Friday, August 31, 2012

Mitt Romney, GOP Convention, Skin Cancer, and Hotel Work

Today's visit to my dermatologist

A warning right up front faithful readers, this is NOT a focused posting.  I'm all over the place on this one.

Well folks, I have a lot to say about the final night of the GOP convention last night, especially the DISASTROUS appearance by Clint "The Hollywood Icon" Eastwood.  WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?  Also more to say about the Mittster.  I don't think he made the sale that he's warm and fuzzy and cares about the Great Unwashed like you and me but then again I am very prejudiced since I don't like plutocrats who take advantage of the country to amass a vast fortune but doesn't feel the obligation to pay his fair share of taxes or even, and this really galls me, have any of his five sons volunteer ONE SECOND of their time in the service of their country (all about defense Mittster) as in joining and serving in one of the branches of our armed forces.  There, that was a horribly long sentence but I told you I had a lot to say. I will say it in my next blog posting. Clint Eastwood

I don't have enough time this morning because I just got back from my dermatologist.  Yep, I had a couple more chunks of meat taken off of this old frame.  Paying the piper for all those years I laid out on the beach and "maximized my tan", as New Jersey governor Chris Christy so aptly put it last year when he was trying to clear the Jersey beaches of sun worshipers before the hurricane hit.

The cancerous parts of Ron that was removed this morning were below my right ear and on my right clavicle.  Uh huh, the Ronster is slowly disappearing, one chunk at a time.  I'll tell you what hurt this morning, was when my dermatologist stuck the needle in the affected area that were to be removed.  Had to numb the area  up since he was going to slice and dice.  Once the needles were in (which seemed like a LONG TIME),  there was no pain when he got his scalpel out and dug out the offending skin (with my flesh attached of course).  I'm still numb, it will be interesting to see how I feel when the anesthetic wears off.  One thing I know, I have a headache now.

I am so glad I'm not working at the hotel this weekend.  The last four nights in a row I worked.  And of course, this being the end of the summer season and Labor Day weekend this weekend, I got all the call "You have a room this weekend?"  Then when I tell them I do and how much it costs, they go into their bargaining mode "Well, we were ONLY going to sleep there and we didn't want to pay THAT much."  Yeah, uh huh.  The rate is still same.  Remember Lily Tomlin and her character Ernestine the Telephone Operator?  "One ring dingy.  Two ringy dingies, snort!"  Except for fondling my cleavage (which I have very little of), that was me these past four evenings at the hotel.  One after another folks.  Then last night I had to clean a room that the guest forgot and left the "No Service" tag on the door knob.  They call down and say "Is housekeeping still here?"  Yeah, right.  We have housekeeping here 24 hours.  You're talking to housekeeping.  So I go up and the room looks like Hurricane Isaac hit it.  Is it me or do most people when they check into a hotel turn into pigs?  I know when I use a room I always make my bed, put the used towels in the bathroom and the trash in the trash cans.  This rooms had wet towels all over the place, trash on the floor including a cookie or two that was stepped on and sand on the glass topped desk.  SAND?  Oh, was that FROM THE BEACH TOWEL THAT YOU THREW ON THE DESK WHEN YOU FLOPPED IN YOUR ROOM?  I really don't want to go on a riff about SOME hotel guests but I wasn't ready to clean that room last night, ON THE FOURTH FLOOR, while guests were ringing me from the first floor to check in and the phone was ringing from people wanting to know "DO YOU HAVE ANY ROOMS THIS WEEKEND?"  

The new guy started yesterday.  He's retired like me so, hopefully, I won't be getting calls at the last minute to come in because he's having a panic attack (like the previous part-time person) and could I come in AT THE LAST MINUTE and take her shift.  Nope, he's an old, steady guy like me.  We are the dependable ones, us old steady guys.  I know that's not politically correct to say but basically my whole work career has been filling in for women who were either absent, on maternity leave or just didn't show up for work.  Sorry ladies, that's been my experience.  Reality bites.

Right now I'm going to have a little lunch, watch some TV, especially the rehashing of the DISASTROUS appearance my Clint "The Hollywood Icon" Eastwood at last night Repug Convention.

Hey, by the way, is it me or did the Mittster seem especially creepy last night with those low eyebrows and spacey, dead eyes looking right into the camera whilst he was giving his speech from his ever present teleprompter.  Be honest now, do you really want to look at those dead eyes and listen to his ever present lies for the next four years?  Just saying.

Mr. "Warm and Fuzzy" .....yeah, RIGHT! I ain't buying your latest lies Mittster.


Bob said...

Clint needs a sit down in a chair instead of lecturing to one.

anne marie in philly said...

holy crap, you ARE all over the place. clint eastwood is senile, mittens lies like a rug, women are pains in the ass (BUT NOT ME!), we oldsters have a work ethic second to none, and you look all torn up.

feel better soon, dear; hugs to bill.

Jeff in Chicago said...

LOVE all the variety in this post. The most galling part of "Mittsy" (pronounced like Mitzie Gaynor) is that he thinks we are too stupid to know (or care) what he is doing. Check out the yacht where the Romney Victory Council donors were partying in Tampa - it was flying the flag of the Cayman Islands, where Romney has stashed a lot of his tax-free (?) cash.

Ron said...


Poor Clint, his time is clearly almost over. That was painful to watch. God, I hope I don't end up like that. Please, someone just shoot me if I do.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Sometimes reading my blog is like riding a roller coaster! I'm glad you stayed for the ride.

By the way, I didn't mean to disparage ALL women. I work with Monica at work and she is very dependable. But too many times in my working career, the women are the ones who have all the drama in their lives which I have to make up for when they can't come into work.