Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Just a short post today.  I'm back with my beautiful, colorful, flower motifs.  I've taken quite a few pictures of flowers lately around my house.  I was inspired by the beautiful pictures that my friend Walt takes at his home in France.

My blog posts tend to lean towards my natural propensity to complain.  I also post a lot about entering this new (and last) phase of my life as I age.  Most of my other blog posts are about trips down memory lane.

What I try to avoid is posting about politics and religion.  To me posting about those two subjects is like spitting in the wind, you're not going to change anyone's mind and you end up with your own spit on you. Of course you understand "spit" is the nice version of what I really mean (you can figure that out.)

So I find it is a "palate cleanser" to occasionally post a picture of the many flowers, plants, and wildlife that I am fortunate enough to have in abundance at our home here on the flat coastal shore of southern Delaware.

The picture I'm posting today is of the clematis flower.  I love these plants because they are so easy to grow, have such lovely colors and always bring a smile to anyone's face when they see them.  Bill put a white fence around the transformer out in front of our house.  I planted several clematis plants around the fence to soften the sterile lines of the fence.  I like purple and Bill likes pink (which he calls "pank").

Have a great day folk!


nitewrit said...


Well, that was a short break, of which I am glad. I need my daily Tipton treat.


Ron said...

I can't stay away Lar! I'm an addict. A blog addict.

anne marie in philly said...

pank cadillac for bill, perhaps?

very pretty, ron! we all need to stop and "smell the flowers", as it were.

Vương Tử Trực said...

Beautiful! Are there white clementis?

Ron said...

Yes Tai, there is a beautiful large white clematis. I didn't plant on on this fence because the fence was white also. Where I lived in Pennsylvania I had several white clematis on a wooden fence. The contrast was striking and beautiful.

Ur-spo said...

lovely photo; lovely plawnts.

Raybeard said...

(I'm still here, Ron!)

More hypnotically beautiful flowers.
Anyone who grows weary of seeing pics like these must surely be tired of life. A great visual tonic, as always. Ta!

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Plants are a constant source of happiness for me.

Ron said...

I thought I had lost you there. Glad you're back! I will try to remember to punctuate my postings with occasional postings of beautiful plants. They make me feel good too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,

I'm jealous of your clematis! You should see ours at our front yard light pole. It's suppose to be purple but I've never seen a flower. It's a brown twig with a few leaves this late in the growing season. What are you doing to make your's so beautiful? Do you fertilize them regularly & if so, with what? I'm dying to know your secret. Please share!


Ron said...


Sure, I'll be glad to share my "secret" for growing healthy and colorful clematis plants. The "secret" is to keep the roots cool and plenty of sunshine for the plant itself. You could fertilize the plant but I don't. If you can't plant the clematis plant where the roots are shaded, then cover the roots with plenty of mulch. I have my clematis plants planted at the base of the fence we have surrounding our electric transformer on the front lawn. That area gets sun all day so I put about six inches of mulch around the base of the roots of the clematis. Try it with your plant, you'll see a difference.

Amanda said...

I tried to grow clematis (bare roots) but it never worked. I bought a huge white clematis plant in a pot and transplanted it, but it didn't do well even with the roots mulched... It is just too hot in SoCal. Yours are just gorgeous!

Ron said...


The secret to growing gorgeous Clematis is to keep those roots cool. Lately we have been having a heat wave and the clematis are suffering. Once the weather cools down, they flourish. I love them!