Thursday, November 01, 2012

President Offers Comfort to Sandy Victim

Out of every disaster there is usually one iconic photo that sums up how the government feels about helping it's citizens.  Out of Katrina the one iconic, now infamous photo was of president George W. Bush in Air Force One flying over Louisiana, looking down upon the devastation that Katrina wrought on those below.  Bush left "Brownie" in charge with deadly results.

Our most recent natural disaster, Hurricane Sandy wrecking havoc on the east coast of New Jersey, President Obama put his presidential campaign aside and flew into the ravaged areas of storm damaged New Jersey and personally comforted the survivors who lost so much.  While New Jersey governor Chris Christy looked on, President Obama put his arms around a woman whose marina business was totally destroyed and told her that she will get all the help she needs to put her back in business.

Now seriously, can anyone imagine George W. Bush or for that matter, Mitt Romney in this picture?

Thank you President Obama for being the leader we need at this time of our great national tragedy.

One president is "hands on" and one is "hands off."  Yes folks, we do need some government in our lives.


  1. I am glad you posted all those aerial shots (earlier post) because I haven't watched the news... It seems to me that the houses that suffered the most are a bit too close to the water and on "iffy" sandy ground. I can' even imagine the destruction of a major earthquake in LA. No prediction when it would happen; that would be really a disaster. We are lucky to have FEMA and other government agencies, even if not perfect, to come to our rescue. Americans always pull through.( Insurance premiums are going to go through the roof).
    I posted my absentee ballot yesterday. Hopefully Obama will stay at the White House. Nothing is for sure though.

    1. Nadege,

      You're right, too many houses are built right "on the water." Everyone wants that "water view". I get that all the time when people call to make reservations at the hotel where I work in Lewes, Delaware. We're right next to the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal which did flood and caused some damage to our ground floor, mostly wet rugs leaving a terrible musty, damp smell which they're trying to get rid of now.
      We have to have government agencies like FEMA to respond quickly to national emergencies like this. Can you imagine the states alone dealing with a problem of such enormous magnitude? All that bureaucracy? Dealing with all those local fiefdoms? Let alone the states don't have the money to deal with the enormity of the problem.
      I too hope Obama will be reelected. Romney and this version of the Republican party would be a disaster, finishing what the Bush/Cheney administration did to this country, which almost sent us into another Great Depression.

  2. the obama pix was on the front page of the philadelphia inquirer this morning.


    1. Anne Marie,

      I felt so good when I saw that picture. Something you'll never see with Romney.


  3. Actually, I can imagine both Romney and Bush in that situation. I am a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. President Bush visited my area and I was there to see him. The photo you posted of him looking out of the window of Air Force One was in the first day or so after the flood in New Orleans. I have never understood why he took so much heat for this. A number of things were in play. New Orleans was still completely flooded, as in, up to the attics of many homes. The presence of the President in the best of times is taxing on the resources of local law enforcement, not to mention the disruption to normal routines of citizens. Nothing was routine in New Orleans. Remember, when the first rescue helicopters arrived there, they had to "retreat" immediately because there was a sniper shooting at them. There is no logic to that, but it happened. Also, remember, NYC asked Obama not to come. It is too much for even them to handle in this circumstance.

    I will not make any excuses about "Brownie". He was pretty much a zero. However, FEMA took an undeserved beating, in my humble opinion. What you are seeing in the northeast at this time is pretty much the same thing we experienced. FEMA was there. Within a couple of days there were truck loads of water, ice, baby diapers, formula, food -- just name it. And we were covered up in government money. Immediately every household was sent a $2000 check or debit card in response to just a phone call and a little information. Then there were grants of every sort. The national guard was onsite almost immediately to restore order as much as could be expected. 93 percent of the houses and businesses in my town were either flooded or destroyed. People were living in tents, gutted houses, cars, upstairs of flooded houses, garages, businesses, you name it. Then they sent in the "FEMA trailers". Then the "Katrina Cottages". They were around for about 3 years.

    The funny thing about the fear that everyone has regarding states handling these emergencies is that this is exactly what happened after Katrina. After the first response of FEMA, the coordination was turned over to the states. Federal money was made available, but it was the state which handled all of the coordination and approval of the grants. My state, Mississippi (yes, poor ole #50 in almost everything) handled it very efficiently and speedily. Louisiana had a few problems, but got there eventually. I believe this is essentially what Romney is proposing, although I have not heard his exact plan regarding this.

    And, one last thing, Romney was involved in missionary work when he was a young man. Service is an important part of his religion. Why would you not be able to view him in the same situation as Obama.

