Friday, July 08, 2011

The Creep in the Lobby


As regular readers of this blog know I work part-time as a front desk clerk at a small, upscale boutique hotel in Lewes.  I meet and deal with a lot of people in my position as front desk clerk.  Almost all of the guests (as we in the hospitality business call our "customers") are fine folk.  In fact, that is one of the main reasons I like working in a hotel, I get to meet a lot of nice people.  But, every now and then there appears before me a truly malevolent, evil person.  I can spot them right away.  They are humorless.  A smile has never crossed their faces.  They look at you like you like you just crawled out of an outhouse poop pit.  Nothing and I mean NOTHING I do will please this kind of person.  They exist only to make other people's lives as miserable as their own.  When I check in one of these guests, I KNOW that they will not leave me or the front desk alone.  They are demanding, they are rude, they are evil.

This week I worked Monday night.  THAT guest sat for hours in the lobby, starring at me.  He was creeping me out.  What does he want?  He wants water.  He can't speak English and get mad at me because I don't understand him.  He leaves big greasy handprints on the glass topped table in the lobby and the glass door.  He leave black dirt marks on the rug.  He leaves the newspapers spread all over the table.  He's a pig.

At the end of my shift I have to vacuum the lobby and mop the tile floors.  I waited and waited for him to leave.  Nothing.  He just glared at me, creeping me out big time.  So I finally decided to get my WET FLOOR sign and put it on the floor.  After about fifteen minutes of a really evil glare, he FINALLY went to the elevator and up to his room.

Well, I thought "At least when I go back to work Thursday night he'll be gone."  That's one of the nice things about working in a hotel, when you do get a Nasty like this, they eventually leave.

So guess what happens when I went in last night.  HE'S THERE AGAIN!  Same routine, he's sitting in the lobby with his wife-beater T-shirt (a dingy tank top like the ones you see on "Cops" when the cops arrest the drunk husbands who beat their wives - they're always wearing those greasy, sweaty, frayed dingy white T-shirts), grungy shorts and BLACK DRESS SHOES with WHITE SOCKS (these guys never know how to color coordinate). He's glaring again.  For hours he sits in the lobby, creeping out the other guests who walk through the lobby.  WTF?

He asks me a question.  I didn't understand a word he said.  I think he's Albanian or Russian or something like that by his name.  I never saw a name spelled like that.  I didn't understand his accent at all.  He was standing too close to me, invading my space.  Do I need this?  He grunts again.  I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE IS SAYING.  Now I'm getting irritated.  Actually, I'm getting mad.  Careful Ron, be professional.  I think he is coming on to me.  I can't believe it.

I finally figured out he wanted to make sure the water I was getting him was cold.  I don't know how I figured that out other than by process of elimination.  Speakie Engie?

Man oh man.  I get his two bottle of COLD water.  I pressed it to his bar arm to show him it was cold but he failed to see the humor in my gesture. I looked at his pasty arm where I pressed the cold bottle of water and wished I hadn't.  What if he thought I was coming on to him?!?

Thank God he didn't.  He went back to armchair he was fouling sitting in the lobby.  I went back to the front desk and tried not to think of him sitting there creeping out anyone who walked through the lobby. Finally, FINALLY he left (after a couple more hours) and went to his room.  I went into the lobby and cleaned up his mess.  Two bottles on the glass top table, newspapers strewn about and greasy paw prints on the table.  Lovely, just lovely.

I go back to work Monday.  He will be gone.



  1. Ugh! That not only sounds annoying but also a little scary. Like you said, most people are probably good, but the ones who make a bad impression are the ones we remember most. I hope he IS gone when you get back to work.

  2. Ron,

    Just reading your description of this guy creeped me out. Why would someone sit in your lobby all the time like that? Sounds weird.


  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I am that evil person. Except I know how to dress and take a shower not in that order.

  4. How horrible! Why bother going to a hotel if all you do is sit in the lobby? And one wonders why someone like that would check into a nice establishment such as yours, rather than a Motel 6? Just too bizarre...

  5. Maybe he's running a Russian Prostitution ring out of your lobby?

  6. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Creeps are just everywhere, no matter what business you're in. "Act professional", that's the tough part. You did splendidly on that!


  7. Maybe he will still be there, waiting for you...

  8. Pumpkin Delight,
    You are right, most of the hotel guests are good. But every now and then one of these comes along. And this guy was scary. I didn't like him at all. Bad karma.

  9. Lar,

    That's what I was trying to figure out. Why would anyone go to a hotel and spend all that time in the lobby? After the first hour or two I was getting concerned. Then I come in three nights later and he's still there. He was a pig too. Greasy hands all over the place and left a mess wherever he was. I'm glad he's gone.

  10. Was that you in the lobby Jeff? Please say it isn't so. :( had a much different impression of how you looked. :)

  11. Tiger,

    I couldn't figure out what that guy's game was. Especially after seeing him Monday night then going in Thursday night and he's STILL THERE! Very weird. I've never had that happen before in all my ten years of hotel front desk experience. Always a new experience. Always an adventure.

  12. Mark,

    You just might be onto something there. I thought of that myself. He looked like a Russian mobster but he didn't have a Russian name. Maybe he was from one of those weird republics of the former Soviet Union that recently gained their independence.

  13. Daniel,

    You are right, I kept it professional. It wasn't easy but I did.

  14. Oh gosh Nadege! Don't say that. Now I really will be creeped out if he's still there when I go back to work Monday.

  15. I was just kidding Ron. Maybe, that guy is envious of you and he is just wondering what you did right in your life that he didn't do?

  16. Nadege,

    Good to know you were just kidding! :)


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