Thursday, November 08, 2012


The day after the day after and I'm still riding a natural high.  This is a wonderful feeling folks!  Knowing that our country hasn't been taken over by the conservative right wing Republicans hell bent on destroying the social safety net, denying me the right for marriage equality and sending our country back to the 19th century with their regressive agenda.

Yesterday, while the latest nor'easter swept through our coastal enclave here on coastal Delaware, I decided just to coast through the day.  At 10 in the morning I had a class scheduled at Delaware Tech with Fay Jacobs and her humor writing class.  Of course there was a glitch (isn't there always)?  I went to room 997.  Opened the door to have about forty heads turn my way.  Uh oh, THIS MUST BE THE WRONG ROOM.  Hey, Fay gives a good class but the last class only had five folks attending.

I quickly closed the double doors to the OBVIOUS MEETING ROOM, leaving those seated wondering who WAS THAT MASKED MAN?  Gathering my thoughts, I wondered what room and what building Fay's writing class was changed to without informing me.  I made a call to Adult Plus (the Old People's Club I belong to - cute names for old people eh)? and got the correct room number which, of course, was in a different building.

So I'm out in the wind and rain again looking for the Whatever Building.  I find it and the room number and sure enough, there is Fay waiting behind the lectern.  We chatted a bit, waiting for the rest of the class participants to arrive.  We talked, and waited and talked and waited.  At 10:30 Fay became concerned that no one else was showing up.  I told her that she didn't have to conduct the class with me alone.  She agreed.  After a hug, we disbanded.  Apparently our fellow class members were too distraught about Tuesday's election results (we have a LOT of Repugs now here), they couldn't bring themselves to face two gay individuals who THEY KNEW voted for that Socialist Barack Obama.  Of course I'm making a BIG ASSUMPTION here but I think I'm on the right track.

So out in the wind and rain again Ron went.  After making a quick pit stop at the nearby B.J.'s to get gas and Panera soup, I headed back to Casa Tipton-Kelly.  After I got home I did something a little different.  Instead of working all day in my home office on my computer, I holed up in my bedroom, turned on my 60 inch Flat Screen Samsung TV, settled back in my lounger and just WATCHED all the post election coverage. I SAVORED it folks!

After a couple of hours of soaking in the pleasure of watching the coverage of the Republican circular firing squad, trying to figure out WHAT HAPPENED, I turned the TV off and had lunch.  After lunch a good long nap, while the wind and rain beat against my four bedroom windows. Best time to nap folks!

Fully refreshed I rose from the dead got up and checked the TV again and yes, I wasn't dreaming.  The Repugs did get skunked yesterday including a gain of TWO seats in the Senate for the Dems.  Thoroughly enjoyed watching TV folks, thoroughly.

Then I finally made it to my office and opened my e-mail.  I immediately saw a lot of Facebook notifications from my conservative/Republican friends and relatives in response to my Facebook posting stating that I was glad President Obama was reelected.  I read the usual "God intended" and "will pray for you" and all that religious nonsense (no offense to my religious friends who read this blog but PLEASE, don't lay your religiosity on me).  I deleted them all and even unfriended a few who I am just sick of their constant hateful comments about how our country is descending into a Socialist Hell.  At this time of my life, when I am about to turn 71 years of age, I am so tired of people trying to change me to their way of thinking. I don't try to change you so don't try to change me.  

Opening my e-mail I found a very pleasant surprise.  Yes, this is the "Surprise" that is indicated in the title of this blog posting, not the reelection of President Obama which isn't a surprise to me at all.  My longtime friend (since first grade - 1948) and very conservative friend sent me a copy of a letter I wrote to him when I was taking Army basic training at Ft. Dix, New Jersey during the bitter, cold winter days of March 1960.  The big "surprise" was the photo he enclosed!  This is the one and only photo I have of myself in my full uniform, with Army hat!  I didn't have this photo!  I had a chance to have one but I didn't purchase it because I thought I needed a haircut when it was taken.  I thought I would have another chance but it never happened during my three years in the Army.

I was so glad that my very conservative (and religious) friend didn't engage me in post election recriminations about how this country is going to go to Hell in a hand basket just because the most decent and honest man was reelected president.  I really didn't want to get into that with him because I have too much respect for our friendship and would have said something that I might have regretted later.  But as I said before, I'm just not talking any right-wing, Kool-Aid brainwashing shit from anybody right now, friends or not.

So I know this is a long posting (for which I do not make excuses, I just let it flow folks) but here is the picture and the letter.  We joked about the letter.  I told him I have copies of letters he sent to me also and would he like to see them.  He said "No!"  I don't blame him.  I read this letter that I wrote and I sound so juvenile. But hey, I was only a naive 18 year old at the time and scared shitless being in basic training ALL ALONE (because NONE of my friends would go in with me unlike a lot of other guys I knew in Basic Training who were there with their buddies).  Most, no make that ALL of the important, risky roads I have traveled down in my life I have traveled alone.  This was my first one, joining the Army.  It was a big change in my life and made me the person that I am today.  I just don't take any shit from anybody.  And I am thankful that I live in a country where I am able to make that statement. And that was one of the reasons I volunteered for the service of my country, so others can have the same freedom.
Letter from Army Basic Training March 21, 1960

Recruit Ronald W. Tipton, March 1960 - Ft. Dix, New Jersey


  1. 4 CENT STAMPS, NO ZIP CODES. and WHO is that handsome guy?

    OMG, we ARE a socialist country now, with 45 cent stamps and zip codes and healthcare for all and same-sex marriage and a president who is one of us 47% instead of the 1%! :)

    ain't life grand in the good old USA! :)

    you bet yer sweet ass! :)

    1. Anne Marie,

      Hey, I lived through the hell of eight Bush years. I paid my dues, BIG TIME. Now it's the Republicans turn to live in SOCIALIST HELL! I LOVE IT!


  2. I can't even see your hair in this picture. Love that line "I guess I'm just getting to be a bad boy!" You were a handsome bad boy and still are!

    1. Jeff,

      This was the good picture after my haircut. I'll have to post the other one where I thought I needed a haircut but actually I didn't. You know how things were back in those days, short, short hair.

      Thank you again for all the kind things you always say about me. Much appreciated!!!!!!!


  3. what a lovely post.


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