Saturday, November 03, 2012

Three Days To Go!

Only three more days to go folks until this country votes and reelects Barrack Obama as president of these United States of America.  Only three more days to go that we have to be subjected to that grating baritone voice of the Great Liar, the Republican candidate for president, Willard (yes, that is his REAL first name) Mitt Romney.  Even as I type this, Mittsy is spewing more lies at yet another campaign stop in the Republican must win state of Ohio.  Oh how I cannot stand this man.  I never thought I would dislike any white, privileged, fortunate son of wealth, draft dodger with father issues any more than George Dubya Bush, but I do.  Romney is a venal, deceitful, soulless, heartless, shallow, selfish bully.  I cannot wait until he loses this election and goes away forever.  God how I hate this man.

This morning I got up, trying to get in the mood to write about something else besides my deep, visceral hatred of this odious human being but I am unable to focus on anything except monitoring the TV coverage of him slowly sinking in the polls and savoring every moment of it.

Romney's latest "Hail Mary" is to double down on the lie that Jeep is outsourcing its operation and all American jobs to China.  President Obama rightly is now fighting back against this Big Lie by telling his crowds in Ohio that Romney thinks this is a "game" to be played for political points.  Romney is playing on people's fears in order to gain a few votes to enable him to win Ohio, which he needs to win the presidency.

In Florida, that other despicable Republican politician, Governor Rick Scott, is doing everything in his power to make voting as difficult as possible so he can tip his state's electoral votes to Romney.  I hope the idiot voters who put Rick Scott into power realize now what a huge mistake they made in electing him governor along with that other creepy Republican governor; John Kasich, governor of Ohio.

Have you seen those early voter lines in Florida?  Some of them are two, three and even four hours. I'm scheduled to work on Tuesday so I plan to vote early in the morning.  I hope I don't have a problem voting Tuesday morning.  I wasn't impressed when I voted in the primary at my new polling place, the Cape Henlopen High School.  They held the voting during a school day when the parking lot was full! And to top everything else off there was construction underway at the entrance to the high school.  I think, I HOPE that the school will be closed Election Day and parking is available.  Yes, I'll say it.  We can send a man to the moon, why can't we make voting easier?

Just think, next Wednesday Romney and Ryan will be gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tagg Romney, Privileged White Guy Son of Mitt Romney who wants to slug President Obama.

Soon to be history.


  1. I wanna throw rotten tomatoes at the pictures in this post!

    1. Take a good look Anne Marie, you won't be able to see these repellant mugs much longer. When Romney LOSES next Tuesday, he disappears. Good riddance!


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