Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brad Pitt Makes a Douche Commercial!

OMG!  Did you see the new Chanel No. 5 commercial Brad Pitt made?  


This is the worst piece of drek I've seen since the infamous "Tank Commercial" that Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis made to show his bonafidas (balls) as a tough puppy.  

The Dukakis "Tank Commercial" ended up making the former  Massachusetts governor a laughing stock of the world.  Not the result Governor Dukakis was looking for. 

Snoopy in a Tank

The same thing will happen with this commercial Brad Pitt made for Chanel No. 5.  First of all, does anyone know ANY MEN who are going to buy Chanel No. 5 just because Brad uses it?  What's it smell like, Movie Star Sweat?

I admit, I've never been a Brad Pitt fan.   Sure, he's handsome and a good actor but to me he's just way too full of himself.  And don't even get me started on the whole Angelina Jolie and Adopting a Kid From Every Nation thing.  It seems like every time I see this duo they are carrying around one of two of these kids who are much too old to have mom or pop carrying them around but hey, isn't that why movie stars get the kids, to show off?  But that's another thread I won't get into here. 

But Brad, what were you thinking?  You didn't make a commercial for a perfume, you made a douche commercial.


Jon said...

Holy crap, that's one of the worst commercials I've ever seen! There's nothing more revolting than seeing an idiot trying to be philosophical.
I was never a Brad Pitt fan - - he's grossly over-rated.
He was hot in "Thelma and Louise", but that role employed the full extent of his talent - - taking off his shirt and posing.

His marriage to Angelina is a typical creepy Hollywood union: two talentless weirdos trying to get attention by using their adopted kids for endless photo ops.

Ron said...


You are exactly right on every point. Yes, Brad Pitt is grossly overrated. I've been saying that for years. He was interesting in "Thelma and Louise" but nothing thereafter. I like your description of "Brangelina" as "two talentess weirdos trying to get attention by using their adopted kids for endless photo ops" at all those airport terminals.
Yes, this has to be one of the WORST commercials I've ever seen. What in the hell were they thinking other than trying to get attention which they have succeeded in doing.


Jeff said...

First off, I don't think Brad uses Channel No. 5. It is a perfume for ladies. The intent here is to suggest that ladies could get a man like this if they wear channel no. 5. My mother wears Channel No. 5, and let me tell you my dad looks nothing like Brad Pitt. It is a failed attempt to appeal to a younger audience with a classic fragrance. They should have tried Justin Bieber! His fans will buy anything!

I like to look at Brad but that is where it ends.

Ron said...


Now I understand. I thought it was a male version of Chanel No 5. I still think Brad had embarrassed himself by doing this commercial. My only question is "Why?". He doesn't need the money.


anne marie in philly said...

WTF does THIS have to do with a woman's perfume? pitt recites poetry; so what!

PS - chanel #5 STINKS! not worth the money.

wcs said...

This commercial has been on tv in France, too. I also think it's quite lame. Brad must need a new boat or something.

Ron said...


I'm embarrassed for Brad. Who was the marketing "genius" who that this was a good idea?


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I believe Mr. Pitt jumped the shark a long time ago. Great blog sir!

Larry Eugene Meredith said...


Holy cow, that was gosh awful! it was the "Pitts" so to speak. No one hear has ever cared for Brad Pitt. Wife and daughters think he is dirty looking, and I mean they suspect he smells. Therefore, maybe he does use perfume.


Ron said...


I never really got the whole "Brad Pitt" thing. He was mildly attractive in "Thelma and Louise" but everything after that was all hype to me. He doesn't even turn me on and I'm a gay man! Zero sex appeal. I don't know what this commercial is trying to accomplish. Maybe he needs a new boat?


Ron said...

Dear Opty,

Oh yes, Brad definitely jumped the shark MANY years ago.