Friday, November 02, 2012

The Weekly Roundup

My "Frankenstein" scar

What a week this has been, huh?  First we dodged a MAJOR bullet by not getting a direct hit by Hurricane Sandy.  Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for the New Jersey shore, Hurricane Sandy did a last minute turn and missed us by a mere fifty miles!  Phew!  I hope this is the last "Storm of the Century" in my lifetime.  The past three years we've had to hunker down for yet another "Storm of the Century."

This is the last weekend before the presidential election.  I don't know about you, well maybe I do, I will be SO GLAD when this election is OVER.  Man oh man, will I ever be glad.

I'm voting for President Obama.  While he hasn't been perfect at least he cares about ALL the people unlike the BIG LIAR Mitt Romney.  Romney and his henchmen are getting desperate, throwing everything at the wall hoping something sticks.  I hear that they are even bringing up the "Elect Obama and he will bring the Gay Agenda" with him.  Aren't we past the Fear of Gays?  By the way, what exactly is the Gay Agenda?  I'm gay (as I'm sure many of you know by now and if you don't that means you haven't been paying attention when you've been reading my blog).  I WANT to know what exactly I'm supposed to be brainwashing my straight friends with.

This morning I paid another visit to my dermatologist.  This time to have the eight stitches removed from my left forearm.  That incision has been hurting all week.  I had the stitches removed and my arms doesn't feel as sore now.  Tammy (my doctor's assistant) told me that they got all of the precancerous growth from my arm. Thank God.  My next appointment is six months from now, which is the regular schedule I've been following for the last twenty-two years since I first discovered I had precancerous growths on my face.  Fun times.

This Weekly Roundup was delayed a bit.  Usually I post it on a Sunday but because of a certain Storm of the Century (an annual occurrence around here the past three years) I was thrown off kilter.  Plus, I had to work back to back shifts at the hotel to give my co-worker Robert a break (he filled in for me on Monday night when the wind and rain of Hurricane Sandy slapped us around here on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Next week I go back to my regular Monday and Tuesday schedule at the hotel.  Yes, I'll be working election day.  I plan to vote early (and often) Tuesday morning.  I leave for work at 2:30 pm.  I hope I'm not in line for hours waiting to vote.  After experience the f--cked up way they handled the primary vote here in Slower Lower, I'm prepared for delays.  I'm also prepared for any poll watcher who will attempt to intimidate me.  Better get out of my face Repugs.  Yes Virginia, we have a fair contingent of those Kool-Aid drinking Obama Haters down here in this solidly Democratic state of Delaware.  Remember they were the ones who voted Christine O'Donnell in the primary two years ago as their Republican candidate for senator.  Yes, THAT Christine O'Donnell - the witch.

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  1. "I WANT to know what exactly I'm supposed to be brainwashing my straight friends with." - you mean all this time I have known you you have been brainwashing me? WHO KNEW! brainwash me with respect and love and compassion for others, baybee!


    1. It's almost over Anne Marie! Next Wednesday Romney will just be another loser.


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