Monday, July 11, 2011

Pennsylvania Restaurant Bans Children Under 6

This is what you want at the next table when you would like a quiet night of dining

Sometimes an item comes across the news that just seems so right that you want to shout as loud as you can:


Hey, I like kids just like most other people. But man oh man, how many times have you been in a restaurant with a screaming kid throwing a hissy fit?  I would bet that everyone has experience the unpleasantness of putting out big money for a night of fine dining only to experience someone else's selfishness in not obtaining a babysitter and bringing their children to a restaurant.  The kid doesn't want to be there and the other diners don't want the kid there.  Sure, everyone thinks their kid is the cutest and everyone would love to see your miracle with ten fingers and ten toes but those parents just got a reality check from Mike Vuick's restaurant, McDain's in Monroeville, PA.  Mr. Vuick has banned children under the age of six from dining his restaurant.

I say to Mr. Vuick:


Here is what the Huffington Post had to say about this common sense move:

McDain's Restaurant of Monroeville, PA has had it with noisy kids. In an email sent to customers, owner Mike Vuick wrote, "Beginning July 16, 2011, McDain's Restaurant will no longer admit children under six years of age. We feel that McDain's is not a place for young children. Their volume can't be controlled and many, many times, they have disturbed other customers."
Vuick believes that although kids may be at the center of their parents' universe, they aren't at the center of everyone else's too.
This isn't the first time that restaurants have banned children; former Top Chef contestant Dale Levitsky banned kids from brunch at his restaurant and eateries around the world have similar policies.
Worth noting: There is no law preventing restaurants from banning children. But, restaurants cannot ban senior citizens because they are in a protected class under the law.

Let's hope many other restaurants now take up this practice.  And yes, I have been in a restaurant with a baby in a basket on the table next to me who had to have his/her diaper changed.  The whole extended family was there:  Mom and Pop, Grandmom and Grandpop and the two other children; an eight year old boy and a ten year old girl.  After the baby (who had to be all of a month old) screamed for what seemed like a half an hour, grandmom finally changed the diaper...right there on the table in the basket!  

Yes folks, I witnessed it.  As a result of this egregious behavior I instituted a new Ron Rule: if I'm in restaurant and someone sit a basket with a baby in it near me, I cancel my meal and leave.  I've done it and I'll do it again.  


anne marie in philly said...

YES! I wish this place was closer to philly! my ass would be in there all the time!

someone FINALLY has the balls to stand up to the mombies and say ENOUGH!

Anonymous said...

I made you pasta salad for my mom tonight and although I didn't have home grown herbs to use, she LOVED it and can't wait for the flavors to really blend.


Ron said...

That's just the way I feel too Anne Marie!

Ur-spo said...

what a controversial topic.
I concur I would want to leave; I can not deny it.

slugmama said...

I am 100% for businesses making rules like this. They may lose some families' business but they will gain
the business of adults who want to enjoy their meal w/out the threat of unruly brats.

When Hubs and I were in the baby days, first off-we hardly EVER went out to dine with the kids. It was an expense we just didn't think was a good way to spend the little money we had. The exception was Mickey D's since that is what they appreciated and noisy kids were NOT out of place there.

The few times we went to a REAL restaurant, we had an understanding between us that one of us was the designated "haul em outside if they made noise" person. They got 1 warning and if they didn't quiet down, out to the car 1 parent would go with the kid until they settled down. If they didn't settle, well, 1 dinner would be boxed to do after the other parent finished eating and paid. It was just understood that you didn't impose your brat on other people. I don't see parents taking this position nearly enough nowadays. It's an unwritten rule of civility that has fallen by the wayside unfortuantely.
The norm now seems to be to ignore your kid while you party with your friends or partner, so not only are they loud and obnoxious but they are roaming around the restaurant. I have spoken to parents who do this and they are always taken aback that I have the gall to speak this way to them. I think the problem is that the parent's parent never disciplined them when they were unruly in

I have left a restaurant on more than one occasion because of screaming uncontrolled brats. Heck, when my daughter was 15 we hauled her out to the car before the food came because she wouldn't stop picking on her little brother. Yes, we are 'bad' parents who damaged our kids' self-esteem by following societal norms and enforcing rules,
but you know what?....our kids learned how to behave in public at an early age and they KNOW that there are consequences to their bad behavior. lol

Ron said...


I appreciate your comment! I'm glad you understand that I'm not blaming the kids. I blame the parents. You are right, too many parents take the kids with them and then ignore them while they're having a good time with their friends. I've seen this so often. Parents who are oblivious to their kid's behavior. I've been in the Cracker Barrel, which is a family restaurant and I understand that when I go in there, that let their little kids literally run and scream around the place!
The restaurant owner who put this rule into effect was asked if he got any negative feedback. He said the comment he was receiving was 11 to 1 IN FAVOR of his new policy and many of them were from parents of small children! Hey, parents of small children like to get out and have a nice, QUIET meal at a restaurant too.
I was concerned that some of my blog readers would think that I didn't like little kids. When I met Mark H. a few months back, I asked him to lunch. He had his two little ones, Jacob and Joshua, with him. He was concerned that I would be upset. Not so! His boys were so well behaved. We had lunch at a local restaurant and were even entertained by a magician! It was delightful. I thoroughly enjoyed my luncheon date with Mark and his two boys. They were a delight! Now if they were screaming and running around, that would have been a whole different story.
When I was a little kid we NEVER (not once) went to a restaurant. I have two younger brothers. But I guarantee you if we did go to a restaurant we would never dream of misbehaving. We weren't raised that way. When we were away from home we were three little titmice. You never saw such angels!
Thanks again for your comment Slugmamma. Always appreciated!