Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boy Scouts of America

I have three e-mail accounts.  I use my AOL account for 95% of my e-mails.  I have a gmail account with my full name.  Somehow, someway the Boy Scouts of America started to send me e-mails about Boy Scout Meetings.  WTF?

Hey, when I was of the age to join Boy Scouts, I wanted to in the worst way.  Like any ten year old I wanted to be accepted and liked by my peers. But as a ten year old Fifties Poor Kid living in the Poor White Section of the small town of Downingtown, Pennsylvania, one block away from the segregated black street of Cox Avenue, joining the Boy Scouts was out of the question.  

WE.DIDN'T.HAVE.THE.MONEY.  Case closed.  Mom told me "We don't have the money for THAT."  

Perhaps it was just as well that I didn't join the Boy Scouts but instead played with my friends up and down Washington Avenue.  My friend Larry joined the Boy Scouts and from his retelling of his experiences, I didn't miss a whole lot.  

Fast forward to the present time and the Boy Scouts well known discrimination toward gay people.  Hey, I was gay back in the Fifties.  Of course back then my "condition" was called HOMOSEXUAL and something to be feared.  To tell you the truth I didn't want to join the Boy Scouts for any "activity" but just to be accepted.  To be like the other boys.  

So how ironic is it that this past summer I started to receive e-mails in my gmail account informing me of upcoming Boy Scout meetings and events.  I ignored the first few and deleted them.  However, they kept coming, flooding my pristine gmail account.  WTF?  So then I sent an e-mail asking them to stop sending me their e-mails.  I received no response and the Boy Scout meetings e-mails kept a coming.  

Almost every week I received two or three e-mails about bringing crates of food, meetings, whatever.  These e-mails were really annoying me because I had my gmail account as a private account, for special message to cut through the spam I receive in my AOL account.  Now I was getting Boy Scout spam.

So I took the bull by the horns yesterday and sent this message:

I asked them to take me off their mailing list and told them I was GAY. That did it.


Ur-spo said...

I had such the hots for my scoutmaster. If he had even made a move I would have been all over him.

anne marie in philly said...

yep, the boy scouts fear "teh gays", but feel it's ok to discriminate against people and rape young boys. what a load of horseshit!

Bob said...

Last week Carlos and I were grocery shopping and as we neared the store there were two groups out front selling things or asking for donations.
One was the Boy Scouts and the other was the Girl Scouts.
The Boys wanted me to buy popcorn, while the Girls wanted me to buy canned food inside the store and then donate it to their food drive.
Obviously I bought the canned food.
As we left the store I gave the girls my bag of canned goods, and when one of the Boys said, "Buy some popcorn?"
I replied, "Oh, I bought popcorn in the store."
His mother, or whatever, came over and asked why I didn't want to help and I told her of a man who had two boys and was a Scout leader; he was kicked out when the BSA found out he was gay. But that same Dad--along with his partner--also had two daughters and was a Girl Scout leader too, When he told the Girl Scouts he was gay, they basically said, "So what."
I looked at the woman and said, "As a gay man myself, which group do you think I'd support."
She said, "You're hurting the children."
I said, "No, the BSA is hurting kids by promoting homophobia."

Ron said...


You're exactly right, the BSA is hurting "the children" which is a shame. The organization has to look at itself and realize what the immense harm they are doing by continuing their discrimination against gays. What I think the problem is that there are some self hating gays in the hierarchy of the BSA. Seems to me they're just a little TO MUCH against gays.

I applaud you for throwing it back in that woman's face.


Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

When I was 10 years old I was hot for so many adult men in authority. Never happened though, I think I must have been the only 10 year old cute boy who wasn't molested by an older man in the whole country!

The first adult man who took advantage of me was 29 years old and I was 21 years old. I LOVED IT!


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I think there are more than a few who are running the BSA who are closet cases. Seems to be a little too much emphasis on discrimination against the gays. Like they're afraid they will be found out.