from tossing and turning over it.

    I'm more concerned about my saddlebags, but then, I can hide them under my shirt .

    Come on, man, you are lookin' fine. be happy.


  4. I too am part of the baggy eye crowd.

  5. Nadege,
    Years ago (when I was pretty) I tried makeup to hide the dark circles under my eyes. I felt STUPID. Never again. I go au natural.

  6. Rick!

    You prove my point. You are a cute guy who looks great just the way you are. By the way, I never noticed your baggy eyes. I never got past your dazzling smile, which is beautiful! Just stay the stay the way you are which is the same advice that I gave to Spo. When you think of getting plastic surgery I only have two words:

    Kenny Rogers

  7. Lar,

    Oh I'm happy about the way I look. Don't get me wrong. I only mentioned the baggy eyes with the dark circles because I notice some of my friends also have them and they are concerned about them. I've had my dark circles and baggy eyes since I was a teenager. I remember sitting in Miller's barber shop in Downingtown when I was 15 years old and Mr. Miller swinging my chair around to see how I liked my haircut and all I could see was those dark circles under my eyes and how I could get rid of them. Once, some years later I put makeup on them but I felt stupid. I never did it again. I go au natural. Take me as I am. Another thing I've noticed as I've gotten older are my jowls. Now plastic surgery would take care of those but I'll leave those au natural too. It is what it is.

  8. anne marie in philly7:50 PM

    you BOTH are distinguished gentlemen!

    be yourself and screw anyone who doesn't like you as you are. I like my men REAL, TYVM.

  9. Thank you Anne Marie! It is what it is and I ain't changing it.

  10. You can have the hat !

  11. Dr. Spo,

    A "pank hat?" I don't think so. It would ruin my carefully built butch image.


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