    Ok, one more thing. The biggest impact on our community was not the government. It was volunteers, most of which were coordinated by churches. They cleaned up, rebuilt, brought supplies, appliances, Christmas trees, Sr. Prom gowns, toys, money, books, school supplies, tractor trailer rigs set up with showers, some with facilities for washing clothes, they also brought clothes, rigs setup as kitchens for cooking for large crowds. And the Red Cross was ever present with food. Police organization from all over the US showed up delivering food and assistance. Law enforcement agencies donated police cars to replace our flooded ones. I could go on and on.

    My whole point is that what you see on TV is a very small part of what goes on in reality. The president or governor or whoever showing up to hug a few people means nothing. The real heroes don't show up on TV.

    I enjoy reading your blog. I agree with a lot of what you say, disagree with some. I am a Republican; however, I believe in gay rights. Contrary to what you may believe from reading this post, I am not a religious-right person -- just a right person. But I do respect religion. I do not believe we can survive another 4 years of Obama.

    1. Pudge,

      This is a two part response because I have a lot to say and Blogger won't let me say it in one comment reply.

      I'll explain to you why president Bush "took so much heat" for the photo of him looking out his window from Air Force One. That picture symbolized his detachment, rightly or wrongly, from the suffering of the thousands of victims of Hurricane Katrina who were left to fend for themselves. Try to shift all the blame you want to on state and local authorities, but the fact remains that Bush and his administration deemphasized the importance of FEMA by demoting it as a government agency and appointing a political hack and incompetent person he nicknamed "Brownie." Then to add insult to injury he was so out of touch that he had to compliment "Brownie" on doing a "heckuva job." I watched that live on TV and couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Brownie" was obviously out of his depth and more concerned with what shirt he would be wearing during his TV interviews.
      Tell me this, if Bush was so wonderful why isn't he out there as a surrogate campaigner for Romney? Where is Bush, he is in the Cayman Islands as I type this. Yes, unbelievable given that Romney has hidden millions of his money that he made in this country to avoid paying his share of taxes. I am retired and work part-time and pay a higher rate of taxes than Romney does.

      You say "I do not believe we can survive anogther 4 years of Obama." What planet are you living on? We cannot SURVIVE four years of Bush Redux, which is what a Romney/Ryan administration. People will literally lose their lives. The woman's right to choose, medical coverage for pre-existing conditions, jobs, funding for FEMA (which Romney pledged to privatize during the primary debates.)

    2. Part 2 continued from previous comment:

      What you don't understand is that the plutocrats of this country want to dismantle the social safety net of this country and keep all of their money, and pay no taxes. How anybody can listen to Romney's lies and not see them as blatant lies. This man has no moral character. He only wants to be president because he wants to be president and has a "father issue" (like Bush) and wants to prove to the world he can do what he father couldn't. Romney is a selfish and soulless man. Ryan is even worse. They all lie. They do not care for half the population. They have said it. Don't you believe what they say? Obama cares. Obama has saved this country. Is he perfect? Are you perfect? Am I perfect? Of course not. But I care about my fellow human being and critters. I am not a heartless person like both Romney and Ryan are. I care about my country. When I got out of high school I felt it was my duty to full fill my obligation to this country by joining the Army. Both of my brothers did too. None of the Romney Men feel this responsibility. Neither Romney, his father or great grandfather felt the obligation to give something back to their country. NONE of Romney's five sons felt the obligation either. If for no other reason, that is why I would not vote for this soulless man. Neither Obama or Clinton volunteered for the service either but they didn't support the wars they were against like Romney did. Romney joined demonstrations supporting the Vietnam War but while his peers were losing their life and limbs in the rice paddies of Viet Nam, Romney was bicycling around France trying to convert people to his religion.

      Bush is no prize either. Men of my generation know that to get out of the Vietnam War you joined the National Guard. There was a long waiting line to join. Bush got push up front. Played pilot for awhile then walked away and joined the senatorial campaign of a man named Blount.

      I appreciate the compliments about my blog postings. Of course I don't expect your or anyone else to agree with everything I say. Sometimes I'm wrong and I will admit it. However on this subject, Romney and this version of the Republican party which is not the one I was a member of for over thirty years (first person I voted for was Barry Goldwater, I am right. They are heartless and soulless and care nothing about anybody but their own select group of plutocrats. I will give them credit for discovering that the Big Lie will work with a segment of the population but their Big Lie doesn't work with this proud American and veteran. Romney and his crowd are despicable and I will rejoice when they are defeated next week and disappear into the dustbin of history with all the other losers.

  4. You certainly have a lot to say; but, I disagree.


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