Friday, August 31, 2012

Paul Ryan: Lying Ryan

How to tell Paul Ryan is lying - his lips move

Yes, I'm back to Paul Ryan now known as "Lying Ryan."  I was taught when I was a child that when you lie and you're found out, those who know you lose respect for you and will never believe you again.  That's why I've never lied (yes, it is true) in my life.  Oh sure, there are those times when telling the truth is inconvenient and even at times dangerous.  What have I done on those occasions?  Change the subject.  Or ask my own question.  To be sure, always telling the truth has gotten me into trouble...many times.  Some people just don't want to hear the truth.  They would rather be fed lies to reinforce their false beliefs.

To me, lying just wasn't worth having people lose respect for me.  Besides, I would have a terrible time trying to remember my lying story.  The old saying "What a tangled web we weave when we attempt to deceive."  Apparently the Romney campaign has no such compunction.  Paul Ryan came into the Ryan campaign as the good, choir boy Boy Scout.  He's young and attractive (not to me but to some others) and has an "aw shucks" attitude.  That attitude may play well among heartland voters who could swing the election.

The Liar fooling the folks (for a while anyway)
But as this article says "..Ryan lies like a hooker telling her john that she loves him."

Don't be fooled by the baby blues folks, Paul Ryan is like the little kid who knows he can lie through his teeth and those who want to believe his lies will believe anything he says.

I used to think Paul Ryan was attractive and a fairly interesting Republican who had a different set of ideas.  However when Ryan proposed in his first budget plan to eliminate Medicare as we know it by issuing a voucher for medical care, I thought "Is he crazy?"  Now, since I found out he is a millionaire like most of his Republican buddies he and his family will never have to worry about a medical bill.  Oh sure, he dragged his mom along with him at an appearance at a Florida retirement community to prove he wants to "save" Medicare for people like his mom and those old folks in that retirement community who vote and know a liar when they see one.  At least I hope they know a liar when they see one.

Paul "The Liar" Ryan before his makeover haircut 
Don't be fooled by those big baby blue hound dog eyes folks.  Paul Ryan is a liar. He's a perfect match for Mitt Romney who has a gold medal in lying.  God help us if this pair of liars are elected to the highest offices in this land.

For more of Paul Ryan's brazen lies go here.


  1. No worry here. These Republicans can't fool me.

    1. Stan,

      They think they can sell us the same snake oil they did with the two Bush administrations. Hopefully a majority of the voters realize they're being scammed.



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