Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Love of My Life

Brad and my landladies pussy during our trip to Provincetown, Mass July 1980
How many of you can claim to have had a "love of your life?"  I am one of those fortunate few.  

For those of you who are regular readers of my blog, the love of my life isn't who you think he is.  Then again, maybe I'm confusing the "lust of my life" with the "love of my life."  Bill and I have been together forty-eight years.  Our first meeting wasn't one of hot and passionate sex, on my part anyway.  Sure, I liked Bill but I wasn't "in love" with Bill.  I grew to love Bill.  When I first moved in with Bill, when I was 22 years old (to his 35 years old), it was with the understanding that I had my "freedom" or else we wouldn't have set up house together.  Turns out lo these many years later that was the best decision I ever made in my life.  I grew to love Bill and would never leave him (nor he me) under any circumstances. They only time our love will stop is when one of us dies, which at our age (71 and 84 respectively now), shouldn't be too far off.

No folks, the "love of my life" was a man named "Brad."  No last names here to protect the guilty (he's still alive and not so well in Cincinnati).  

Oh I could write so much about that hot and passionate summer in 1980 that I met Brad but I will try to keep this short and interesting.  One thing I do know now, that I never loved/lusted after anyone any more in all my years on this planet. 

So how did I meet Brad?  Ironically I met him in a bar that I never frequented.  The bar was called The Drury Lane in Drury Lane (what are the odds?) in Philadelphia.  The bar I used to always go to was the "247 Bar" on 247 South Seventeenth Street (again, what ARE the odds?) in Philadelphia.  I don't remember why I decided to go to the Drury Lane that one spring night in 1980 but I did. Fate.

After a few drinks I saw this drop dead gorgeous looking man eyeing me from across the bar.  My knees went weak. 

The 80's were my heyday and I usually got my fair amount of attention when I frequented the gay bars but rarely from a looker like this guy.  Most of the guys who cruised me I wasn't interested in.  I usually went home alone.  Bill?  Remember, we had an "open" relationship (still do by the way but it is "inactive").

I don't remember who said the first words but I do remember that we knew we connected right away from that universe exploding eye contact.  

I also have no recollection what we talked about but I do remember that we went back to the place where he was staying near 10th and Spruce Streets. He didn't live there but was staying with a straight couple.  I found out later that the straight couple were friends of his former lover (that's what we called serious boyfriends back In The Day in the Gay World).  Much later I found out that his former lover had kicked him out and he was staying temporarily with those straight folk.

Well of course we slept together that night.  Need I elaborate?  Babydoll, I found out what LIFE WAS ALL ABOUT THAT NIGHT  I went around the world and back and then around again, and without a hot air balloon.  All of a sudden all the lyrics of all those love songs now made sense.

Too soon the light of dawn swept across us as we lay on his temporarily borrowed straight friend's bed.  Brad needed a place to live.  He was homeless.  Just my luck.  Didn't matter.  I was IN LOVE. Damn the 
torpedoes, full speed ahead!

To be continued (this is a book that I'm trying to condense into a few blog posts).


  1. Ron,

    No way I ever pick up a cat when naked and I certainly would't bring it near that region.


    1. Lar,

      So you wouldn't have a cat near your nether regions naked? I don't blame you!


  2. What a hot photo! I've never seen a hunky naked guy with such a big pussy (*smile*).
    You are very fortunate to have had Brad and Bill in you life. I'm eagerly awaiting to read more of your story....
    The greatest love of my life was Greg, - who - ironically was a pianist like myself. Our California relationship lasted about eight years.
    Greg died last year and I still haven't recovered from the shock.

    1. Jon,

      Brad was absolutely the hottest guy I ever was with. EVER! After thirty-two years, I still haven't gotten over him. You're lucky to have a love of your life too. We all need at least one.


  3. Randy in NEB.3:22 PM

    Hi Ron, Man! leave it to you to take your landlady's cat and turn it into a pussy joke from a gay man ;-). I about did a spit take on my laptop when I read that! lol. Good one sir. Oh yeah your friend Brad is a cutie. Randy.


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