Saturday, August 18, 2012


Somewhere down south in May during our vacation - I know how to work one of these!

As regular readers of this blog have probably noticed, I've been absent for the past few days.  "What happened to Ron?" you might ask.  Then again, you might not ask but I digress.

So here is where I've been....WORKING!  Yep, I'm working full-time again,  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Well, maybe not FULL-TIME (like five days a week) but four days in a row is enough to knock me for a loop.  Especially in the middle of the summertime tourist season.

Good Old Ron, he can always be depended on to fill in for all the absences caused by the life dramas of his co-workers.  That's the way it has always been that way my whole adult life.  No complaints here though although at times I haven't felt appreciated for plugging these absences and keep the business running wherever I happened to be working at that time.  I'm glad I have a job.  I'm glad I'm alive.

I've been working since I was ten years old when my Mom sought a job for me as a paper boy.  Daily I delivered sixty Philadelphia Evening Bulletins and about ten or twelve local papers.  I also delivered the Sunday paper which usually required two trips home to load up on newspapers.

Over the years since then I've had such jobs as (in this chronological order) mowing lawns, orchard picker, meat market clerk (the real meat market - not the other "meat market" which came years later), shoe salesman, dishwasher, waiter, soldier, hotel night auditor, clothing store salesman, accounts payable clerk, trust remittance clerk, trust operations supervisor and manager, bank project reconciliation manager, gardener, trust operations manager, trust operations consultant, and now to take me to the Finish Line.....hotel front desk clerk.

Not for me the privilege of having mommy and daddy pay for my college education (I joined the Army and went to college on the G.I. Bill).  Not for me the privilege of having mommy and daddy pull strings to get me a plum job.  No folks, all my jobs I got the hard way by asking and proving.  On my own folks, by the bootstraps and yes, I'm still and liberal Democrat and not one of those crazy assed Right Wing Republican Nut Jobs.

Now, at the grand age of seventy (of which I am very proud), while all of my peers are NOT WORKING and enjoying the fruits of retirement, and whose major decision of the day is deciding what restaurant they're going to feed their face that evening; Good Old Ron is still working.  Folks, that's just the way I'm made.  So while they're all lazing around, getting fat I'm staying fit and trim both mentally and physically by still getting my ass out the door every week and doing real work.

Again, I am not complaining.  I am glad that my Mother put me to work when I was only ten years old.  It's like Bill said "You HAVE to work Ron, you would go crazy if you didn't."

Now, granted if I had many more weeks like I had last week with the constant inflow and outflow of the guests in the hotel and all their needs, I WOULD go crazy.  "Do you have a pool?"  "Do you have any playing cards at the front desk?"  "What time is checkout?" "Can I get six in that room?"  "What time is breakfast?"  "How far is Annapolis?"  And all the while the phones are ringing from folks who waited until the last minute seeking a room for the weekend.

Caller:  "I know this is last minute (do you think?),  but do you have any rooms this weekend?"

Me: "No, we don't have any rooms this weekend.  We're full."  

Caller:  "Do you know where they do have rooms and how much and what are those rooms like?"  

Me:  "No, I don't know where they have rooms and what those rooms are like.  Perhaps you should CALL THEM and find out. "

Yes folks, it's been THAT kind of week.

I'm supposed to only work two days this week (we'll see how that goes) and then next week it's another FOUR DAYS IN A ROW.

I'm looking forward to fall folks, really looking forward to fall.  Get those kiddies back to school and have life return to normal around here.

Self-portrait of me at Rehoboth Bay


Nadege said...

You certainly are not lazy Ron!

paulo1 said...

I've noticed a certain self-pitying tone creeping into your blog lately. You have a wonderful life and you need to stop looking back to re-visit imagined wrongs. Seventy isn't old anymore. You've got lots to look forward to.

anne marie in philly said...

my parents did pay for me to go to villanova, but every job I have ever worked (starting at age 16) I obtained on my own.

so how much longer is that drama llama going to be working at the hotel? I would have fired her sorry ass by now for not showing up for work on a consistent basis. but then I am a bitch that way.

Ron said...


Point well taken. You are right, I do have a lot to look forward to. Thank you for your comment.


Ron said...


I some ways I'm lazy. I have to push myself. ;)