Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Endless Heat Wave

Fuchsia Clematis

Like most of the rest of the country, we've been suffering from a prolonged heat wave around here.  Some of my favorite plants are giving up, no matter how much we water them.  In front of the house where we have our impatiens, they are wilting under the heat.  The front of the house is usually the ideal place for impatiens because they get the morning sun.  This summer the morning sun is about 88 to 90 degrees.  The poor impatiens just can't take that sustained heat.

Even my clematis, which usually do well all summer are giving up.  The picture on this blog was taken about a month ago.  This poor clematis is long gone, burned up under the cruel rays of the sun.

Last year we had an extended heart wave.  Bill loves the impatiens, because they bloom all summer up until the first frost.  I don't think they're going to make it through August this year.

In the back yard I put three bird baths under the newly planted river birch trees.  The birds flock to it.  This heat is hard on them too.  As soon as I fill the bird baths and even before I get back into the house they are in the bird baths splashing around, drinking, and cooling off.  I'm filling those bird baths about eight or ten times a day.  Bill thinks I'm crazy.  No, I'm just helping my feathered friends.  I might come back someday as a bird.  I would appreciate someone helping me out.

It is so hot around here that even the mosquitoes have disappeared.  I'm not taking my daily walk on the boardwalk.  In fact, I'm not doing too much of anything outside.  I haven't weed whacked in about two weeks.  I don't care.  I'm letting the backyard go au natural.

The challenge for tomorrow, Bill and I are going to go down to the Delaware DMV to get our driver's licenses renewed.  Even the DMV now has Security Theater because of 9/11.  Now we have to take our birth certificate, Social Security Card, two forms of mail to verify our address, and submit to a whole body scanner.  I was just kidding about that last part but I wouldn't be surprised if they groped us too when we went in.  The good thing is once we jump through these hoops our licenses are good for five years.  That should take both of us out to the End.


Vương Tử Trực said...

what a beautiful pic!
whenever I see a great one I wanna make a counted cross stitching chart from it. I'm so greedy. I have a lot of charts now but not many of them become real works. Greedy but lazy LOL

Anonymous said...

I guess Georgia has not caught up with the Security paranoia. I just renewed mine online for ten years for an additional 25. and the good thing is the picture from 2011. :-)

nitewrit said...


"I'm letting the backyard go au natural." Scared me at first glance, thought it said you were going to the backyard au natural. I'm not touching the yard myself, not mowing. Grass isn't growing very rapid anyway and cutting would probably not be good for it.

See a lot of corn when out for my walks and it is getting brown from the heat. I hope it yields a crop. Cobs looks undersized to me, but I don't know when they should be fully mature.

Took my walk late yesterday after getting off Facetime with you. Was pretty hot out there by then.

Of course, it is July and now August.


Ron said...

Sorry that I delayed your walk yesterday. It's no fun walking in this heat and humidity. We're getting ready to go out now to renew our driver's licenses at the DMV. This should be fun. :0

Ron said...


Isn't that a beautiful color? The flower didn't last too long once the heat came on.

Ron said...


A ten year renewal! Wow! Georgia really does know how to keep government intrusion out of one's business. When I first got my car in Pennsylvania we had to get inspections every SIX MONTHS! Here in Delaware I don't have to get an inspection until 2015. Pennsylvania finally changed to once a year inspections but you still have to go to a dealer and it always costs. Here in Delaware you take it to the DMV and it rarely costs. One of the main reasons my friend Bob M. moved to Delaware from Pennsylvania was to get away from the crooks who were running the inspection scam. The Pennsylvania legislators are bought and owned by corporate lobby interests. They rarely if ever act in favor of the average citizen. That's why I had to get out of that corrupt state. They were robbing me blind with every increasing taxes.