Monday, August 13, 2012

Doing Nothing

Sometimes I just feel like doing nothing.  That is the mood I am in this morning.  Perhaps it is because I'm facing four straight day of work at the hotel starting today.  Yes, that's right.  I'm filling in for fellow part-time co-worker.....again.  In fact, she gave her notice over the weekend so I'll be working again four days in a row August 20th.  All this right in the midst of the Summertime Rush.  No complaints here, I'm glad I have a job and I'm glad I do it well.  But I do not want to work full-time.  Now just to get through August.

The unrelenting, hot and humid weather has gotten be down this summer.  I used to take walks in the early evening in the development behind me but I haven't been able to do that for the past month or so because of all the bugs.  A water retention pond is located in that development and apparently that is the breeding ground for those flying ants that cover me when I return from my evening walk.

This weekend was very frustrating for me.  The cause of the frustration was technology again.  I had a simple task I wanted to perform this weekend, backup the rest of my photo files on my old (12 years) Gateway Windows based computer to my iMac computer.  Get a flash drive, copy the files and add them to my iMac, right?  Uh huh.  It USED to be that easy.  Not now.  Now Cruzer has a "SecureAccess" software that one needs to assign oneself a password.  Also, the software comes loaded with programs that force me on the Internet to get the "latest product updates" from Cruzer.  Translated that means ADS!  Yes folks, the ad men have figured out another way to force ads on us consumers.  Well, here is the problem with my Gateway computer.  I disconnected it from the Internet because I can't be bothered with all the Windows updates every time I turn on that computer.

I managed to get around that force fed software but then I had to assign myself a password, which I didn't need but it seemed that this was the only way I could use the flash drive.  I copied the files.  Then I took the flash drive to my iMac and I couldn't open the files!  Thanks Cruzer!  You just gave me another hurdle to jump over what was previously a very simple task.

I make the call to the Cruzer help line.  Of course they weren't opened yet.  They were on Pacific Time.  I waited until they were open and called them.  I get foreigner (Indian I think) who sounded like he was talking at the bottom of a well and with a heavy accent (of course).  I struggled through trying to understand him and thought I had the solution to opening my files.  I hang up after over an hour on the phone (wasted time).  I was so frustrated that I did no more that day.

Saturday I try to open the files on my iMac computer form the Cruzer flash drive.  DIDN'T WORK!  I called again but now it was Saturday morning and they were closed for the weekend.  Of course they were closed.

Sunday I purchased a generic flash drive (PNY) at Staples and copied the files.  No preloaded software that required me to "register" with Cruzer to enable them to send me "new products",which is really an ad. I'm almost finished copying the photos from my old Gateway computer and I'll give Cruzer a call again to see if I can actually get this "new and improved" SanDisk flash drive.  I'll be very surprised if they can help me.  More money wasted with those two Cruzer Glide SanDisk flash drives that I purchased last week.

Something like this, which should have been a very simple procedure really frustrates me when companies, who are so insistent on herding us (the consumers) in yet another direction to force feed their ads to us.  I had the same problem with my HP Photosmart printer.  There was so much preloaded software forcing me to register for their new products, that I can't even use the printer now, which I don't.  I have two friends who had the same problem with HP.  One of them tried to give me his printer, he was so frustrated with it because it didn't work right unless you registered it on the Internet.  I've given up on mine and I'm ready to turn it into the thrift store.

One bit of good news, the Olympics are finally over.  Thank God!

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